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Breaking: Millionaire Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide



Jeffrey Epstein, the registered sex offender and millionaire financier facing trial for alleged sex trafficking, committed suicide in his Manhattan jail cell Saturday morning.

ABC News reported that three law enforcement officials confirmed the death to the outlet. The New York Times reported Epstein had hung himself and that his body was found Saturday morning around 7:30 a.m. NBC News reported that after Epstein was found, he was taken to a hospital in Lower Manhattan and arrived in cardiac arrest.

The suicide comes just three weeks after he was found injured in his cell. At that time, Epstein was found with marks around his neck, although it was not clear whether he had attempted suicide, made an attempt to get transferred to another prison, or was attacked by a fellow prisoner. Since the injury, Epstein reportedly had been on suicide watch. NBC News reported Saturday morning that Epstein was “not currently on suicide watch when he was found in his cell.”

In 2008, Epstein plead guilty to soliciting a minor and was ordered to register as a sex offender. He was arrested again in 2019 and charged with sex trafficking minors. Several weeks later – and one day before his first injuries – Epstein was reportedly served with new allegations from a woman who said the financier had raped her when she was 15 years old. The Daily Wire previously reported that Jennifer Araoz, now 33, claimed that she was leaving her New York City high school when she was approached by a woman who told her about a wealthy man she knew and suggested Araoz meet him. The woman, according to Araoz, accompanied her to Epstein’s mansion for the first few visits but once she stopped, Epstein began asking the young girl to “massage” him while wearing just her underwear.

Araoz said that Epstein paid her $300 for each massage, during which he “pleasur[ed] himself to completion,” NBC News reported. Eventually, Araoz said, Epstein raped her and she never returned to his home.

Friday night, transcripts were released of phone messages to Epstein discussing providing him young women. The New York Post reported that the transcripts were released as part of the defamation case against Epstein’s alleged recruiter. In the messages, modeling agency owner Jean Luc Brunel, spoke about finding women for Epstein. Other messages from unknown numbers also suggested they had found young women for Epstein.

“I have female for him,” said one message, which followed with: “want to know if she should bring her friend with tonight.”

Also on Friday, photos that were found during a raid on Epstein’s Palm Beach estate in 2005 were released. The New York Post reported that a Manhattan federal court judge described one photo in court papers as showing “the bare bottom of a girl who appears to be pre-pubescent.” Also included in the document dump was an Amazon receipt showing Epstein had purchased various books on sadomasochism.

Epstein’s suicide also comes just after he named several prominent Democrats as members of his alleged sex ring. Fox News reported that former Sen. George Mitchell and Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico and a member of President Bill Clinton’s cabinet, were named.

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  • Pete says:

    clinton machine strikes again

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Homocide by guard under Clinton machine, but docs should pan out or from now ex staffers. Had to be by guard only source.
    Or did kin etc smuggle in drugs etc??



  • Darth77 says:

    Wonder what Bill had to do to get Hillary to cause another (soon to be) unsolved suicide?

  • Sandi Miller says:


    • Eleanor says:

      would have and could have ordered his death. You already know so many people in Clinton or Obama’s ”bad graces” either Arkancided or died ”mysteriously”. You can pull the lists up on the Internet. Who ordered him taken off ”suicide watch”? He should have been kept on it until after his trial. Everyone, including Epstein, knew he was a dead man walking. They should have had tight security around him at all times!!

    • Rick Collins says:

      so many to pick from

  • Carol says:

    Well the Clinton got rid of Epstein, to quiet him, I hope the FBI found his little black book.

    • -Juan Anibal says:

      Don Vito Corleone was a milk sucking baby compare with the Clinton Clan. The daring which they enforce the Omerta Law against all their accomplish in crime who put them in danger, is an indication of the grade of desperation they have arrived because their time in court and jail vacation is around the corner.

    • Eleanor says:

      Reports are that they already have it, along with the Flight Manifesto on who he flew to his island.

    • Errol musk says:

      No. that will have been reported as ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’. I can now tell the future! I should get into that line of work!

    • Errol musk says:

      Anyone that says they have his little black book is a ‘Dead-Man’

  • george peters says:

    guess old billy couldn’t stand the thought of him opening the can of worms that went on on epstein’s island. did they also check for maybe a couple of small needle holes in him?

  • Juan Anibal says:

    The Manhattan jail Director will be fired or he will get a big bank account offshore? Who ordered to get that specimen out of suicidal watch?

  • Rae says:

    Well I guess now the perv’s in DC can breathe easier he won’t be making any deals or testifying.

    • Eleanor says:

      They already have more than enough evidence that they took off the island, alone with that taken from his Miami and New Mexico residences. Probably still video taping it all

  • Doris Frazier says:

    Oh sure. Claim another suicide. Now saying he wasn’t on suicide watch. Just add it to list of people who have something on Clintons who have ended up dead. Suicide? I don’t think so

  • Charles E Kelsey says:

    there yah go, Bill and Hilary are safe once again

    • Errol musk says:

      Fortunately, have you seen what this Bill Clinton looks like now. He is a walking corpse. the weight of the evil he has done in his horrible life is written on his crimped and ugly face.
      It is ‘Pictures of Dorian Grey’.

  • David Talbott says:

    Wonder how much he paid for this planed escape? Wouldn’t supprise me to find him alive in a few years in another country!!

  • Rudolph koch says:

    another amazing Clinton “suicide”, just hope the FBI got enough evidence on them to put them away for good.

  • Jack Stevenson says:

    Is this victim #45? It’s mysterious as to the number of Clinton associates who have met their demise. Actually, it’s mind boggling.

  • MHN says:

    Sounds to suspicious to me.

  • War Dog says:

    Seriously?? Who’s surprised by this!!! He was supposedly on 24/7 suicide watch. The ENTIRE Law Enforcement Division responsible for watching need to be investigated, by an Independent Counsel, for Corruption and failing to execute the duties of their positions. ANYONE that doesn’t believe that the Liberals are behind this are sheep being led to the slaughter!!! This is wrong on all sides. The war is coming. We are sick and tired of this CRAP happening in order too protect the Liberal Cabal in this Country!!!

    • Errol musk says:

      Sorry, anyone who ‘investigates’ is a dead-man.
      Brazille, Wassermann, etc have the facts and they know it. They also know there lives are hanging on by a thread.

  • Larry M says:

    The Clintons eliminate another potential embarrassment

  • Ralph says:

    However this clown was offed, extreme narcissism is it’s own “reward”. In the immortal words of Curly Bill Brocius, “Well…Bye”

  • Aline says:

    It doesn’t matter, as far as I’m concerned, give a hoot, who killed that piece of garbage! All I know is that it made my weekend! Just the thought of him burning in hell, where he belongs, brings me joy! A demo in hell! Who’s next…baby killers? MY GOD SHALL NOT BE MOCKED!

  • neo says:

    A couple of things to ponder….1) Could Epstein have been “moved” for his and the entire jail security? ( wealthy elites that could be named and have deep pockets could destroy the whole complex to kill him)…2)Was people paid off to “switch him with a doppelganger” and he is on one of his jets flying away to a paradise never to be heard from again?…3)could some of the people assigned to protect him have been paid to “look the other way”? …ALL are feasible.

  • Jim says:

    I said that was going to happen.

  • MattG says:

    Now ain’t that just fucking convenient!!

    He knew far too much about a lot of powerful people so no surprise really!

    Time to round up and arrest EVER single person in his “little black book”!??!!

  • Robert Van Istendal says:

    Yep another death with Clinton connections

  • Bill Harney says:

    With all of the rich and famous listed in his black book he should have been in protective custody. The black book isn’t any good unless he was there. Prison guards have been bought off for allot less then turning there backs for the inmates or doing it themselves to look like

  • Rikk says:

    who didn’t see that one coming


    did he committ suicide or did bill clinton get to him?

  • Lorenzo says:

    🤬 So 18 days ago he’s found injured by a suicide attempt in his cell, he is placed under suicide watch and early this morning he is dead by suicide? 🤬

    Next on the agenda – SPIN! – and it’s already started. Relentless accusations directed at President Trump, despite overwhelming evidence implicating other powerful political figures connected to questionable deaths previously (common knowledge), and having well documented connections to Epstein.

    I have no doubt that Epstein was a horrid, despicable example of the aristocracy, and justice needed to be served, but not this way – he still had a constitutional right to trial that was unlawfully taken away from him by being murdered.

    Allow this to go unquestioned and unanswered and we will fail as a nation – how much more of this blatant corruption coming from the aristocracy will the citizens of the United States tolerate?

    The FBI is rife with corruption – I have little confidence…

  • Gigi says:

    Let me guess – something else for the media to get in a frenzy about and try to blame Trump for. Funny how someone on suicide watch commits suicide a day after the story breaks naming Bill Clinton and other high profile Democrats in the same sexcapades as ole’ Jeffery. Very convenient. Yeah, nothing to see here.

  • Intelligal says:

    America demands to see the video of exactly what happened as we all smell a rat concerning this POS’s demise. JUSTICE NEEDS TO PREVAIL! He was bad, but we need to know who did this-Period!

  • Diana says:

    My ass another clinton Murder or obama maybe both had it done

  • Errol musk says:

    To believe this was suicide you have to have the IQ of a 3 month old baby. Make that 1 month. No make that one day.
    He was murdered and we were ALL waiting for the murder to happen.
    The level of disgust I have for these ‘dem(ons)s’ is unparalleled by me in my lifetime.
    That ABC ‘News’ should report this as above makes me want retch.
    How many more are they going to murder? The other day it was Anthony Bordain, because he was reported to have alluded to “things he knows”. Before that it was the woman who worked with the Clinton’s in Haiti.
    The list is now in the hundreds. never mind the murder of Seth Rich.
    How are we going to stop them when we have a corrupt government.
    To think that slimy FBI ‘director’ is going to help is simply crazy, because he knows he would be next.
    Donna Brazille I believe knows a lot, but who’d going to split if you are certain you are next?

  • Alan says:

    I hope Bubba got him at least once for every young girl that he molested.

  • Gerald Cline says:

    Let me see if I have this straight? Epstein was in close confinement. Epstein was a known “suicide risk.” Epstein had “tried to commit suicide a few days ago.” Epstein was on suicide watch. Epstein committed suicide…. Okay…what I wrong with this picture…? Help me here…something does not add up…ya-think…?!?!?

  • stevor says:

    epstein being dead is LAUGHABLE. Sure, the fellow pedophiles want him to be unable to rat them out but I’m betting that Epstein had an “insurance” policy whereby if he died somebody who was holding all the evidence would leak it so the pedophiles let him do a “Tim McVeigh” and pretend to die but really go to some remote island and is now sipping drinks with little umbrellas.

  • Catherine says:

    He was taken off suicide watch, because maybe he didn’t try to commit suicide, someone tried to make it look like that and failed! The second time they succeeded!

  • Divinggets says:

    Police are now looking for an elderly woman leaving the scene of the crime shortly after Mr. Epstein’s death. She is described by witnesses as having a bowling pin figure and wearing what appeared to be a large Holiday Inn shower curtain. She was last seen bringing Mr. Epstein a thick chocolate layered cake with a rope sticking out of it. Anyone with information about this woman is being asked to call the police, the FBI . . . . or the DNC.

  • RWF