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James Woods Uses One Embarrassing Screenshot To Destroy Spoiled SJW



If you’re a social justice warrior, it’s probably for the best not to go up against James Woods. The veteran Hollywood actor has pretty much made a second career out of being a conservative pundit, especially with his quip-tastic Twitter feed.

A Twitter user named Jennifer didn’t quite get the message, however. And, in one simple exchange, Woods proved exactly what’s wrong with the liberal ethos these days.

The exchange began after Woods responded to a tweet from writer Xeni Jardin about illegal immigration.

“Separating a baby from their mom is torture,” Jardin wrote. “We are witnessing mass torture. We are witnessing small scale genocidal acts. F—— say it.”

Well, James Woods didn’t say it. Instead, he retweeted Jardin and appended his own comment: “#PlannedParenthood explained…”

The next two tweets I’m going to present out of chronological order, because it explains so much about our friend Jennifer. Here’s a screencap that Woods posted after Jennifer had responded to his tweet.

Our friend Jennifer is apparently “(j)ust someone who’s interested in all sorts of things, including constructive discussions with people whose viewpoints I don’t agree with.” She’s from San Francisco, so you know she’s liberal.

However, just what do you think constructive looks like to Jennifer? Well, something a bit like this:

“F— you,” Jennifer wrote. “Planned parenthood saved my life. So F— YOU and all of your s—-y holier than thou bulls—. But you would rather I just be dead, of course. Because regular people like me don’t matter to you.”

A few points here.

First, Jennifer, I’m glad you think Planned Parenthood saved your life, but what about the babies they kill? Generally, on balance, I’d say there’s more life-taking than life-saving happening at good old PP.

Second, that’s quite the false dichotomy there. Either you support Planned Parenthood, or you literally would rather people like Jennifer be dead because regular people (conservatives, apparently, are irregular) don’t matter to you.

Either way, very constructive discussion.

I don’t get why liberals feel the need to mess with James Woods. Most of the time, he ends up winning. However, I certainly hope they don’t stop.

After all, if they did, where would we get this kind of entertainment? Thanks, Jennifer. You proved a point and gave me the best laugh I’ve had all day — all because your hypocrisy was filtered through James Woods’ Twitter.

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  • Well said, James Wood‼️Keep up the great 👍🏽 work‼️ These stupid liberals need to be put in where they belong. The way they are going it looks like they are clambering to end up where they truly belong – in Guantanamo bay 😆

  • RWF