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Cindy McCain: John McCain Would Be ‘Disgusted’ By Republicans Now



Cindy McCain, wife of late Sen. John McCain, said that he would be “disgusted” by the actions of Republicans under President Donald Trump during a CNN interview that aired this weekend.

“I can’t tell you how many times lately I’ve run into people saying gee, ‘I wonder what John McCain would be saying right now.’ What would John McCain be saying right now?” CNN host David Axelrod said.

“Oh, gosh. I think he’d be disgusted with some of the stuff that’s going on. I really do,” McCain said.

“I think what he’d be saying was, is that he’d rail against what’s going on. And I think John provided a lot of cover for other members, and when he would do it, then they could get behind him kind of thing and I’m not seeing a real rudder in the Senate right now, in all this.”

“Why do you think that is?” Axelrod asked. “It seems like there’s this sort of reign of terror about taking on the president, criticizing him.”

“Yeah. I think it has to do with reelections and–and keeping our heads down,” McCain responded. “And I’m not being critical because I understand what it means to get reelected, but at some point you have to–you have to do what you were elected to do and that is represent the country, as well as your local people.”

“But, I think John would be … I know he’d be terribly upset about this whole thing. He was upset before he died, when he saw what was going on. I just wish he were here, like all of us. I wish he were here. We need him more than ever. We really do.”

As senator, John McCain made a reputation for being a Republican maverick. Under Trump, McCain was a staunch critic of many things the president did. McCain passed away in August 2018.

Even after McCain’s death, Trump has criticized him. Earlier this year, Trump said, “I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be.”

A version of this story appears on the Daily Caller website.

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  • Gary Gibboney says:

    Many many Republicans feel Senator McCain betrayed his party. He was doing what he felt was right. We respect and thank him for his military service.

  • Laura Gallucci says:

    John McCain was never a true Republican and the American people saw that. Remember it was he who colluded with Brennan to take Trump down. All you have to do is read the books that have been written by people who served with McCain. The guy was a coddled serviceman due to his father’s position. Hero my ass. His nickname from guys who served with him, SONGBIRD because when he was captured he sang like a bird to save his own ass not the men who stood with him.

  • Derrell says:

    I’ve been pretty disgusted with John McCain for a long, long time!! You McCains seem to think you are royalty! Neo cons! That’s what you are!! I hope ol’ jonny boy is gettin’ dizzy spinning in his grave! Spin, John! Spin!!

  • McDonald says:

    Don’t act so high and mighty. He was part of the problem.

  • William Dorich says:

    We were all disgusted then with your dead husband Cindy McCain…didn’t he marry you for your money when his wive was in the hospital dying of her illness?…you are both quite a sickening pair…images of John meeting with Abu Mosa, the ISIS Press Officer, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, head of ISIS, who we finally assassinated, Muhammad Noor, a Syrian Terrorists and Mouaz Moustafa SEFT (Syrian Emergency Task Force) all at one meeting evidenced by a disgusting photo, reveals your husband was well connected to terrorists organizations and in concert with America’s enemies…CRY US A RIVER, CINDY!

    • Lost River says:

      Accurate and well written Mr. Dorich. He deceived constituents, pretending to be conservative. When it counted the most the closet liberal consistently supported the left. A liar, and enemy of America. Similar ilk as Flake, Reed, Romney, and others. Pathetic.

  • Randy says:

    All this means is WE are on the right track!

  • Antiglblst says:

    Dearest Cindy, your husband was a traitor RINO. We were disgusted by him and his lack of doing his job to protect AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  • Becky Diane Clark says:

    We don’t really care what “John” would think! We have had enough of the McCain’s here in America! John was all up and involved in the fake Russian hoax and the fake Dossier! He was a traitor in Congress as well as in that POW camp! We are tired of hearing how great you thought he was when a lot of people know different!

  • Cheryl says:

    McShame was NO Republican.

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Earning “Songbird’s” disapproval would be a plus in my book.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Rot In Peace

  • wanda says:

    Since when was he a Republican. He had all the earmarkes of colluding with the enemy of the US and Israel.

  • kat says:

    John McCain was a piece of crap. He was a traitor to our country. Glad songbird McCain is gone. No one wants to hear what you think.

  • Errol musk says:

    McCain was the ultimate con-man.

  • John says:

    Your husband was a traitor to his fellow soldiers and to his country, and if he ever was a Republican which I doubt then he was also a traitor to his party.

  • estj55 says:

    I was disgusted by McCain when he ran for president.

  • Gary Schuy says:

    Cindy,Republicans are discusted with were never a Republican.You were a Democrat discuised as a Republican.In other Words,a “TRAITOR”!!!

  • A. Parker says:

    The only thing that made McCain palatable when he was running for Pres was Sarah Palin. He would NEVER have gotten as far as he did without her.

  • Don says:

    John Mc Cain was a Democrat. He vote with the Demos more than he supported the Republicans. So who care what his Democrats wife thinks.

  • Len says:

    Most Republicans were and still are disgusted with John McCain.

  • Bob Plumlee says:

    McCain was A Obtuse cretinous Lout actually !

  • ET says:

    The most prevalent side of him was when he turned his back on the American people.. going up the WH steps with fake Russian info to pass onto the next receptor……the one vote to turn down health care, and many more disgusting things, like abandoning his brothers in Viet Nam….total fraud !!!

  • chrisVN says:

    Trump should have posthumously given McCain the Medal of Honour , for the best thing McCain ever did for the US, ………..DYING!!!!

  • Dutchuncle says:

    Why should he be,,he was NEVER a REAL Republican and ALWAYS a Democrat mole working for the left. He help the “D” at every turn. Remember “Gang of 8?

  • SusieQue says:

    Well Ms. Plastic Cindy..I can say that before your RHINO, lying, murdering, cheating, hate filled, sore loser, greedy, money grubbing, brain dead husband “finally” fucking kicked the bucket and died…the Republicans and Americans were disgusted by him for a very, very, very, long time….Karma is not a bitch…she’s amazing!! Go away mean nothing to us just like your husband!!!

  • Dan says:

    The true conservatives of the Republican party have been disgusted by NoName from day one. He has been a has-been and pampered fraud his entire life. He’s killed many Americans by coddling terrorists, while our current president is actually killing them, cleaning up the messes of the deep state, of which NoName was deeply rooted. He deserved his fate, but none of the honor at the end.

  • RK says:

    Republicans were disgusted with your blue coat husband for years.john was nothing more than a demonrat that infiltrated the GOP party

  • Sunflower Surfer says:

    Want to hear what the prisoners that were there with him thought? Chaeck out

  • Jon says:

    Please let Cindy know, as a long time Republican I was disgusted with her treasonous, adulterous, RINO husband.

  • Donna says:

    Some people just don’t know when to shut up !!! John McCain is not missed and frankly , we are much better off without his interference…Our President Trump is going a great job ….and McCain was extremely jealous of President Trump and his success with the American voters ….something he could never achieve…

  • Terry says:

    It seems that the wife and daughter of John McCain are driven by resentment and bitterness. I think this dark genesis and their words will bring shame to this great senator when all is said and done.

  • William says:

    We could care less you low life cunt…you husband was a traitor and a lying piece of shit concerning his war imprisonment…I served in Nam and no one I knew had a good word for the piece of shit..Its only too bad he did not die in the prison camp,,,, the world would have been much better off without the scumbag…so go the hell and join your scummy husband, Cindy Mccain….

  • Sherry Little says:

    REALLY – oh just like the american people were disgusted with the deceased McCain!!!

  • BOBBY says:


  • James says:

    i am disgusted and offended that your husband was a wannabe republican when in reality was on the donkey liberal side. never was a true American in my eyes

  • Independence1 says:

    I’m disgusted by YOU!

  • RWF