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Sr. Admin Official Set Trump Up for Impeachment, Literally Created Fake Quid Pro Quo on Ukraine Aid



House Republicans released an 18-page memo on Tuesday tearing into the impeachment efforts of their Democratic colleagues.

The document is filled with facts and testimony that take a sledgehammer to the left’s allegations of a quid pro quo arrangement between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Buried near the end of the memo is testimony from diplomats Kurt Volker and Bill Taylor that expose a massive betrayal inside the administration designed to set the president of the United States up for impeachment.

The key testimony concerns delayed U.S. security aid to Ukraine.

Republican Memo on Impeachment by The Daily Caller on Scribd

According to the memo, “the two U.S. diplomats closest the Ukrainian government — Ambassador Volker and Ambassador Taylor — testified that Ukraine did not know about the delay ‘until the end of August,’ six weeks later [than a July 18 interagency call in which the hold on aid was announced], after it was reported publicly on August 28.”

The memo goes on to quote Volker.

“In my view, this hold on security assistance was not significant. I don’t believe — in fact, I am quite sure that at least I, Secretary Pompeo, and official representatives of the U.S., never communicated to Ukrainians that [the aid] is being held for a reason. We never had a reason. And I tried to avoid talking to Ukrainians about it for as long as I could until it came out in Politico a month later because I was confident we were going to get it fixed internally.”

The importance of that quote and the Politico piece it references cannot be overstated.

Volker, the U.S. special representative for Ukraine until Sept. 27, said that he worked to avoid telling the Ukrainians about the delay. That comment is diametrically opposed to the narrative that House Democrats and the establishment media have been pushing — that Trump was holding security aid hostage until Zelensky publicly announced an investigation of Biden.

If the Ukrainians didn’t learn of the aid delay from Volker or others in the administration, how did they find out? They found out through the Aug. 28 Politico story, titled “Trump holds up Ukraine military aid meant to confront Russia.”

And where did Politico get its information for that piece? From an anonymous “senior administration official.”

A senior administration official leaked to Politico that security aid to Ukraine was being held up by Trump himself.

Again, according to the GOP memo, Volker and Taylor said that Ukraine didn’t even know about the delay until the Politico story broke.

That means that until Aug. 28, absolutely no quid pro quo could have existed between Trump and Zelensky involving security aid. And while that’s not exactly news, what comes next is.

It’s reasonable to presume, based on Volker’s testimony, that had the senior administration official not leaked to Politico, Zelensky never would have known about the hold.

Remember, Volker testified that because Ukrainian officials didn’t know about the hold on aid, he “was confident we were going to get it fixed internally.” In other words, Zelensky wouldn’t even know there had been an issue.

Where, then, did the security aid quid pro quo narrative come from? It had to have come from that senior administration official. Without the official’s leak, no quid pro quo, real or ginned up, could exist because Ukraine would have remained unaware of any aid issues until the whistleblower’s report.

And that report didn’t come out until Sept. 26 — 15 days after the administration released the aid.

All of this means that a senior administration official single-handedly created the security aid quid pro quo story for the media to broadcast everywhere. He leaked it to Politico and Politico ran the story two weeks to the day after the so-called whistleblower filed his official complaint.

If all of this sounds familiar, that’s because it is the exact play Democrats and the establishment media used to spin up the Russia collusion fraud in 2017.

That time it was Comey leaking to CNN, CNN running the story and then the rest of the media and Democrats breathlessly reporting on the accusation they created. This time it’s the unidentified senior administration official leaking to Politico, Politico running the story and then the rest of the media and Democrats breathlessly reporting on the accusation they created.

The game plan is the same, all the way down to a trusted member of the administration being the leaker. The game plan was identical and the end goal was identical — impeachment of a duly elected president whom the establishment loathes. In other words, the objective has always been a soft coup.

Voters, however, aren’t going to stand for this, as evidenced by the polling numbers on impeachment since House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff started his secret SCIF hearings.

If Democrats and the establishment media had any sense they would retreat before they’re ruined. That, however, is unlikely. Both groups have become monomaniacal, no longer behaving rationally.

Cliché as it sounds, Trump has become their white whale.

When Starbuck warns of Ahab’s blind madness in Melville’s novel, Ahab says of the whale, “He tasks me; he heaps me; I see in him outrageous strength, with an inscrutable malice sinewing it. That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate; and be the white whale agent, or be the white whale principal, I will wreak that hate upon him.”

Trump tasks and heaps the left with his tweets, his deafening helicopter press conferences, his sold-out rallies, his blithe accusations of fake news, his disregard for Washington’s sacred cows and his refusal to bow to the Democrats’ globalist, socialist sensibilities. They see in him a strength and malice they’ve never faced before. They hate him whether he is using or being used by conservatism and the American spirit. They will wreak their hate upon him.

That hate is consuming them even now, blinding them to the absurdity of their efforts. And their farcical little play is driving voters right into the arms of a waiting Donald J. Trump.

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  • ANI4ANI says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, who is the senior official!!!!

  • Hobbygirl says:

    Many people are praying that the evil being portrayed in our country right now ( murders, overdoses, corruption, rape, abortions, dissatisfaction with self identity and those wishing to do harm to our country, our President, and our way of life) be overcome by those who wish others well and to be a light among the darkness. May God overwhelm the hearts of all His people. We know it rains on the just and unjust, but there is a call among the devoted to rise up and to be made known.

  • David says:

    Don’t underestimate the left’s hatred that they won’t fix the election even harder this time

    • George says:

      The Democrats have already been working on rigging the election. They have created the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This has been passed by a number of Democrat run states.

      Basically, this compact states that the Electoral College from those states who have agreed to this will cast all their Electoral College votes for who ever gets the most votes according to the popular vote tally. That means that if your state has passed this legislation no matter who your state votes for, the largest states in the country will determine the next president.

      If you state votes for Trump but because they have agreed to the national popular vote as the determining factor for their Electoral College votes, your vote is meaningless.

      This vote rigging is the Dems’ way of destroying the Electoral College as established by the Constitution.

      Please look it up for yourself. Google the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. See f your state has agreed to this. Sadly, my state, Delaware, has passed this unconstitutional act.

      • Kathryn Lycksell says:

        As of July 2019, it has been adopted by fifteen states and the District of Columbia. Together, they have 196 electoral votes, which is 36.4% of the Electoral College and 72.6% of the 270 votes needed to give the compact legal force. Compact Clause of Article I, Section X of the U.S. Constitution states that “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress … enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State.” Additionally, Ian J. Drake, an associate professor of political science and law at Montclair State University, has argued that because the Supreme Court has held (in Cuyler v. Adams) that congressional approval of interstate compacts makes them federal laws,[53] if the U.S. Congress is required to approve the NPVIC because of a horizontal balance of power shift, congressional passage of such a law would be in violation of the Supremacy Clause of Article VI, because under Article I, Section VIII and the 12th Amendment, Congress has no enumerated or implied powers to alter the presidential election process except as outlined in Article V as part of the constitutional amendment process. Court’s opinion in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton (1995) as concluding that states cannot exercise their enumerated powers under Article I or Article II in a way that would “effect a fundamental change in the constitutional structure” except as outlined in Article V as part of the constitutional amendment process. As you can see there is a lot of conflicting laws involved here. So, “IF” were able to gain the votes needed (and they haven’t yet) it would require a lot of court action, probably all the way to the Supreme Court. These idiots are attempting to screw with the balance of an entire government system established by our forefathers. I stand with don’t fix it if it isn’t broke! Given half a chance these authoritarians will try to take down our entire Republic.

        • Charles Van Buren says:

          I tried to share this, but FB said “NO”, it was said to be “OFFENSIVE” to some people!

          • Lynne Ebert says:

            no worries, I wrote down every word and will share it with all 500 of my facebook friends giving credit to Kathryn Lycksell the author.

      • Lynne Ebert says:

        If it is Unconstitutional, why hasn’t anyone challenged it ?? Why haven’t the people who pushed this through been brought up on charges ?

  • teflon says:

    treason! hang the bastards all of them

    • Mary says:

      That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Additionally, I do not believe there is a “whistleblower.” Rather, a made up “fake” entity AKA Schiff himself.

      • chrisVN says:

        And I really hope Schifhead IS exposed as the so called ” whistle blower “, I’m so sick of seeing his retarded looking face everyday!!!

      • Lynne Ebert says:

        It was brought up LOUD and CLEAR all they have against Trump is hear say and circumstantial evidence and Schiff replied they had convicted many many people on circumstantial evidence and hearsay. Like THAT made it “OK” .

  • tim says:

    for all this “false” leaking going The government need to take a deep look at who works for us and clean house Just like we need to do at the elected official we put in office. it’s time to clean house, but unfortunately all would be left are the current liberals as they won’t get booted.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Good article!

  • Jim says:

    I’m over 80 and not many years left, but I’m really afraid of the remaining people in the USA. The Democrats will destroy this Nation and take everything we have built to make life better. If you don’t own a gun or a way to protect your family, you should think about that and do what needs to be done.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Vet , purge Govt or more of same continues & it never ends.
    Esp those in White House, Vet ALL personnel

  • Guest says:

    Wow, won’t let me share this to FB…WTF?? I get the message “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

  • lori says:

    you’ll have to copy and paste cuz it wont let you share

  • Pete says:

    Trump 2020!!!

  • RWF