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Black Conservatives Take Action In Key Republican Races



As election day creeps closer, the Black Conservative Federation (BFC) is deploying hundreds of black conservatives to campaign in key states for national and local elections.

The initiative is called the 2018 National Day of Action and will take place on October 27.

In a statement, BCF said it is committed to its goal of “expanding the Black conservative movement.”

The day was initially supposed to just take place in races in the Washington D.C.-metro area as a way to commemorate its two-year anniversary, but “the idea quickly evolved into a larger partnership with the Republican National Committee and state and local leaders to help ensure conservative candidates have the additional support they need in their final push across the finish line.”

“We’re taking it back old school and in the most grassroots way possible,” stated BCF President Diante Johnson. “Whether it’s phone banking, knocking doors, or sign waving, our goal is to have a Black conservative presence in key areas all around the country. This is an important election and BCF plans to do its part to help spread the red wave.”

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Johnson said he founded BCF because he wanted to “empower the black community, promote conservative principles and policy in urban communities, and create a network for black conservatives to ensure that their voice is heard.”

Since 2017, President Trump’s approval rating with the black community has nearly doubled from 15% to 29%.

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  • Curtis Bartley says:

    You go people.

  • Eddie says:

    At some point in time people who might even be polka dot purple and spotted have to wake up top the truth. Demonicrats have one common goal…to destroy the Constitution and to destroy our beloved country. We Conservatives cannot allow that to happen. It would suit me just fine if the Demonicrat party didn’t ever exist for another day ! They are evil personified and after hearing and watching them, boo God’s name at their last convention, it stands to reason that we now know who their leader is…..Satan himself ! The Bible states that Satan came to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY. Hold those actions up against the Demonicrat party and you will have your answer to who the Demonicrat party really is !!!!!!!

  • RWF