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17-Year-Old Ran Over Baltimore Police Officer — Here’s What Will Happen To Him Now



A West Baltimore teen was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for the 2018 murder of Baltimore police officer Amy Caprio.

17-year-old Dawnta Harris ran over Amy Caprio in May of last year while driving a stolen Jeep. Harris pleaded for mercy, but his petitions were met with the harshest penalty in the state of Maryland, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Harris originally stopped the car, but ducked down and slammed on the gas when Caprio approached the window. Her internal organs were crushed and her ribs were broken — neighbors found her bleeding corpse with tire marks stamped on her legs. Harris ditched the stolen ride and was apprehended shortly after, The Sun reports.

He submitted a 6-page apology letter during his trial in which he alleged “we’re still kids” and that he “just wanted to get away.” But, Circuit Judge Jan Marshall Alexander had little sympathy for the teen who was reportedly cited for threatening another inmate, cursing at police officers and possessing pornography during his time in jail awaiting trial.

“Nothing will stop him,” the prosecution told the judge, “He has no concern for consequence. He has no concern for law and order. His actions demand the sentence of life.”

Harris cried during his sentence and begged the judge for mercy, as his lawyers sought a 30-year penalty for his crimes.

“I wake up and wonder what the hell is the point of getting out of bed?” Tim Caprio, husband of Amy, said, “There is a massive hole and emptiness in my heart.”

A version of this story appears on the Daily Caller website.

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  • fuzzy10 says:

    He should have gotten a death sentence. That’s what he gave her.

  • teflon says:

    should of hung the bastard

  • Daniel Brofford says:

    These kids today that grow up without their fathers and a no good mom turn out to have no morals and no compass to even go by so the chances of this kid changing is next to nothing. I’ve lived around and watched to many of them grow up in the ghetto and by the time they are that age they want to stay in the ghetto and have no desire to do anything other then deal drugs and rob other people for what they have worked hard for. They have no desire to be a good person they want to be a thug and be seen as a thug but yet when the police and system treat them as such they cry racism. I say put him where he belongs and that is in a place full of people just like him. They are no good!!

    • Evangeline says:

      You can’t group them altogether. Some grew up under terrible conditions out on the streets and they never did what this kid did.

    • angelshot9876 says:

      I’m a single mom my ex was never in my kids lives and I raised them to be good people. None of them have been in trouble with the law they work and help others in need. And they don’t drink do drugs or even smoke. I was a strict mom and punished my kids when they did wrong. I am proud of how they all turned out without a male influence in their lives. I worked full time and expected them to tow the line when I wasn’t there to supervise them.I gave them chores to do with homework being the priority. The problem with some of these kids is that the parents strive to be their friends instead of being a parent.

    • Rick Freeney says:

      The horrible reality of this is that their own kind has let them down! All Democrats on a state and local level and all black representatives! He’s a victim of the true problem in Baltimore.

  • Gary Schuy says:

    As long as you chase Guns those Kids watch violent Movies and play violent Video Games.Now you will have real Problems on your bloody Hands.There are so many violent Games out there that outnumber Guns.Good Luck doing something about that.

    • William Conley says:

      I’ve played video games my whole life most very violent and I’ve never once thought of acting it out it makes me empathize with the characters actually. These types of people are just born predisposed to do violent things and act on violent impulses.

      • Asisay says:

        Congratulations, you are mature. Everybody isn’t like you! Many kids today identify with the evil characters. They see violence as a power! Glorified gun play that makes you the top predator. Then they seek that power.

  • Aline says:

    PLEASE, BOO, HOO HOO. I hope someone runs over you too, you piece of crap, then you can say how cops hate Black people, and play the race card! BULL SHIT! I am married to a Black man for the past 25 years, and punk asses like you deserve EVERYTHING that’s coming to you!

  • Diana says:

    He should have gotten the death penalty and done in 30 days not entitled to any delays he will never be fit to live in society not even fit for prison he is a dangerous animal without regard for others

  • Dolores Herrmann says:

    In today’s world a 17 year old is NOT a kid anymore. Neither are the 12 yr olds in the ghetto. Girls become mothers and they’re all street smart, so they think. Thanks to the judge he is where he belongs forever. Sorry to the victims family a tragic event to overcome.

  • Benny says:

    Good he should have gotten the death penalty !

  • DADDY K says:

    For this type of crime and criminal there should be a televised public HANGING.

  • Reggie says:

    Like a lawyer once said “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. Obama’s son in prison for life.

  • Ron says:

    Good for the Judge!

  • VietnamVeteran says:

    Remember the scene in “To Kill A Mockingbird” where Atticus Finch tells his daughter Scout to go in the house and get his rifle? Why? Because a very sick, rabid dog was coming down the road towards them. Atticus Finch had to shoot the dog due to it’s dangerous threat to society.

    Same goes with the rabid human Dawnta Harris – a very sick and extremely dangerous threat to society.

  • Cheryl Knobloch says:

    Once in a great while, there is real justice. While a death sentence would have been good, he now gets to spend his worthless life contemplating prison walls and thinking up evil to do in prison.

  • Reggie says:

    They get what they deserve.

  • Reggie says:

    Tape some Velcro to the ceiling and lift him up. He’ll never get down.

  • Reggie says:

    A black woman in Chicago had an abortion. The next week she got a check in the mail. She presumed it was from Planned Parenthood, but it was from Crime Stoppers.

  • Gary Haber says:

    Im surprised that the gun control nuts in Baltimore aren’t screaming “we have to ban guns cuz they kill!”

    Wait….it was a car?

    I thought killing a cop was instant death penalty?
    Or is that only in CA?

  • RWF