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A Trailer For New Movie About Roe v. Wade Is Upsetting The Media



A new movie about the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade is rattling the media. Actor-turned-director Nick Loeb told The Washington Post last July that his movie was not anti-abortion, but an attempt to show how the decision was made and how both sides made their arguments.

“I wanted to tackle this in a way where all sides of the story will be told, and the facts were laid out, and people can then make up their mind and decide on their own,” Loeb told the Post. “I just think everybody should be armed with the facts, unlike when I was growing up.”

The first trailer for the film, which was released Monday, more or less seems to line up with that vision, though many scenes in the trailer appear to show a film that will be biased against the decision (I’ll reserve judgement until after it’s actually been released, as trailers are notorious for giving the wrong impression about a film).

Since many of the main actors in the film are conservatives, naturally this film isn’t sitting well with the media. Movies based on true events get a lot of details wrong and completely manipulate the story according to the director’s bias, but now that someone is doing this with a conservative bias, the film gets called “controversial.”

Loeb produced, co-wrote, and co-directed “Roe v. Wade” and said he had to film in secret because when he told people this movie leaned pro-life, he’d lose actors, crew, and filming locations.

“Loeb shot Roe v. Wade under an assumed title last year because he had trouble lining up shooting locations, extras and other local workers when he was upfront about the title and pro-life bent of the movie. He even lost a director and other key staffers once they realized the movie did not favor the pro-choice side of the argument,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Reporter is one of the straighter articles about the film, focusing on Oscar-winner Jon Voight as Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger. Other outlets were clearly rankled by the film, including The Washington Post, which ran a column on its Reliable Source page which blasts the film’s trailer for featuring “mostly men and ominous illusions to government conspiracy theories.”

Columnist Helena Andrews-Dyer then refers to Loeb as being most “known as the ex-fiance of ‘Modern Family’ actress Sofia Vergara,” and making snide remarks about what’s included in the trailer.

“Other highlights: scenes of Playboy Bunnies, a panorama of the beach, a man getting shot several times in the chest, an exploding building, actor Joey Lawrence announcing ‘this is a conspiracy,’ and more than a few scenes of men conducting meetings about women’s rights with no actual women present,” Andrews-Dyer wrote.

The Daily Mail (a right-leaning website) and the New York Daily News both called the film “controversial” in their headlines, with the Guardian calling Loeb a “rightwing entrepreneur” and referring to the movie as an “anti-abortion film.”

Just imagine the praise that would be heaped upon the movie if it contained an obvious bias toward abortion.

In response to the media’s freakout over his film, Loeb told the Daily Wire, “They are afraid that our film will overturn Roe.”

He also offered a specific response to the Post’s remarks about the trailer featuring mostly men.

“In 1973 all the Supreme Court Justices were men, the movie is about a Supreme Court case, we decided to be historically accurate with their gender,” he said.

The trailer will officially debut at the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. this weekend. Loeb has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for the film’s release. The full trailer can be viewed below:

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