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Believe All Women? Woman Exposed After Accusing 9-Year Old Of Sexual Assault

A woman allegedly named Teresa Klein is gaining some viral infamy after she accused a 9-year-old African-American child of sexual assault when he brushed up against her, according to the New York Post.

The video went viral after a Facebook user named Jason Stovetop Littlejohn posted a video Thursday showing the confrontation.

“Meet Cornerstore Caroline,” he wrote. “White Woman calls police on a kid, saying he sexually assaulted her.

“As I walked up I noticed the argument, apparently the kid brushed up against her and she said he touched her and decided to call police on a nine year old child. As you can see the kid is crying and the mom is upset.”

Here’s the video, which has been viewed over 5.2 million times. We warn you that there’s some salty language in here and viewer discretion is (as always) advised.

*Make this go viral*Meet Cornerstore CarolineWhite Woman calls police on a kid, saying he sexually assaulted her.As I walked up I noticed the argument, apparently the kid brushed up against her and she said he touched her and decided to call police on a nine year old child. As you can see the kid is crying and the mom is upset.

Posted by Jason Stovetop Littlejohn on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

“I want the cops here right now!” the woman, who was tentatively identified as Klein, can be heard shouting. “The son grabbed my a– and she decided to yell at me.”

As the woman continues to yell into the phone, a crowd that’s gathered sends her a message she would have been wise to heed: “Go home.”

“Are you seriously calling the police?” another passerby said. “Go away. What is your problem? I’m calling you out.”

The woman seemed to get the optics of the situation. “White lady calls the cops on black lady, I get it,” she said.

As it turns out, it didn’t take long for the surveillance video, obtained by WPIX-TV’s Andrew Ramos, to come out. Quelle surprise,the woman was lying:

As you can see, the child only brushes up against her with his backpack — and accidentally, at that. This is what sent her into a towering rage.

Most of the opprobrium for Klein — richly deserved, one would admit — centered on the fact that it was a white woman calling the police on a black child. It’s not a good look, mind you, but Ramos also reported that the bodega owner said the woman was known to be “unwell.”

I’m not a mental health professional or anything, and I’ll totally admit to the fact that I’ve expressed more than a fair amount of umbrage over the past few days at media personalities and celebrity tweeters who seem to have gotten their medical degrees from Facebook University calling Kanye West out for being mentally ill based on his Oval Office visit.

However, from my short video introduction to this fine individual, I have to say that “unwell” seems to be a charitable way to describe her. I’d also posit that unwell-ness seems a much more likely culprit for this bizarre outburst — and subsequent false accusation — than racism was. Not that racism and mental illness are mutually exclusive, but I’d at least consider this angle before you post your 5,000-word think-piece on Medium titled “Bigotry in the bodega: Viral infamy and white supremacist power structures.”

Oh, there’s also the fact that, when Ramos went to interview Klein, she called the cops on him and another reporter, too.

There’s a more important issue at hand here — I thought we were supposed to believe all women. A woman’s testimony is is evidence enough, right? Well, as it turns out, not so much.

In this case, there was physical evidence of what happened. But what if the surveillance cameras had been out? We’re not supposed to bring up her apparent history of being “unwell,” whatever that may be. If a woman is willing to report the assault to the police, she’s supposed to be believed — and a 9-year-old child would have had his life turned upside-down. If there was no corroboration, so what? Corroboration isn’t needed these days.

This is the kind of nightmare situation you would get if you throw away the conventional rules of due process because they don’t fit in with the #MeToo moment. Yes, this case is certainly an extreme example, but the extreme examples are exactly how you realize just how flawed an argument can be.

If you throw away due process and give the mere word of an individual as much weight as physical evidence simply because they happen to be a member of the distaff gender, you’re setting yourself up for a generation of men put behind bars on spurious allegations. Oh, and if you want to talk about how racism factors into this, perhaps the left ought to look at studies which posit which race would likely be most disproportionately affected by that sort of sea change in dealing with sexual assault allegations. (Spoiler alert: not Asians.)

Apparently, the one thing we can discern for certain about the woman in this incident is she’s a big fan of calling the cops for no reason. As you also may be aware of, law enforcement doesn’t share her unmixed delight for placing frivolous emergency calls. Whether this situation ends in charges is anyone’s guess at this point, but one hopes this woman doesn’t make the mistake of phoning up the police if and when the authorities come to arrest her. We should at least be thankful that there was video, however. If not, there might have been a black 9-year-old child worrying — wrongly — about his future.

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  • Lunchladie says:

    Unwell seems to be a very charitable definition. She is so unhinged it might be best if she relocated to another area. She obviously seems to have an issue with color. And even if it was not the backpack of the little boy – he is a little boy and surely meant no harm. She just wishes that someone would touch her butt. If I were the mother of the little boy I would have simply walked away. Obviously the woman upset the kids and could have cared less. And this is what is wrong with our world.

  • ChuckB says:

    Seems to be proof that some people are so full of themselves that they blame any touch on their person, buy whatever means, to be assault. Personally I’d be tempted to borrow that kids backpack and beat her about the head and shoulders with it.

  • She’s not unwell. She’s nutty as a fruitcake!

  • Catherine says:

    This is what the demorats are calling for believe all woman disgrace.

  • DIANE C says:

    SHE GOT HER STUPID 15 MINUTES OF FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph says:

    Thank you Democrats for giving society another screwed up rule that destroys more women than helps them. I will continue to say “Democrats can’t do anything Right” All they seem to know what to do is lie , cheat and be just overall corrupt and that they seem to do very well.

  • Sandy Miller says:

    That video would be obvious to even a blind person that that kid didn’t even notice her much less deliberately touch her in a sexual way and certainly not with his hands. Either she mistakenly thought he did or she is brazenly lying. I vote for brazenly lying.

  • Sandy Miller says:

    BTW.. If that child had been older and no video around to record the truth, he would have been up the creek without a paddle on her word alone, even if it happened exactly like the video shows it did.

  • quasimodo says:

    seems to me the video proves she was aqttempting to impersonate an officer so she cshould be charged with that and making a crank police call. liberals are all mentally ill, and should be put in a mental health facility so they do not harm the citizens of this nation!

  • Psych nurse says:

    Maybe this woman did not take her prescribed medication that morning.And she should be charged with impersonating a police officer by stating she was one. It is a class E felony.

  • Helen says:

    Put that ignorant woman in jail or lunatic asylum , she’s crazy as a Lunatic, folks!

  • Cindy says:

    I’m willing to bet roughly 90% of the Liberal Socialist Democrats are certifiably mentally ill. The one’s I’ve seen most certainly are. Look at Maxine and Nancy and Alexandra, ‘the leader’s of the pack’, you have one up there begging to stalk and assault people, one that can’t put a sentence together and forgets what she’s talking about in the middle of it, and the young one can’t tell the difference between daylight and dark. All those Antifa gangs, screaming, cursing, attacking and they can’t even tell you what they’re mad about. Then you got your little snowflakes who can’t tell you who the Vice President is or when the war of 1812 was fought. Not a damn one of them can say anything that makes any sense whatsoever.


    It was stated that the woman was a known trouble maker; who has called 911 for know apparent reasons. She wants a free ride (if that is a woman) claiming to be a police officer. How insulting the Police Force. Arrest her as a public nuisance and then charge her with impersonating a police officer. By her actions at the very first of the video , you don’t walk in and lean over the counter unless you are employed at the establishment. If she gets by with this, the lunatics are running the asylum.

  • RWF