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Alabama’s Top Donor Calls For Boycott Against State, University Over Abortion. Alabama Gives His Money Back, Takes His Name Off Building.

Hugh Culverhouse Jr. — the University of Alabama’s largest donor — has called for boycotts against the state and against the University of Alabama over its new abortion law that protects unborn babies.

The University of Alabama responded on Friday by returning a $21.5 million gift that it received from Culverhouse, who had allegedly tried to interfere in the operations of the law school. The school also removed his name from the law school.

“The action taken by the Board today was a direct result of Mr. Culverhouse’s ongoing attempts to interfere in the operations of the Law School,” said Kellee Reinhart, the university’s vice chancellor for communication. “That was the only reason the Board voted to remove his name and return his money.”

“The school says the transaction to return the funds was processed Friday morning and that it will also return any accrued interest,” NPR reported. “Last fall, Culverhouse pledged to donate a total of $26.5 million over four years.”

Stuart Bell, the president of the university, said: “This decision was made for reasons of academic and institutional integrity. I appreciate the actions of the Chancellor and our Board of Trustees and their unwavering support of these intrinsic values.”

Culverhouse responded in a statement, saying:

I expected this response from UA. I will not allow my family’s name to be associated with an educational system that advocates a state law which discriminates against women, disregards established Federal law and violates our Constitution. I want to make clear that I never demanded that $21.5 million be refunded and wonder if the University is attempting to silence my opinions by their quick response. I will not be silenced.

NPR further noted that last month, Culverhouse’s lawyer was quoted as saying: “Sixty-six percent of the students at Alabama pay out-of-state tuition. A boycott by them could certainly be effective.”


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  • chris says:

    He really just wanted his money back, and of course , heaps of free publicity.

  • MREEVES says:

    Should have kept money and sent him a Kiss my —- note

  • Barb says:

    People have lost their marbles. Women in this country, just like men…they live in the land of opportunity. Ginsburg didn’t get her job by whining, she worked hard, that’s what you have to do. Also, this abortion thing…women have a right to abstain, take/use birth control, take a pill afterwards, and even keep your legs closed until your married, but they (woman/Drs) have no right to take a God given baby. It’s a privilege to have a child, a true gift from God. For those who promote it, tsk tsk.

  • Ron Brooks says:

    I would love for them to show me where in the constitution it says to murder innocent babies. Also, they claim it is about women’s bodies, what about the baby’s body, and rights? #BabiesLivesMatter

  • David says:

    I live in Georgia so naturally I am and have always been a UGA fan but have also liked UA and crazy about the entire SEC family. Today, after reading this I must admit I am more proud of the University of Alabama than I have ever been of any school. This ranks way above even a championship game to me. You go Bama,
    A Dawg fan so proud of you

  • Lee Price says:

    Dude, this was done before you “didn’t want your name associated” with the College. Your just pissed that they didn’t cow down to your money!!! Take your dumb ass to Californication, and let them bleed you for the stupidity that you want to follow.

  • RWF