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Breaking: Journalists Who Exposed Planned Parenthood’s ‘Baby Body Parts’ Trade Found Guilty



The jury in the “Baby Body Parts” trial of activist and journalist David Daleiden has delivered a blow to undercover journalism, declaring that secret filming is now illegal and can leave journalists open to massive damages.

Planned Parenthood was awarded almost $2 million for the filming after alleging activist journalist David Daleiden secretly recorded executives negotiating to sell baby body parts.

Peter Breen, a lawyer for Mr. Daleiden, said the judgement is a direct threat to undercover journalism in California and across the country.

“Undercover Journalism now comes with a $2 million price tag,” he said.

Mr. Breen blamed Judge William Orrick’s directions to the jury for the verdict.

“The judge should have told them that Mr. Daleiden’s filming was protected by the First Amendment. Instead, he told them the First Amendment is no defense, which is outrageous and not the law. When you have a series of unfair rulings, you can’t expect a fair verdict,” Breen said.

Judge Orrick told the jury in advance of their verdict that he has decided to find Daleiden guilty of trespass during his undercover journalism. Daleiden previously lost an attempt to have Judge Orrick removed from the case, alleging he was biased against the defendants.

Planned Parenthood sued Daleiden and his colleagues after they released secretly recorded videos of Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the sale and price of baby body parts from abortions in their facilities. Planned Parenthood made a series of claims – stating they had caused damages because of their invasion of privacy with the undercover filming, fraud because they set up a false buying company, and RICO conspiracy because a number of people worked together in the project. RICO charges are more normally associated with criminal mafia cases. The jury found for Planned Parenthood in all their claims.

Daleiden and his colleagues Sandra Merritt, Albin Rhomberg, Adrian Lopez and Troy Newman, denied all the charges.

Planned Parenthood originally sought $20 million in damages against Daleiden and his colleagues. Daleiden recorded Planned Parenthood executives stating they changed abortion techniques to ensure better and more profitable body parts were retrieved for sale. His attorneys argue that the recordings took place in public places, such as restaurants and hotels, where participants have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Planned Parenthood did not sue Daleiden for defamation or slander and the organization’s lawyers did not state that the videos were inaccurate or exaggerated. They instead claimed that they were filmed as a result of trespassing and other illegal methods. The organization is also claiming Daleiden and his colleagues are guilty of fraud for setting up a fake company and identifications to open business conversations with Planned Parenthood executives.

The defendants argued that they were involved in journalism and revealing criminal activity.

A version of this story appears on the Daily Wire website.

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  • Robert says:

    Is there no appeal to this?

  • Jeff says:

    Is it legal to murder a human and sell their body parts for profit?

  • Mark Scully says:

    I am sure they will appeal this.get a REAL judge,and a real verdict.

  • George says:

    Of course it would be a liberal California judge. They always try to rewrite the laws to provide for the advancement of the liberal nonsense. This must be appealed to a more sane court.

  • Notalib says:

    Of course this judge is from Ca. This is where most of the incompetent judges and crooked politicians come from. It is a very, very liberal state. Socialists/communist state. Take your pick.

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    Guilty of what exposing pure evil for profit ??
    The man should get a Noble Prize

  • Arnonerik says:

    Supreme Court will reverse this corroupt court ruling. I wonder what the judge got, if anything, to get him to twist the law the way he did

  • Becky Diane Clark says:

    Why in the hell are they concentrating on how this guy investigated the selling of body parts instead of the selling of aborted baby body parts! That is the crime here! Take this all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary! This is outrageous!

  • Lost River says:

    Judge needs to be aborted. Baby killer supporting scumbag. What a travesty. Appeal judgement. Find a judge that respects the Law. Orrick should be cleaning the streets of $hit Frapissko.

  • Gerald Cline says:

    “Undercover Journalism” isn’t at risk. Only “Undercover Journalism” that exposes progressive shenanigans. The liberals will still be able to try and get footage that embarrasses conservatives because they are protected by the First Amendment. This is another example of the left denying First Amendment rights to those they oppose. This case needs to be reviewed by the Supreme Court, and Daleiden needs to have his First Amendment rights restored….

  • kat says:

    This is bull. If they were doing nothing wrong, it wouldn’t have needed to be recorded. I pray he wins on his appeal. The lousy judge needs to go.

  • william Souther says:

    Hopefully if this guy doesn’t win on appeal President Trump will pardon him. Can’t think of anything more deserving. This guy deserves a frigging Pulitzer, not jail time. Unreal what Liberals are doing to our once great Judeo-Christian nation.

  • SusieQue says:

    More and more every minute of every single day I am ashamed/embarrassed of my pitiful piece of human shit home state..Illegal Criminal Welfare Mexi-Commifornia!! 16 months I retire out of the biggest shithole in the entire nation!!!

  • VietnamVeteran says:

    The ONLY thing missing in the Planned Parenthood logo is the swastika. In essence, Planned Parenthood baby butchers make Adolf and his gang look like choir boys. Good luck, Planned Parenthood murderers, when you stand before your Creator. Be sure to take an asbestos suit.

  • RWF