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Angela Box: The Deep State Can’t Hide Its Lying Eyes



The old saying goes: Who are you going to trust? Me, or your lying eyes?

Our government seems hellbent on keeping our blinders securely attached, and the truth be damned.

Last week, the Department of Justice’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, finally released the report that detailed the FBI’s mishandling of the case of Hillary Clinton’s email server — a case that has also embroiled the entire Obama administration.

We learned that not only were the upper echelons of Obama’s FBI, DOJ and CIA conspiring with Teams Clinton and Obama to keep them all out of prison, but also no matter what, liberals will circle the wagons and defend the indefensible.

The misleading takeaway the media embraced is that Horowitz found no concrete political bias on the part of the FBI — which is patently absurd.

The entire report was rife with examples of malfeasance and a willingness to tip the scales for Clinton and Obama, and conversely, to harm President Donald Trump and those in his orbit.

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  • Linda says:

    Very true and so well spoken! This is exactly what has and is happening in America! The liars and cheats have done everything in their power to destroy President Trump and all his “Make America Great Again campaign”! Thankfully all their tricks and lies have been found out and now it is tome for every last one of them to pay the piper! All Americans supporting President Trump must do everything in their power to stand with him and his government to get these people charged and put in prison!

  • Marion says:

    You’re right on, Angela! Every word! Thank you.

  • RWF