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Dayton, Ohio Shooter Identified — Here’s Everything We Know So Far



The sister of the gunman in the deadly rampage in Dayton, Ohio, was among the nine killed during the early-morning shooting in a popular nightlife area that left dozens injured, officials revealed Sunday.

Dayton Deputy Director and Assistant Chief of Police Lt. Col. Matt Carper identified the gunman as 24-year-old Connor Betts. His sister, 22-year-old Megan Betts, was among the nine killed, according to Carper, who added that all of those killed during the rampage were shot in the city’s Oregon District around Fifth Street.

Betts was killed by police less than a minute after he opened fire with a .223-caliber rifle in the streets of the Oregon District around 1 a.m. Sunday in the second U.S. mass shooting in less than 24 hours after at least 20 people were slain in El Paso, Texas.

“This is a heartbreaking tragedy,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine told reporters at a news conference Sunday afternoon. “It is the type of tragedy that you hope never comes to your state.”

Carper said of the nine victims, four were females and five were males. The other victims were identified as 27-year-old Lois L. Oglesby, 38-year-old Saeed Saleh, 57-year-old Derrick R. Fudge, 30-year-old Logan M. Turner, 25-year-old Nicholas P. Cumer, 25-year-old Thomas J. McNichols, 36-year-old Beatrice N. Warren-Curtis and 39-year-old Monica E. Brickhouse.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said the gunman was wearing body armor and had additional high-capacity magazines. The Oregon District was filled with “thousands” of people out on a weekend night at the time, according to Whaley. Officers were also stationed in the neighborhood and were able to halt the rampage less than a minute after it began, the mayor added.

“If Dayton police had not gotten to the shooter in under a minute — and figure that 26 injured, 9 dead — hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today,” Whaley told reporters.

DeWine praised the fast response by law enforcement, saying it saved “many, many lives” and the assailant was “very close” to killing “dozens and dozens more people.”

“In this tragedy, we have to thank our first responders,” the governor said.

Officials said there will be a vigil at 8 p.m. on Sunday in the Oregon District to remember the victims of the shooting.

Whaley said at least 27 people were treated for injuries, and at least 15 of those have been released. Several more remain in serious or critical condition, local hospital officials said at a news conference Sunday.

Carper said the suspect was shot to death by responding officers.

“This is extremely unusual, obviously, for any community, let alone Dayton,” Carper told reporters. “In our Oregon District, this is unheard of.”

Investigators have not yet revealed what motivated the rampage. Additional press conferences are scheduled for 3 and 4 p.m.

The Oregon District is a historic neighborhood that Carper described as “a safe part of downtown,” home to entertainment options, including bars, restaurants, and theaters. The shooting took place outside, on the 400-block of East 5th Street. All of the fatalities were reported outside, according to police.

Abandoned shoes were seen in the area of the shooting — left behind as panicking people fled. Police tape could be seen on Sunday morning near a pile of shoes outside the bar where the gunfire erupted.

Authorities descended on a neighborhood in Bellbrook, located about 16 miles south of the shooting scene, as they executed a search warrant in connection to the deadly shooting, WKEF/WRGT reported. Bellbrook Police Chief Doug Doherty told the television station the search was to “obtain information tied to the shooting in Dayton.”

President Trump has ordered flags at half-staff in remembrance of the victims of two mass shootings in less than a day, which killed at least 29 people. A proclamation released by the White House on Sunday said the nation shares “in the pain and suffering of all those who were injured in these two senseless attacks.”

The first attack Saturday at a shopping area in El Paso, Texas, killed at least 20 people. That was followed by another shooting in a nightlife district in Dayton, Ohio, which claimed nine lives.

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  • Steve says:

    These are mental illness problems. how does nobody around these sick pukes not see they sick???

  • Cheryl Knobloch says:

    I feel for the Betts’ parents as they lost two of their offspring at once in terrible circumstances. I hope the sister was not targeted specifically.

    • Cynthia says:

      I actually was wondering if she was the real target. It’s entirely possible.

      Yet another tragedy to take the focus of what’s happening in Baltimore, San Francisco, LA and other infested cities or perhaps the two democrat debates that tanked. Coincidence or planned?

      It’s pretty easy to stage a manifesto or postings to make it look like an evil trump supporter is behind this so the democrats can focus on taking our guns, our rights, our freedom and especially our money then when that’s gone, our lives. THEY HATE US. I gave up believing what I read or heard from liberal media sources back in February 2016.

      The democrats have already said they would do anything and everything to stop Trump, legal or illegal. I believe El Paso was an Antifa sponsored event organized by the democrats and paid for by Soros, who just dumped a outrageous potful of money on the DNC campaign.

      I’m afraid this is only the beginning.



      How do we deal with the RINOS?

  • Laura Gallucci says:

    Mental health issues need to be looked at. I pray for the victims and the victims family. May God take these people home to eternity. A lot of the problems today are coming from young adults who are usually loners. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts open to better understand them.usually broken homes and social media play a role in these tragedy’s.May God help those who are suffering. God bless

  • Tom says:

    I am going to say there were signs that family and friends said nothing about. Ever. That is my belief. As it is in most crap like this. People get signs and say NOTHING.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Active shooter solutions:
    o National Forum on subject
    o National Uniform Manual for PD
    o X train everyone to use guns.
    o Boost private security for deter shooters.
    o Dbase on shooters:
    MO, history, resume, guns, homelife, etc.
    by city, state, region.
    o PD affirm Guidelines for active shooters.
    o Guide written by 3rd party say AFA.
    o Everyone on same page
    o Vendors to Guide: NRA, LEAA, NOGO, USCCA, Victims assocs,
    o Guidelines to shooters enacted.
    o No Gun Free Zones.
    o More active shooter training for citizens, employees.
    o OK concealed carry.
    Or risk more ahead
    Have enough data since TX Tower 1966 to date.
    Need Dbase to archieve info & publish manual.

    Then next shooting, proper response done & fewer dead.
    OK Mayors, Governors, PD, sheriff, Feds.
    All on same page

    No more 6 min shortfall with TX vs OH shootings
    & No more Vegas hide the info shootings from 2017

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Active shooters manual: 2
    Non Govt.
    3rd party
    Govt can publish co guide
    Contain: Map, visuals, charts etc.
    EZ read & updated online .
    No tax $ for this project.
    Govt supplies info & changes laws, codes.

  • David Kendrick says:

    I used to laugh when people blamed violent video games, but after watching my sons play one 2 decades ago, that was it! No more! Need it be said? The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun! Gun free zones must be banned!

    • ANI4ANI says:

      Except in the homes/autos/private planes of Dim politicians.
      They want 2 ban all guns, so they say.

      • Madeleine says:

        They want good people to not have guns, whilst illegal’s and demonic nutcases can? Kamilla Harris who is pushing for gun removal carries a gun in her bag for her own safety? Back when children were well brought up and taught Gods 10 Commandments, there was no rebellion’ against Authority. Reform school programmes and Violent Video games, and Hollywood garbage

    • terry says:

      How do you know if he’s a good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun?!

    • William Conley says:

      I play games where people get ripped apart eaten alive cut up or apart say and do just awful things have my whole life. Not once did the thought cross my mind to do these things or enjoy seeing them that’s just sick people releasing they are twisted. It’s not games or movies or books it’s people it’s always been people born fucked up who do sick things.

  • ChuckB says:

    Another liberal kid shoots the place up. Surprise…….

  • JFC RVN 67-69 says:

    Should have terminated him with an M- 79 grenade launcher!

  • bill bailey says:

    I reported my estranged son to the police that he was armed and unstable and — guess what happened — they investigated me and let him go uninvestigated — so telling the cops about some one being unstable is automatic self incrimination and the bad guy moves on — its a joke to report any one that is unstable

    • arch says:

      Then why are all these Red Flag laws being passed? All they focus on is taking guns. Cops bust in, take guns, leave the SUBJECT of the Red Flag standing in his home, left to his own devices to acquire other firearms or other weapons to continue to be a “danger to himself or others”. WHY does nothing ever happen to the person? WHY do they just take guns and Provide NO help, counselling for the person….or…..even take then away? Maybe they aren;t that dangerous and this is ALL a scheme to confiscate guns.?

  • Stephen says:

    So we are supposed to believe that he wounded 26 and killed 9 in under a minute? Sounds like the Oswald theory.

  • bill bailey says:

    back ground checks need to include the following questions –1 are u a democrat or affiliated with democrats — are u a muslim — are you taking any mentally disorder drugs — are u affiliated with Antifa Cair or the muslim brotherhood

  • L. Ann Kraus says:

    Of course it is time for the liberal dimwits to Blame President Trump. After all he the one who creates all these mental cases. How come No One blames Obummer for all the murders in Chicago or Pelosi, Harris, Boxer, Waters and stupid Newsome for all the murders in California and then there is the democrat run state of New York with all those murders!

  • Diana says:

    This is the Racist Trump Haters socialist communist politicians namely democratics fault all they do is lie and spread hateful un- Truth like the asses pelosi, cortez, omar, greene, cummings, and many others in the Democratic Party, out to take this great nation down the road of Venezuela, obama tried the Traitors Ned’s held accountable he might even be behind this, it seems to happen ever time elections,or they are caught doing wrong, that way takes everybody’s attention is off them so want someone to blame the democratics socialist leftist garbage

  • Clifford L. Cake says:

    All Millennials, all apparently college educated. ANTIFA said they were turning militant, and maybe this is the tip of their anarchist iceberg. Perhaps false manifestos will point fingers in a direction that’s false to promote an agenda. Since our justice system has been so blatantly compromised, I’d also look hard at the FBI.

  • Rebecca says:

    Conner Betts died in 2014. This guy stole his identity. Obit is on Facebook.

  • jon says:

    And a registered democrat for years too.

  • Marie says:

    You guys should shove your “manuals”…..the only manual we need is the U.S. Constitution. And to the guy here that said TX cops
    weren’t as good as OH cops, because the OH cops killed the
    perp. TX took the perk alive so they could find out why he did
    such a stupid thing and if anyone else is involved. These guys need to be alive if possible so they can be questioned and find out if they are “mentally ill”. Anyone who resorts to murder is mentally ill and
    they all walk among us. They could be your best friend.

  • Madeleine says:

    Prayers for all the families suffering now. DemonicRATS are really in a panic mode, and Satan is their boss! Pray that Gods shining light will illuminate goodness and eliminate evil darkness

  • Chuck says:

    Hmmm. Gilroy, CA, El Paso, TX and Dayton OH. Can anyone say “Copy Cat Killings?”

  • arch says:

    WHy does everyone think that “First Responders” are always cops, fire fighters, etc or some other “Approved” government entity, but armed Citizens are never regarded as “First Responders”. A legally armed Citizen is THERE….NOW! Not 30 seconds or longer than NOW. But the government and most people think that anyone with a gun is a murderer….someone to be suspicious and scared of.

  • MattG says:

    All gone nice and quiet in the media over “Epstein” as well as the “missing Baltimore Billions” now hasn’t it though!?

    (Very convenient!?)

  • William Glenn Munson says:

    Well the news media is more to blame for put so much of what happens about the people shooting others period

  • RWF