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Accused Man Get Beaten, Dies. Police Make Sick Discovery on the Footage

Lat last month, a 16-year-old girl called her brother from a bus in Logan, Utah. A man had sexually assaulted her, she told him.

The brother tracked the Cache Valley Transit District bus down and jumped the man as soon as the man exited the vehicle.

“Kind of a linebacker-type charge toward the gentleman, knocking him down,” Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen told KSTU about the April 23 incident. “This is an absolutely horrible event.”

The attack left the man, 62-year-old Michael Fife, unconscious. The sister and brother fled.

The girl called police hours later to report a sexual assault on the bus.

Meanwhile, police and paramedics arrived after the brother’s assault and Fife was taken to Logan Regional Hospital, then transferred to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah, where he died.

Police reviewed surveillance video from the bus, and made a startling discovery.

Instead of the alleged assault, the video revealed the sexual assault in question was clearly made up.

“The video showed Mr. Fife walking past the girl,” a post to the Logan City Police Department Facebook page stated. “But no sexual assault occurred.”

But for Michael Fife, that didn’t matter.

“His injuries were so bad that he was transferred to McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, UT where they performed emergency surgery on his skull to relieve the swelling of his brain,” states a Go Fund Me page set up to solicit donations for Fife’s hospital bills, cremation and burial.

Not even the new hospital was able to deal with the severity of Fife’s wounds.

“Things progressively got worse, and Michael succumbed to his injuries early Saturday morning, April 27, 2019,” the GoFundMe pages states. “He leaves behind his only child Michael Andrew Fife II (Mike).”

As of Monday morning, the page had collected almost $7,000 of its goal of $8,000.

According to the Logan Police Department, the case is still under investigation. The names of the accuser and her brother are not being released due to both of them being underage.

But as things stand now, an apparent lie caused a tragedy. The brother of the accuser, thinking someone hurt his sister, attacked an innocent man he was told did it. This death will likely sit on his conscience forever.

For real victims of sexual assault, this is another false accusation that makes telling their story so much more difficult.

But the Fife family itself has the deepest loss of all.

Although the criminal justice system can be sluggish and awkward at times, this shows the need for rule of law instead of vigilantism.

One video would have exonerated this man and changed the course of multiple lives.

Nothing can bring Michael Fife back, but the gut-wrenching outcome of this false accusation may keep other from making the same mistake.

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  • wolfen244 says:

    “But I’m only 16. So there’s that.”–Female

  • Pj says:

    These kids were taught by the best , Obama. Human life doesn’t matter. You can lie and hurt people and Obama’s government does not care. To the parents of these two monsters, congratulations you raised disrespectful subhuman stains on humanity. I’m sure they will blame president Trump. Most kids today need a good trip to jail lock up for a couple of days. Uneducated and just plain fools.. Obama and his liberals have taught you well. Hate, divide, lie and kill.

  • Tom G says:

    Same thing will happen with anti-gun red flag laws.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Feminist accusations trump video proof.

  • john trocki says:

    This is what happens when congressmen/women lie about peoples actions. Just because a woman accuses a man about anything, the man must prove his innocence. The constitution states very clearly that the government has to prove GUILT and the accused is ,supposedly, ASSUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! The Kavanaugh hearings showed the true side of the social democrat party’s stupidity!

  • SoCal Lady says:

    Remember the Kavanaugh hearing….Women Must be Believed that was the mantra of the Dems…
    DEMS ALWAYS react with Hate and Violence

  • Sugaree says:

    This is beyond the pale. From the girl who told the lie, to the brother who rushed in with no proof. If these 16 year olds were truly 16 in action and words, things would have had a different outcome. Many 16 year olds are way beyond their age in action and word. Sad, sad, what is our world tuning into? I fear for my Children and Grandchildren. Many Condlences to the family of the innocent man who was murdered and many prayers. May God go with us all.

  • cj says:

    This bitch needs to be charged with 1st degree murder!!! I spent years, as an RN, working Level 1 Trauma Centers and, can’t begin to tell you how many females came into the ER claiming rape. A good 50% of them were lying. This always infuriated me because, this makes it SO MUCH HARDER for females who have really been raped to get a conviction!!! The fact that this twit is 16 will NOT stop the D.A. from charging her as an adult. Her brother will also be charged with murder but, I don’t know if he’ll be charged with 1st or 2nd degree murder. Sad that this poor, innocent man is dead and, these 2 kids have forever changed their lives because she is one sick, twisted personality.

  • Ronald D Murphy says:

    The bitch and her dumb ass brother should be charged with murder. Spend the rest of their lives thinking about the lose the murdered family will suffer for the rest of their lives.

  • Nell says:

    So disturbing! Anyone can accuse anybody of anything. Why would someone do something do evil? When this happens, the accuser should absolutely be charged with murder because their actions caused the death of someone who was innocent. As a woman, I detest the call to “Believe Women” when we know they don’t always tell the truth. This makes a mockery of true victims, and the liars need to be harshly punished. When a female is a victim, I do stand by her; if a man is falsely accused I stand by him. We should ALL stand by what is true. Not ‘his truth’ or ‘her truth’, but THE truth. May justice be done for Mr. Fife’s family.

  • Brianna D Penny says:

    This is why I like animals more than humans

  • Sandy says:

    Both of them, the brother and the sister should spend THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN PRISON! This is pre-meditated murder!

  • Greg says:

    They should both be charged as adults, however, the girl should get the death penalty for a false accusation which led to the man being beaten to death…she used her brother to do her evil desires…
    the brother, on the other hand, acted with understandable rage out of love for his sister, but was duped into a very hasty & regrettable reaction …he, I think, should get 20 years in prison…unfortunately, when we rely on the integrity of a loved one, we react without questioning their accuracy or honesty, unless they’re a known liar & then you’re just as culpable for being a dumbass & falling for their constant lies…

  • Ncrdbl1 says:

    The bitch should spend at least 20 years in prison if not longer.

  • RWF