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‘Angel Mom’ Booed While Testifying About Son Killed By Illegal Immigrant



Last week, Boston mother Maureen Maloney was booed while testifying about the death of her son Matthew Denice, who was killed in 2011 by a drunk-driving illegal with a criminal history. Maloney was testifying at the State House in opposition to a bill seeking to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

“At the start of her testimony, Maloney held up a photo of Matthew and recalled how he was killed by an illegal immigrant drunk behind the wheel. About halfway into her 3 minutes of testimony, a man behind Maloney booed the grieving mother,” the Boston Herald reported.

“It just made me more determined,” Maloney told the outlet. “I don’t want other people to lose their lives like Matthew did. I don’t want other families to go through the heartache that my family deals with. And that’s where I get the strength and the stamina to keep doing this.”

This was not the first time the “Angel Mom” has been booed while discussing the tragic death of her son. “A few years ago, Maloney spoke out against a similar proposal, and a senator had given her his additional three minutes to testify. When Maloney went over the three minutes, she said people in the audience began booing and hollering that her time was up,” the Herald reported.

“You get used to it over time,” the mother said.

Maloney spoke at a Bostonians Against Sanctuary Cities event in May 2017, where she detailed the death of her son by illegal immigrant Nicolas Dutan Guaman.

“On August 20, 2011, my son Matthew Denice was tragically killed less than two miles form our home. Matthew was riding his motorcycle in a residential area with a 20 mile per hour speed limit. Nicolas Guaman, an illegal alien with a criminal record, ran a stop sign, colliding with Matthew’s motorcycle. Matthew landed on the hood and the windshield of Guaman’s truck and rolled off into the street. Witnesses saw Matthew getting up out of the road.

During the trial, the Boston medical examiner and the forensic experts testified that Matthew survived the initial collision with just scrapes and bruises. … By all accounts, he should have lived.

But Nicolas Guaman, who was an illegal alien did not have a diver’s license and had spent his day drinking beer made a fatal decision. He ran over Matthew, causing Matthew to be lodged in the front, right wheel well. He dragged Matthew a quarter mile to this death while horrified witnesses yelled for him to stop and banged on his truck. Witnesses heard Matthew’s bloodcurdling screams as his body was torn apart over the course of that quarter of a mile. Matthew’s body was impeding the forward motion of that front wheel of the truck. Nicolas Guaman knew he was dragging my son but he continued to flee the police. Eventually Guaman was run off the road and Matthew’s body became dislodged. Guaman then backed up over Matthew, and then continued to flee. And he had his six-year-old son in the truck during all this.”

Maloney said she prayed to her son for strength before giving her testimony last week, the Herald noted. “I was just asking him to guide me with my testimony and help me to not have anger in my heart towards the other side,” she said. “Just do some work through me, use me to try to save other lives.”

“Going to hearings like this, talking about it, opens up the wounds and it’s painful,” Maloney added. “And hearing them talk about their fear of separation and I’m sitting there thinking, ‘I have been permanently separated. This is the ultimate permanent separation.’ They’re afraid they’ll be deported but they can take their kids with them or their kids can go visit them. I don’t have that option.”

Guaman is currently serving out a 12 to 14-year sentence for the murder of Denice.

A version of this story appears on the Daily Wire website.

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  • coachpan says:

    Lowlifes never disappoint

  • Radone says:

    To the man who booed your day will come because the worm turns.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Leftists have zero compassion.

  • Joe says:

    Horrible! The perp got off so easy! Condolences for your loss!

  • Diana says:

    Those who booed better be careful it might be one of their family members or them next, people like that are demented have never had someone they cared for to be killed, raped, tortured,

  • FEDUP365 says:

    And it wouldn’t surprise me to see some phucing demoncraptic socialist hold over oDUMBo judge give him basically a pardon like the SF Califrickenfornia judge just did for that illegal who shot that woman in the back twice out on the pier. Both of them should have gotten the DEATH PENALTY

  • William Conley says:

    This piece of shit only got 12-14 years for drunk driving hit and run evading police and dragging a guy a quarter mile tearing him to shreds ignoring the man’s death screams. Then when be finally falls out of the front wheel well the guy fucking backs over him again. You know what this garbage should get his dumb ass hit by a truck then they pick him up and jam him into the front wheel well and have a tire shred his flesh for a quarter mile then take him out and back over him. If that’s too much for the soft weak people the just take him out back tie him to a pole and put one through the back of his head maybe two for good measure. Why exactly is anyone citizen or not not sentenced to death and executed within 6 months?

    • VietnamVeteran says:

      Personally, I think the 2 ton Great White Sharks that patrol the Farallon Islands west of San Francisco should be offered a nice little snack – illegal immigrant murderers. Don’t worry bleeding heart snowflake liberals, the illegal immigrant criminals wouldn’t suffer much. The Great Whites would tear them to pieces in just a few seconds. VIVA the shark and good riddance to the vicious, rotten, murdering illegal immigrant scum of the earth.

    • SweetLadyMary says:

      That illegal is disgusting. What is more disgusting is that we are supporting his ass. He clearly murdered Matthew. He should have gotten the death penalty.

  • Brianna says:

    She should start booing right back and anyone who support her need to boo right in their faces. And they wonder why people are going batshit crazy these days.

  • Shirley says:

    The laws are wrong with killers like this who purposely kill others and are so persistent in doing it so cruelly !People who are deranged or sickly should not boo those who suffer a terrible loss as this was . May God come down on those who booed this woman for telling about her loss of her son !

  • Polly says:

    This tells us that democrats are full of evil.hearts who don’t have compassion for anyone.

  • BEETA says:


  • Donald Van Sickle says:

    Only 12 to 14 years? It should have been execution!!!

  • Steve Noble says:

    What happened to the POS that booed her?

  • Pete says:

    I want to know who booed-name the mf and make them infamous

  • RWF