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Report: Terrorists Who Murdered Scandinavian Women Wanted Revenge For Kurds Taking Syrian ISIS-Held Town



Information released after it was announced that two Scandinavian had been murdered in Morocco indicates that the women were killed in revenge because a town in Syria that had been held by ISIS was taken over by Kurdish forces.

New York Times reporter and ISIS expert Rukmini Callimachi detailed the apparent connection in a series of tweets. First, she noted that the video that had surfaced showing a man decapitating a Scandinavian tourist in Morocco was not only genuine, but showed the murderer pledging his allegiance to ISIS:

Callimachi noted that the murderer acknowledged in the video that the savage killing was executed as revenge for the loss of the Syrian town Hajin, which ISIS had held, to opposing forces:

Callimachi explained that it was Kurdish forces that had taken the town from ISIS, and Hajin was the last town taken by the Kurds, who had been backed by U.S. forces, before President Trump announced he wanted the U.S. to withdraw from Syria:

She noted that according to the Moroccan prosecutor, four of the suspects in the murders had recorded an ISIS pledge video a week before the murders:

Callimachi explained that a possible reason ISIS had not claimed responsibility for the murder was that the terrorist group does not normally claim responsibility for actions when its members are in custody:

Callimachi pointed out that to claim ISIS has been totally defeated is highly inaccurate; that it only took 700 ISIS members to initiate the actions that resulted in taking huge parts of Iraq and Syria, and that an estimated 30,000 ISIS members remain.

Initially, after the murders were announced, there was little if any official acknowledgment of the murderers’ connection to ISIS; Guri Solnerh, Communications Adviser at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told ABC News:

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been informed that a Norwegian and a Danish citizen have been found dead in the Atlas Mountains south of Marrakech. The deaths and victims’ identity has now been confirmed by local authorities. We are in contact with relatives and are providing consular assistance in accordance with established practices and framework for assistance in connection with deaths of Norwegian citizens abroad. Our embassy is in contact with local authorities and representatives from the embassy are present in Marrakech.

A spokesperson for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the women had been “trekking in the Atlas Mountains … The Danish Police has notified the relatives to the Danish woman … The relatives have been offered consular assistance by the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Danish Embassy in Morocco. The Danish ambassador is currently in Marrakech to ensure the closest possible contact to the local Moroccan authorities.”

CNN reported, “Both women had been spotted with three men in their hotel in Marrakesh before heading to the Atlas Mountains to hike. They were found in Imlil, an unguarded and remote area on the mountain range.” Boubker Sabik, a Moroccan national security spokesman, told Morocco’s 2M news agency, “On December 14, the suspects moved to that area to search for potential targets, claimed they were on a picnic, and filmed a ‘pledge’ tape inside a tent in that area, without any contact with (ISIS) outsiders.”

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1 Comment

  1. C. L. Cake

    December 24, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    I had trouble believing that anyone is stupid enough to want to travel to the Middle East as a tourist, but then I look at the college “educated” snowflakes who think true evil can be cured with a big smile and a candy bar, and realize that they’re totally out of touch with reality.

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