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Liberals Spread Viral Photo of Child in Cage, Silenced After Learning Who Was Really Behind Photo`



Here’s a pro tip for liberals spreading photos of children in cages: Check the pictures’ provenance before attributing them to Donald J. Trump and his immigration policies.

You would think this would be common sense by now, particularly for individuals who consistently go on about the scourge of “fake news,” but ever since the debate over the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy for individuals crossing the border hit the headlines, along with the accusation that the administration is “ripping” children out of their parents’ arms, liberals have lost their uplink to reality.

We’ve all seen the images of children in cages that turned out to be from the Obama administration. Now, a new picture of a child in a cage is making the rounds and being attributed to the Trump administration. The only problem? The photo was a staged stunt by the Brown Berets, a very liberal Chicano activist group.

The image was shared across social media, but really gained traction after activist Jose Antonio Vargas and actor Ron Perlman decided to use it to vent their spleen at the Trump administration.

“This is what happens when a government believes people are ‘illegal,’” Vargas wrote. “Kids in cages.”

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  • Anna Salerno says:

    This picture is so typical of the liberal Luciferians!! There is NO truth to them except their twisted version of it!!

  • Michael Moses says:

    This is the Evil Democratic Trying to destroy the Republican, they just can’t stop trying to destroy the Economy. Obama was trying to get rid of American Work force. Driving around you signs up looking for people to come and work. I’m so very happy that Trump is President.

  • Kiki says:

    If we just ignore the liberal poop talk they will go away!

  • RWF