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Again: Brett Kavanaugh Hit With New Sexual Misconduct Allegation



The New York Times hit now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with a fresh allegation of sexual misconduct Saturday night, in a story diving further into “Deborah Ramirez’s Yale experience.”

This time, a former classmate, Max Stier, told a pair of Times’ journalists writing a book about Kavanaugh’s accusers (including Ramierz), that he recalled the now-Supreme Court Justice pulling his pants down and exposing himself at a college party. Another classmate, Stier says, grabbed Kavanaugh’s penis and shoved into the hand of an unsuspecting female victim.

The Times’ journalists claim that FBI knew about the incident during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings but failed to investigate it, even though Stier — and the Times pair — claim there were several witnesses to the incident.

According to the article, the incident supposedly lends credibility to another allegation of sexual assault made against Brett Kavanaugh — that of Deborah Ramierz, who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh while the pair were at Yale, when Kavanaugh allegedly cornered and molested Ramirez at a college party.

The two New York Times reporters who published Saturday night’s expose decided to probe further into Ramirez’s story, since, as an uncorroborated account, it was dismissed out of hand by experienced investigators. The FBI and Senate researchers spoke to Ramirez but found little to go on, and only single potential witness who denied knowing anything about the incident.

The story caused an uproar at the time, and had Senate bigwigs, like Orrin Hatch (R-UT) running to Kavanaugh’s defense. Ramirez’s story ultimately fell apart under scrutiny from the same New York Times that Saturday night, used it as an excuse to lob yet a new allegation at Kavanaugh.

There’s problems with Saturday night’s story, too.

According to author Carrie Severino, who wrote a book about the Kavanaugh hearings, the two reporters behind this new Kavanaugh allegation may have left out some key details about Max Stier, including that the “new” allegations aren’t actually new.

Severino wrote on Twitter Sunday morning that unknown activists shopped Stier’s story to Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, but investigators with the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FBI found no reason to believe the story was credible.

Moreover, Stier’s named victim, a woman by the name of Tracy Harmon, didn’t remember being forced to fondle Brett Kavanaugh.

According to the book, Harmon’s friends say she “doesn’t recall” the incident.

Severino later points out, also on Twitter, that Stier has a history of working with high-level Democrats, and served as a member of Bill Clinon’s defense team during the Monica Lewinsky investigation, though it is important to note that neither the authors nor Severino could establish an ulterior motive (though it’s not clear the authors tried).

Democrats and left-leaning activists are already calling for Kavanaugh to resign from the Supreme Court over the new allegations. Kavanaugh has yet to respond to either the New York Times or calls for him to step down.

A version of this story appears on the Daily Wire website.

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  • Mark Hartman says:

    It should be obvious by now to all that evil has no imagination.

  • Steve says:

    These liberals do nothing but “mis-conduct” but then try to project THEIR CRIMES on anybody else – not liberal ! Bunch of filthy , bottom feeder criminals !

  • cecil l hagood says:

    Who Next _ who give a dam what he did years ago. we been through all this crap. some one trying to make money. I wasn’t care he walk around nicked.

  • Evangeline says:

    Dems do nothing all day at tax payer’s expense except try to drum up new ways to get rid of their 2 biggest threats. Trump and Kavanaugh.

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    Just more people seeking 15 seconds of fame and being paid to do so by Democrats.
    To heck with this BS and start holding these liars accountable. Maybe after a couple do jail time this chit will STOP

  • Kim M says:

    People who make false accusations like this need jail time!

  • Mary says:

    Once again the Dirty Filthy lying DemocRATS attack for Political reasons by making up stories of Sexual harassment.
    We’ve got your number.
    Anything you say, will be held against YOU!!!

  • Red says:

    So we have another lying, perjuring, paid accuser from the left. Nothing new here. Move on.

  • Trudy says:

    The first one wasn’t true and why would these allegations not come up then. And the man who said he witnessed it was a Hillary Clinton supporter. Who the hell would believe their bullshit now!!!!

  • Carol says:

    I am so sick and tired of the DemoRats trying to make up lies about Kavanaugh. If they had something to say they should have said it at the fake news trial. He should sue them for defamation of character. I think we need to investigate all this bullshit. And prosecute the guilty ones who started it, start its Diane Feinstein she is the biggest lying hypocrite, the bitch needs to be retired or voted out, ASAP


    If it was true then OMG, a college kid pulled his pants down 30 years ago??? I could care less what any of these people did in college and am much more concerned with how well they do the job they were hired or voted in to do.

  • alfred says:

    he would have to have a fire hose for an appendage if the mechanics of the hand maneuver had the slightest of credibility.

  • larry says:

    I am of the opinion that there should be legal repercussions against all these people when they do this crap. It is one thing to take issue with ones political stances and entirely different when you attack an individual as a person. A person should not have to have their name dragged through the mud. These assholes should be sued, fined, and put in jail to get their attention.

  • Vito D. says:

    More BULLSHIT claims! These assholes have nothing better to do that make lame attempts at their 15 seconds of fame … because it’s obvious they have no shame!

  • Barbara says:

    Democrats open their mouth and lies come out Always thinking of new lies and paying new liars to parrot them for a fee President Trump will win by a landslide in 2020 thank God The Democrats destroyed their own party with their lies against good people and their off the wall ideas Thank God for President Trump a president who loves this country and works for the people and not for financial gain

  • VietnamVeteran says:

    I was just wondering what kind of stones the “pure as the driven snow” never-did-anything-wrong-in-my-life accusers are going to use to stone Kavanaugh? Sedimentary? Igneous? Metamorphic? Who is going to cast the first stone anyway ? Someone without sin ? ? ? Hmmmmm?

  • Reggie says:

    But when Bill Clinton exposed himself to a woman, groped another few, and also rape, it was no problem.

  • JerryDV says:

    Will the Trump Derangement Syndrome at the NYT ever end? On 9/11 their editorial said, “Two planes flew into the Twin Towers.” Like two planes could fly themselves. If they’re afraid to say “Two planes flown by Islamic terrorists…” Then how can we believe them when they pull their sources out of their delusional therapy sessions.
    As for Sen. Harris…did she not learn about “DUE PROCESS?” All these damn Democrats know is “impeach!” “Impeach” Reminds me of the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland…”Off with their heads!” “Off with their heads!”

  • Larry says:

    I guess these lefties never heard the story of the boy who cried wolf.

  • Bob Pence says:

    We voters all know that these charges against Kavanaugh are all contrived by the media , as well as the Left Wing Liberals !!!! Hopeing to destroy anything that Trump has done. Simply out of a hatred for Trump, because he beat their Loseing attempt with Hillary. !!!! 63 million voters elected Trump, Next election will have Trump win with 150 million votes.!!!!!!!

  • Jamie says:

    No apparent ulterior motive??? He’s a democrat. That’s all the motive you need to know. Yet another Ginsburg cancer battle, and the dems desperation is coming from all angles.

  • Jamie says:

    Another skank in the tank.

  • Errol musk says:

    Can the NYT go any lower? I don’t think it’s possible.

  • Jamie says:

    Wait…Kav whipped out his dick, handed it to another guy, who then put it in yet another girl’s hand…uhhhh….velcro?

  • andy says:

    SUE the shit out of her KAV

  • Lfty64 says:

    Question: What consequence does a person who makes false allegations suffer? Why, if these allegations are proven to be false, shouldn’t the false accuser suffer some sort of punishment. You could just make false sexual allegations against someone, ruin their life, then walk away with a smile on your face like nothing ever happened. Not right!!

  • William says:

    Outrageous, unsubstantiated and pure BS. I agree with the commenters here who would like to see Kavanaugh sue them. The NYT and Democrats (one and the same) don’t care how low they go, there are no consequences except with the voters.

  • Charles Rezner says:

    I’m tired of this BS. Get over it Kavanaugh has been confirmed and stuff that is 35 years old and a student is BS especially when everyone knows it is all politically motivated. These liars and political clowns need to be put behind bars.

  • SENA NUGH says:

    SOON !! VERY SOON!!!

  • Diana says:

    Sue this garbage and anyone else behind it I know you don’t need the money so give it to S.S. Or our Veterans

  • Cecil Durham says:

    So what.Progressive a holes accept he’s there and you aren’t.

  • TexMexDave says:

    They just never give up do they? Next thing we’ll hear is that he flashed Ginsberg.

  • Julia jones says:

    I’m so sick of these lies and allegations! It was 35 years ago. It was a college wild party! Young, drunk, stupid party! Get over it folks. I bet there’s millions of people out there that did worse at a party of their youths. And then they grew up. Sue the heck out of these trouble maker dems and liberals. When they’re broke, they will crawl away.

  • Bonnie says:

    The Democratic party has been busy trying to destroy Kavannagh every since he was nominated for SCOTUS. The American citizens are getting tired of their shenanigans and wasting time and money. How much is this person going to make? The last accuser made over $700,000 for a week worth of her time. Amazing how it like the last time is going down close to an election year. ENOUGH ALREADY

  • Richard says:

    This isn’t a “new” allegation, as your title alleges, but new details regarding an earlier allegation. It also isn’t credible. The “victim” doesn’t recall a man’s penis being thrust into her unsuspecting hands at a party?! Kananaugh’s penis is so large that one person can hand it off to another as though it were a football?! If so, damn, call him Chief Justice!

  • booger says:

    ANY such claims should be ignored since there are no law enforcement involved,,,ANYONE can make a claim but then they must be able to prove it beyond a reassonable doubt, otherwise they shoule be charged with giving false testimony,,,,this info is only being used to provoke another false democrat claim and is only hersay,

  • Reggie says:

    He must have one long pecker if a gal can hand it off to another gal. Kinda like football?

  • RWF