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Watch: Here’s 60 Seconds of Superhuman Dads Saving Their Kids at the Last Second



Today is Father’s Day, a day set aside for everyone to celebrate the dads in their lives who have made the effort to raise their children and keep them safe from harm.

Of course, given the manner in which some children behave, that can be easier said than done, and can at times require seemingly superhuman efforts to keep kids who put themselves in danger from experiencing real harm.

The following video is a collection of clips of superhuman dads doing just that, quite literally saving their own kids — or perhaps even the children of others — just in the nick of time.

Please take a moment out of your day to watch these dads do what dads sometimes have to do:

These fathers exhibited the sort of quick thinking and rapid reflexes one would expect from a superhero, which is what these dads pretty much are, at least in the eyes of the children they saved from potential catastrophe.

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