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Alec Baldwin Attacks Sarah Sanders: She’s A ‘Mouthpiece For Fascism’

After Alec Baldwin announced that he was done playing President Trump on Saturday Night Live and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee celebrated the fact, Baldwin decided to respond by taking a cheap shot at Huckabee’s daughter, White House press spokesman Sarah Sanders, by labeling her a “mouthpiece for fascism.”

As MRCTV noted, the series of exchanges started with Baldwin telling USA Today:

Darrell Hammond did it and is a far better impressionist than I’ll ever be. When Anthony Alamanuik (started impersonating Trump on Comedy Central’s “The President Show”), all these people were attacking me, saying, “Oh, your impression sucks and you suck. Please go away.” It also was something I thought to myself: “I really don’t have a lot invested in my Trump impersonation, so please find someone and convince Lorne (Michaels) to replace me.” I’m completely down with that. Winning the Emmy for that show aside, it was not some career goal of mine.So if (Atamanuik) wants the job, it’s his. He can have it. I’ve done that. I mean, I had a lot of fun with (the cast), and when Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider wrote (Trump sketches in 2016 and 2017), that was new, it was fresh and the ratings were good. But I feel like I’m done with that now. I’m so done with that.

Huckabee tweeted, “Alec Baldwin announced that he’s ‘so done’ playing @realDonaldTrump on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Good news for viewers who are ‘so done’ with ‘SNL’ & unfunny vicious Trump bashing instead of comedy. For refreshing variety, try my show instead tonight!”

That prompted Baldwin to take a shot at Huckabee’s daughter, writing, “Who knows what the future holds? I tell what it should hold. That you, who have sucked a govt paycheck out of the economy while you were a dreadful Lt gov and then gov and that daughter of yours, a mouthpiece for fascism, that you go away. Just…go away.”

He added, “And your show is dreadful. You have no charm, insight or intellect.”

That prompted Baldwin to take a shot at Huckabee’s daughter, writing, “Who knows what the future holds? I tell what it should hold. That you, who have sucked a govt paycheck out of the economy while you were a dreadful Lt gov and then gov and that daughter of yours, a mouthpiece for fascism, that you go away. Just…go away.”

He added, “And your show is dreadful. You have no charm, insight or intellect.”

If Baldwin has problems with fascism, he might want to check his endorsement of the Hollywood boycott of Georgia after the state passed a fetal heartbeat bill, an action that irritated his brother Stephen enough for him to tweet publicly criticizing his brother. As far as his big announcement that he was through playing Trump, he’s been threatening to stop for two years. In March 2017, he stated, “Trump just overwhelmingly lacks any sportsmanship, he remains, bitter, and angry, and you just want to look at him and go, ‘You won!’ His policies aside, which you can hate, I thought he would have just relaxed.” He continued, “The maliciousness of this White House has people worried… that’s why I’m not going to do it much longer, the impersonation, I don’t know how much more people can take it.”

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  • Tom Ozment says:

    For a privileged ass from Massapequa Long Island, that’s rich.

    • RebNcity says:

      Baldwin is a big a POS that ever
      Lived !About as funny as my left testicles!

      • Aline says:

        You said it, Tom Ozment! HE IS a HUGE POS!

        • leon says:

          baldwin has proven over the decades what an ass he truly is. i am sure Kim Basinger can tell you what a dick he is or NOT. he is rife with jerkdom no matter what. his mouth has run enough to see and know what he is. JERK.

  • Mark E Scully says:

    Alice ballwacker is just that,a ballwacker.he has no real talent that I’ve ever seen.go back to your anger management class.leave the acting to the pro’s.

  • Tsk Tsk says:

    Alec Baldwin is a fat liberal crybaby.

  • Chad says:

    Hahaha. Alex Baldwin? You mean the host of a game show? Who gives a rats ass what he thinks. He’s washed up….has been. He sucks as an actor and game show host. Looks like creepy uncle Fester trying to cop a feel where ever he can. Eat it biotch boy! When are you going to throw your hat into the ring? You said you could beat Trump…that’s what I thought…all mouth. Just a bitch. Your jealousy of Trump is giving you TDS. He’s more successful, richer, more fans and a much hotter wife. You dream of being him….loser!

  • Tsk Tsk says:

    Alex Baldwin is a fat liberal crybaby.

  • Kevin Schafer says:

    I remember last year when Baldwin came out and said he was done playing Trump on SNL.

    Then when the movie roles didn’t come pouring in as he was expecting because he thought he would be in such great demand due to his Trump impersonation on SNL, he crawled back to Lorne Michaels to do Trump again.

  • Gigi says:

    Alec who? After decades of watching SNL, I had to stop when they started the Trump bashing and haven’t watched it in 2 1/2 years. I will never watch it again. It was not that funny anymore anyway and hasn’t been for several years. The quality of talent just isn’t up to the likes of Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner and all those old timers who actually made it funny. As for Baldwin, he’s an a-hole in his personal and professional life and always has been. He hasn’t done anything worth watching in years and his career has been washed up for a long time. Just go away.

  • William conley says:

    Alec Baldwin you haven’t been relevant since 30 rock went off the air even then you were barely relevant enough to be the shows headliner. Tracey Morgan is much funnier than you’ll ever be or ever were.

  • Judy Stinger says:

    What has Alec Baldwin done for anybody but himself ever. The answer is nothing. He made a lot of money in personating President Trump on SNL. He had a sporadic acting career and even in soap operas He was dispensable and when his character was written off nobody missed him. He is now a once a week game show host. He claims to be a liberal and yet he attacks women every chance he gets especially if they are conservative women. But then again he attacks everyone and he was even recently brought up on charges for physically attacking someone. He’s got no control and obviously no mental control. For him to insult Governor Huckabee who is a public servant and has done a lot of good for a lot of people plus the country is typical. Before Baldwin shoots off his mouth again which is his norm he should fact check and the fact is the Governor Huckabee’s Show on TBN is a ratings hit. All Baldwin needs to do us just go away. He is irrelevant and he clearly has no ethics, integrity, honesty, credibility, humanity, morality and sanity.

    • scot_belle says:

      I Agree 100%. You just saved me from a lot of typing. Thank you.

    • Shirley casale says:

      You could not have been more right on point Alec Baldwin is a complete jerk and shows it everytime you see him . Do not watch any of hs shows and never will !

  • John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Alec Baldwin is a not an American his attitude shows that he would sell our country out in a heartbeat. So Alec take your un American Opinion and shove it where the sun don’t shine!!!

  • Ernie Mink says:

    Yet another of these deceived and lost celebrities, Alec Baldwin. Wow, this is shameful. And just think about what other countries see when things like this go on. People like him are so embarrassing and disturbing.

  • Sandy Miller says:

    Baldwin is a mouthpiece for satan.

  • Ronald Gunn says:

    So Sarah Sanders ia a mouthpiece for fascism, That’s better than being a mouthpiece for assholes like Baldwin!

  • Margery Pomp says:

    Alex Baldwin joins the group of stupid and ignorant “Hollywoodites’ and wherever these millionaire idiots feel it is their duty to express their stupid rhetoric. Thank everyone for telling him and his friends how idiotic they appear to be too ignorant to realize.

  • Margery Pomp says:

    Obviously, Alex Baldwin has no clue as to the real meaning of fascism.

  • Raymond J Thibault says:

    When will somebody tell this prick to go away and shut the hell up.

  • SusanP says:

    Alec Baldwin is lower than whale shit. No one cares what he thinks. Never hearing from him again would be cause to celebrate.

  • Alice says:

    I thought twitter kicked-off people with hate messages. Waiting….Twitter suspended me because I commented on illegal aliens, Obama trash, Hillary trash, and terrorist Muslims.


    Baldwin is a attention whore; SNL sux so bad now it’s hard to look back and realize there was a time it was really very funny. Baldwin was brought in to try and right the sinking ship. Yeah it worked for a short while then it was obvious Baldwin was usurping on set trying to carry the entire SNL cast and he does not have the Talent…he should have quit 18 months ago.

  • Madeleine says:

    Seems he was describing himself. He is the one with anger issues. Ask his daughter and ex wife. Even his own family like brother Steven Baldwin who is a reborn Christian say he is stubborn and has a temper. Gove me President Trump any day <3

  • Evangeline says:

    Nothing good to say about Baldwin. Even his own brother Tweets against him. He’s got Trump Derangement Syndrome from watching CNN news.

  • Marilyn says:

    He’s a rude idiot who constantly shows his butt wherever he goes. What a disgrace.

  • howard buckley says:


  • Donald Ogelvie says:

    Sarah has more class in her little finger than Baldwin ever had in his whole worthless body. Seeing him go anywhere out of sight and hearing would be a blessing for everybody.

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    People like Baldwin and shows like SNL, just keep shooting themselves in the foot! What used to be humor is just out-and-out hate fests! Not fun to watch. They’ve lost half their audience due to the lack of actual humor while catering to the extreme left.

  • Rockne Hughes says:

    The people can take, Baldwin. After all, they put him there.

  • Diane says:

    I’m getting so tired of the constant “fascist” claims by Leftists like him. They must not know what it means or they’d realize that if the Administration was fascist, they’d all be in dark dungeons with no voice to the world. I’m sorry, but if Trump is a Fascist, he’s really bad at it.

  • Ron Brooks says:

    Probably the only funny thing that no talent, pretend tough guy has ever said, trying to con people in to thinking it is actually his choice to stop that skit. We all know it is because he sucks at life in general, and SNL lost so many viewers that they told him to take his fat ass down the road. Maybe he can pay another guy to take a punch from him for more attention, and ego stroking. I would love to see him in person, close enough to actually reach him, just one time. I’d make that nutless bitch cry for a month.

  • judith smith-lupole says:

    Alec Baldwin is filthy mouthpiece for the “know it all hollywooders”. In the past, he even said horrible things to his own daughter. What a low-life!

  • FEDUP365 says:

    And alec baldface scum sucker is just a mouth piece for anyone who wants to stick their dong in his face from the demoncraptic fake news media.

  • RWF