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Horrible News for Residents of 100% Green Energy City Al Gore Put in Film



The city of Georgetown, Texas, was praised by the left for switching to green energy, but they paid the price by losing millions of dollars.

Georgetown began powering its city on green energy in April 2017 and budgeted $45 million to fund it, according to the Statesman.

Unfortunately for Georgetown, their renewable energy bill ended up being $53.6 million, according to City Manager David Morgan.

The city was able to reduce the $8.6 million extra to $6.8 million through savings but was forced to pay the rest through reserves in the city’s energy fund.

Former Vice President Al Gore had praised Georgetown and featured the city in his 2017 film, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” The Daily Caller reported.

During Gore’s visit to Georgetown in 2016, he said that the city was demonstrating how “affordable” and “predictable” renewable energy is.

“And one thing that Georgetown demonstrates to these other places that are just beginning to think about it is that the power supply is not only more affordable the cost is predictable for at least 25 years into the future and really beyond that,” Gore said.

So much for predictable. If that was the case, Georgetown wouldn’t have lost millions of dollars in unanticipated costs.

“It’s costing them big time,” vice president of research at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Bill Peacock, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview. “This doesn’t appear to be the first time they’ve lost money, just the first time it was big enough to have to go public with it.”

As a result of the extra costs, Georgetown is now seeking to renegotiate their wind and solar contracts.

However, one Georgetown resident, Richard Gottlieb, brought up a good point: Energy companies might not be willing to negotiate a new deal considering the amount of money they’re making from the contracts.

“Why would you negotiate? You have the city over a barrel,” Gottlieb told the Statesman.

Georgetown’s renewable energy mistake highlights one of the major problems with wind and solar energy: It’s not affordable, despite what Gore says.

One example of this is California, which will require solar panels on all homes built after 2020.

The state’s solar panel requirement will increase the cost of building homes in California by $10,000.

Another example can be found in Virgina, where newly-built wind turbines will cost taxpayers $300 million.

Without extremely generous government subsidies, solar companies would struggle to even stay afloat.

It looks as though Gore might have been wrong about renewable energy’s affordability and predictability.

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  • terry bynum says:

    Al has no clue on anything really and sad he conned these cities with his garbage !!!!

  • ChuckB says:


  • Michigan Man says:

    Just like the liberals pushing medical; care for everyone, and the working people paying for those who don’t work and pay ‘their fare share’.

  • Curtis Bartley says:

    This fake ass man is so dam dumb he is a big fat joke. He is a loser and don’t know shit about this earth. Him and his overpaid people is what is ruining our world. He needs to go to russia or China and try and tell them about their country and what they are doing wrong what a dam joke.

  • John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Gore was wrong then and now he does not practice what he preaches and the estimations on climate change were way out of perportion. Green energy can help but it is not reliable enough to replace electricity and gas one day the Hydrogen Fuel cell will be but not within the next 10 years and the only answers today would be five year plan to put Natural gas as the. Lean alternative but the greenies want debate it they know that they would loose. Americans will not convert to electric cars simply because they don’t have the range for American Drivers the lean replacement of petroleum is Natural Gas it gives the range and is very clean burning and best of all abundant here in America without letting the Arabs, Persians, Russians,and Venezuela hold us over a barrel but here again the Greenies will team up with World Oil to not allow the changeover to Natural Gas production and change overs from coal and Petroleum power plants to Natural Gas Power Plants and pipelines

  • Kevin Gravett says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time he was wrong. Something about “Global Warming” completely melting the Artic by 2020. OOP’S – Wrong again. Hey Bid Al, how’s that shoe taste?

  • Linda says:

    Their first mistake was trusting Gore. I bet he’s making big money off their contract. Somewhere along the line is a connection to Gore.

  • Queen says:

    How does Mr. Gore power his mansion? If he isn’t 100% (or even 50%) green – which I’m Certain he is not – NO ONE should listen to him. Until all the alarmist practice what they preach – no one should listen, of foot the bill, for their wacky ideas.

  • Bob Hunt says:

    Their first hint should have been when Gore approved of it! Anything Gore approves of I would stay away from!

  • Dwayne Oxford says:

    Idiot was TN Senator for awhile. I write him about pending legislation. His reply basically said “I don’t need to hear from peons, we’ve got this under control”. That’s when I knew he was trash.

  • Becky Barrow says:

    Gore is an inconvenient idiot. His home is one of the nation’s worst for energy use; he has no room to talk about going green.

  • Cindy says:

    Moron isn’t out there advertising this fact, is he? Nope, not a peep out of him.

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    ROTFLMAO! And didn’t he “invent” the Internet?

  • RWF