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15 Dudes Pose As Transgender To Take Over Women’s Election Positions In Mexico



Who could have possibly foreseen that the ambiguous redefining of gender as something totally detached from sex would lead to the victimization of biological women?

(Hint: Everyone with a brain.)

In the latest installment of Patriarchy For The Win, 15 men in Mexico faked being transgender so they could take over election positions designed for women in Oaxaca, Mexico.

“The indigenous Zapotec community of the isthmus of Tehuantepec has long recognized a third gender of transgender people known as muxes – who are born with male bodies, but identify as neither male or female,” reports The Guardian. The electoral rules allow muxes to occupy candidacies designated for biological women.

Thus, using the parity rules and the loose definition of gender to their advantage, 15 men claimed to identify as women to take over positions designated for the female sex.

On Friday, Mexico’s electoral tribunal disqualified the men because they “were not known to be muxes before the candidate registration period,” reports The Guardian.

Showcasing the mass confusion further: “Two others candidates who had been disqualified by state electoral officials on similar grounds were ruled eligible, however, as they had consistently identified as transgender. The tribunal ordered the candidacies vacated by the disqualified candidates be filled by women.”

In a statement, the tribunal reiterated that merely identifying as a particular gender is “sufficient,” but added, “Electoral authorities must take care with the possible misuse of self-registration, to not permit … the transgender identity be utilized in a deceptive way to comply with the constitutional principle of equity.”

Women’s Citizenship Collective director Anabel López Sánchez highlighted that such gender rules seem to always only hurt women. “Not a single spot designated for men was filled by a transgender person. However, 19 places designated for women … were filled by men who say they’re transgender,” she said, the Guardian reports.

Mexico’s “gender parity” rules have consistently been pressed by men, looking to skirt the rules to have more men in office. For example, as noted by The Guardian, “eight female lawmakers requested leaves of absence immediately after taking their oath of office and were replaced by male substitutes,” in 2009. Detaching gender from sex only helps such deception.

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