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As Justice Kennedy Retires, Nation Takes Moment To Thank God Hillary Clinton Not President



U.S.—After Justice Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, the nation took a brief moment to thank the Lord that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, and thus would not be able to select his replacement for the Supreme Court.

The nation acknowledged that it didn’t deserve God’s blessings but thanked Him anyway for sparing them a Clinton presidency.

“Father God, we just want to thank You that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidency.

We know, Lord, that Trump isn’t ideal either, but hoo boy. That was a close one,” one man said in a special emergency prayer and thanksgiving service held at his church in Kentucky. “You truly are wise and sovereign.”

The nation’s “Never Trump” movement reportedly remained steadfast in its opposition to the president, still being troubled by his policies and lack of moral character, but silently thanked God anyway that “at least that crazy woman didn’t win.”

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  • BA says:

    TIME FOR Ginsberg to die and GO AWAY – Sotormayer and Kagan are very UNQUALIFIED TO BE JUSTICES

  • Marilyn says:

    Oh my goodness – yes. If Hillary was president we could have been like Germany with all women and children being raped at will by the people she would let into the country. One of Hillary’s idols was Angela Merkel, head of Germany and Margaret Sanger (who started the original Planned Parenthood because she wanted to wipe out a particular race of people.) Another of her idols was Saul Alinsky of Rules for Radicals, whose agenda is being carried out today by all of the Left Wing Liberals.

  • Marty says:

    MAXINE WATERS must go for good she’s a monster she scares people!! She need to go

  • More I think of it, more I get convinced that Killery was never destined to be President. All that cheating took place…all the raucus including a fake Russian dossier and others…and still she lost convincingly. And now for her…it’s all over. American patriots must celebrate with a double…not just Kennedy, but hopefully the retirement of Ginsberg too.

  • RWF