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Andrew McCabe, James Comey Will Face Criminal Charges over FISA Abuses, Top House Republican Predicts



Justice Department officials who were key parts of what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called a failed coup against President Donald Trump will yet pay a price for their actions, McCarthy vowed on Sunday.

“We came the closest ever to this country having a coup, and now we need accountability,” McCarthy said on the Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” according to Fox News.

McCarthy said former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will face the long-sought accountability Republicans have demanded once a report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is released.

Horowitz investigated the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in the initial investigation of any Trump campaign links to Russia. He has given Attorney General William Barr a draft of his report.

The issue at stake is whether the FBI deliberately misused and misrepresented the information it had in October 2016 when it sought to open surveillance on Carter Page, a member of Trump’s campaign team. The initial FBI probe later mushroomed into the investigation of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which found Trump’s campaign did not collude with Russia.

McCarthy praised Barr’s handling of the investigation.

“I respect this attorney general so greatly, that the way he has handled this, he believes in accountability, but more importantly, he believes in the rule of law.”

“We will see an indictment,” McCarthy said of McCabe, who has also run afoul of a Department of Justice investigation for comments he made during the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“And remember what we are talking about here. Here’s the number two at the FBI who is going after individuals trying to prosecute them believing they have lied when he is lying himself. When law enforcement does not uphold the law, when tries to put their thumb on the scale, that to me is where we really have to stand for accountability,” McCarthy said.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro applauded action against McCabe on her Saturday show.

“As I predicted in my book, the rats are jumping ship,” she said. “Who will rat on whom? Who will point the finger and when? McCabe’s indictment will be the first of many in the attempted overthrow of the president.”

As for Comey, who has been slapped for his tactics in leaking memos about Trump to the media, McCarthy said he does not expect that the anti-Trump lawman will escape unscathed.

“In the end, I do not believe that Jim Comey will get off,” McCarthy said.

“Anyone that has had any association with trying to create this coup should be held accountable.”

Comey’s role in launching the probe has long been controversial.

Congressional Republicans are urging that the contents of the Horowitz report, once released by Barr, be shared with the public and be the focus of hearings on Capitol Hill.

Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia has called for hearings by the House Judiciary Committee, where he serves as ranking member, according to The Hill.

“As you know, FISA oversight falls squarely within the Judiciary Committee’s jurisdiction. We must act swiftly to address concerns outlined in the Inspector General’s report. Accordingly, I write to request you schedule a hearing as soon as possible following Congress’s receipt of the report,” Collins wrote.

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  • Mr. T says:

    No more hearing predictions, I want indictments!!

    • Demetri says:

      I suspect I know the “rat” that financed this entire coup attempt. It is time he be charged with treason and hanged in a public demonstrated to show his evil. “I am the King Maker”.

  • Glennon Bourbon says:

    McCabe and Comey had better quickly turn themselves into the DOJ and start spilling the beans. These two can lead the DOJ to the Clinton’s and Obama’s doors. This does not bode well for their longevity. If they are not careful, they will be Clintoned!!! You know, commit suicide, like each shooting himself in the back of the head using their off hand!!!! I just pray that they are able to rat out the top of the food chain before they get taken out!!! (Jeffrey Epstein treatment)

    • ltrail says:

      Comey is in “tightly” with the Clintons. Ever since Arkansas days.

    • kat says:

      It’s okay with me if they are “Clintoned” – as long as we get rid of them. I think they have enough evidence against Clinton and Obama without anyone else spilling the beans.

  • Bill says:

    It’s damn time the Republicans grow a backbone and start putting some of these CRIMINAL people in prison!! Enough is enough!! If it goes back to Obama, so be it. And the Clinton’s, too!!

  • Bill says:

    I suspect we’ll be seeing some arkancid suicides here shortly.

  • kat says:

    LOCK THEM UP! – And throw away the key!

  • wanda says:

    I think a very long stay at Guantánamo Bay would be fitting. None of those exclusive club business. Let them rot for their treason. Obama and Clinton can finish off the life sentence of the terrorist they let loose.

  • IMJustice says:

    I’m extremely curious to know, if this is even possible to find out, how many current sitting Democrats in Congress and the House knew all about these things, participated, or lied about …

    Very curious.

  • Evangeline says:

    To think they weaponized a branch of our gov against a president we elected, then assigned biased people who hated him to top investagive positions to verify the lie. I want to see ALL of the players indicted and jailed!

  • Red Devil 5th inf. says:

    And the Democrats are still attempting to carry out the coup, they are so disgusting. John Kennedy wouldn’t know the Democrat party today and I doubt that he would have any part of it.

  • Tim says:

    Sounds a possibility of a couple people getting suicided.

  • William John Meegan says:

    I believe that McCabe and Comey will have a huge fight over who will marry Tiny (7′ tall and weigh over 400lbs) when they get into prison.

    Each of them no matter who they marry will be reamed up the butt while simultaneously have there mouths full of sperm on a daily basis dozens of times and then Tiny will get his share every night free of charge. But whoever Tiny marries will earn his at the very least a $100.00 a day at $2.00 for a mouth or bull-hole entrances.

    McCabe and Comey will battle over who marries Tiny; because, each of them want to come out of prison ALIVE after twenty some odd year of being weird lovers.

    Both of them will have the sorest anuses this side of the Mississippi and on the other-side of the Mississippi also.

  • Michael says:

    Yes INDICT. From Comey to Clinton to Obama and ALL in between. This must NEVER happen again to a President of the United States of America.

  • Panhead says:

    Time is past due for the entire coup organizers obumer killary soros FBI CIA agents at all levels, the Dim/Lib regime who conspired against Americas POTUS including FLOTUS all family members for these crimes against all of America to be placed in the worst Prison available for life. This was a serious attack against America.

  • Errol musk says:

    What’s going on? So I kick you in the face. Everybody sees it happen. Then there’s a big inquiry as to whether I kicked you in the face.

    Is this the Twilight Zone?

  • Madeleine says:

    Not only them! Obama and Mueller were knee deep in it too! And don’t ignore the spiteful and malicious Hillary Clinton and Soros both very sore at losing !

  • Dutchuncle says:

    No worries, the DNC and their “Dirty Tricks” dept. will find a way to dismiss or “LOSE” these charges. No one from that communist party ever faces justice.

  • Pj says:

    Give us the story once they’ve been convicted. Dont waste our time with the “speculations!” The Demacrats and the fake news had been doing this for too long!

  • Kim M says:

    What about Obama and Clinton? Pretty sure they had their hands in that pie, too!

  • Mary Noriega says:

    Comey and McCabe and the corrupt rest..Will never see Justice..This will drag on beyond 2020 when the corrupt Democrats will win the election…This will destroy the United States..We will be under their rule with no rights as citizens.

  • RWF