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Booker Nightmare: Republicans Call for Investigation as Gay Man Goes Public with Sex Assault Allegation



Bad news is hitting for possible 2020 presidential candidate and current Democratic Sen. Corey Booker — and it could be making hypocrites of his entire party in the process.

An accusation has been made via Twitter that “Spartacus” — as the New Jersey senator infamously referred to himself during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle — sexually assaulted a gay man.

The account, without being too graphic, does detail what allegedly happened when the man said he met Booker at “an informal gathering” four years ago. It also gives some detail about the man making the accusation without identifying him. (Note: Some very crude language.)

The gist of the story is that Booker, who has admitted sexually groping a female friend in high school, sexually assaulted the man in a restroom after the alleged victim complimented him. The alleged victim’s account, published online, is lengthy and was shared with an attorney.

According to the man’s story, the alleged incident occured in 2014 and the victim claims to be a liberal who was a Democrat at the time.

While he wrote that he has gone through rough times since the alleged incident, — “Fast forward 2 jobs, 3 therapists and one suicide attempt later to the latter half of last month” — he wrote that Booker’s behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings convinced him to speak out.

“Watching Mr. Booker’s histrionic defense of the alleged sexual assault victim was so laughably ironic, so jarringly cringeworthy, and so triggering that it put me into a state of depressed rumination,” he wrote.

He made contact with a lawyer — Harmeet Dhillon of the Dillon Law Group, the high-profile Republican attorney and a member of the Republican National Committee.

At Dhillon’s urging, the man wrote, he reached out to New Yorker reporter Ronan Farrow, who has broken so many #MeToo stories, but Farrow did not show much interest in his story, from the man’s account. (Readers might remember Farrow co-bylined an article in the New Yorker in which a former Yale classmate of Kanaugh’s accused him of drunkenly exposing himself during a party. That story had no corroborating witnesses, but it didn’t stop Farrow from going with it.)

Using the Twitter handle “Deep Throat,” the alleged victim posted a follow-up to his accusation post, addressing some questions and concerns that were raised regarding not reporting at the time and if he will press charges. The statute of limitations would prohibit charges being filed at this time.

As the whole country probably remembers, when Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault, Booker himself had a lot to say that now he may wish he didn’t.

For example, he said witnesses who could not remember the party where Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford said she was assaulted might have cast doubt on the accusations, but did not exonerate Kavanaugh. Booker may regret setting that standard for his own situation.

In Kavanaugh’s case, Booker and others made it clear that evidence didn’t matter. An accusation was enough for Booker when it came to Kavanaugh. Now, some conservatives are using that against him.

Booker also said that in Kavanaugh’s case it wasn’t about politics but “moral leadership.” The same applies to Booker, right?

At one point, as The Daily Caller noted, Booker said, “There is so much at stake here — this has nothing to do with politics. This has to do with who we are as moral leaders” and that “in a moral moment, there is no neutral.”

He also called those supporting Kavanaugh “complicit in evil.” So, does the same apply to anyone supporting Booker against a similarly unproven accusation?

Conservative activists and commenters have been calling for an investigation of Booker regarding the accusation. One must be undertaken, right?

A number of people on the right are holding the same standard for Booker as they did for Kavanaugh. Innocent until proven guilty, but do investigate.

Democrats, however, are now backed into a corner. If they don’t treat Booker the same way they treated Kavanaugh, their hypocrisy will be on full display, and right before the midterm elections.

Because they changed the rules, Booker included. And now it is coming back to bite them. Booker included.

If evidence is no longer relevant and an accusation is all that is required to end a man’s career, Booker should be removing himself from office, right?

If that is the new normal, then Democrats should be demanding he do so, immediately.

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  • Dede DeForest says:

    How the mighty” have fallen.


    Spartacus! tsk-tsk. Guilty til Proven Innocent apply to you too?

  • John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Hay Cory Booker this is about moral leaderrship so since you already convicted Kavanaugh lets presume your guilty until proven otherwise. WHAT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE GANDER ASWELL!

  • neo says:

    I’m waiting for the VERY SAME liberals that protested, screamed, and showed their asses to do the same to one of their own…Cory Booger….but I’m betting that there will be crickets….Booger says there are no witnesses and the statue of limitations have expired, and the FBI won’t investigate….well is that not the same that happened to Kavanaugh and that did not stop the screaming bitches….huh

    • Barbie says:

      You are so right. Nothing at all will be done to investigate “Spartacus”. Spartacus isn’t even a name that should be uttered in the same breath as Booker. I hope his higher than thou gets taken down to where he belongs, with all the other abusers (that even he admitted)!

  • Joe says:

    He’s a three dollar bill. I hope the demwits run him in 2020.

  • Greg says:

    Well Well well THE BOOGERS closet just got opened for ALL to see And yet another reason to DUMP THE DEMOCRATICS FOREVER . This is just remarkable with all this Closet homo that he is n he has the balls to even open his Peter puffed against A Supreme Court Justice KAVANAUGH WHAT A SET ON THIS SOB quite the HIPPOCRATE THIS SELF IMPOSED “SPARTACUS “ when in reality he’s A closet queen that APPARENTLY DOESNT HAVE THE BALLS TO COME OUT BUT ONLY TO PEEK OUT WHEN HE WANTS TO I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING WITH THIS CLOWN 🤡

  • ChuckB says:

    hold him to the EXACT same standards the Dim’s held Kavanaugh to. When the Democrats FINALLY get it through their fat heads that EVERYONE should be held to the same standards, there might be some hope that Justice and Fair Play will once again prevail in America.

  • There, in all fairness, must be an FBI investigation of this sexual deviance now!

  • Michigan Man says:

    It won’t matter. Democrats believe they can do anything they desire, with blessings of their cohorts. That is a proven fact, verified by their previous actions.

  • Tinker says:

    I can understand why he did not report it. Gay men especially are approached a lot and I am sure it is not the first time. And what purpose would it have served, he would of been laughed out of the police station, and probably also as a gay guy since there was not violence did not want to ruin another gay guy, he just was not into that kind of thing in a bathroom or whatever and let it go. However after seeing what he did and the hollier than attitude to Kavenaugh he is a hero in my book.

    the handle however should of been though out better.. it does not look good as it has dual meanings one being sexual and this is about a sex issue and just looks bad, its not a joke and needs to be phrased appropriately.. and it also has nothing to do with the Deep Throat Conspiracy either.. bad choice. But I believe him

  • Robert Kenneth Pavlick says:

    Oh well ! The Left should have expected this after their brutal character assassination of Kavanaugh !

    “Turn Around” is fair play !

  • Curtis Bartley says:

    Once a fag always a fag.

  • Joseph says:

    Rules, Democrats don’t need no stinkin’ rules. When has a Democratic politician ever followed the laws or rules? Or better yet ever put America or the people first above themselves.

  • richard smith says:

    Karma always has the last word. Booker does appear to be a little light in his loafers.

  • Steve Bracken says:

    Corey Booker is a prime example of the contents within the swamp of Demonrats that needs to be drained. Corey believes he is above any law or standard of human decency. If this is the person they want to back for President in 2020. I say well he is no worse than the rest of the Demonrats that would try to be President. I have not heard of a single person that can even come within a mile of touching Trump. The Demonrats are self destructing and I say good riddance.

  • Cindy says:

    Yes, there should be an FBI investigation, and a Judiciary Committee Hearing. Bring it all out into the open, with the same prejudices and contempt and interference they used the last time around. After all, the new rule is guilty until proven innocent, and we should believe and exalt all accusers, while denying any credibility of the accused. Cory thought it was great for Kavanaugh, let’s see how he likes it now.

  • das Aardvark\ says:

    OH! Gee! What next will we hear about the Farticuss he/she, itself?

    Have you taken a close look at how much he resembles a black male a Alexandrea?

  • Tom S says:

    How can there be a “witness” to something that never happened? Either Booker believes his supporters are stupid, or Booker is stupid. Take your pick.

  • Julia says:

    Wow!! Booker, you said it! ” Believe the accuser! “

  • Texan1 says:


  • Mark Ross says:

    I did not know he is also a sodomite. I said he gropped girls…

  • mspidgeMZB5 says:


  • peter mare says:

    this dhould be investigated to see if there is merit to this. i fail to see how this tarnish the party (who has some credibility issues since they are largely in bed with corporationd loke yhe other party) since this is a personal issue.

  • peter mare says:

    this should be investigated to see if there is merit to this. i fail to see how this tarnish the party (who has some credibility issues since they are largely in bed with corporationd loke yhe other party) since this is a personal issue.

  • roy COOK says:

    Bald headed Queer!

  • BA says:

    always figured Booker to be a butt pirate and turd burglar. I DEMAND HE RESIGN I AM SURE THERE ARE MANY MORE SKELETONS IN BOOKERS GAY CLOSET


    Booker! How does it feel to soon be on your own a COMPLETE UNKNOWN

  • RWF