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Breaking: Brutal Video Emerges Of Female Teacher Violently Attacking Teen Girl, Report Says



A Hays Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) substitute teacher was fired on Friday after video emerged that allegedly showed her violently attacking a teenage student in a classroom.

“The video shows Tiffani Shadell Lankford, 32, approaching the 15-year-old sophomore girl and then punching the student in the face,” KXAN reported. “The substitute then continues hitting the student as others look on in shock.”

Lehman High School Principal Karen Zuniga said in a statement to parents:

Dear Lobos,

As a family, we share both the good news and bad news together. Today, I have to tell you about an incident that is disconcerting.

This afternoon, we fired one of our guest teachers for hitting and fighting with a student. Under no circumstance is that behavior tolerated at Lehman High School or in Hays CISD. Additionally, the former employee was arrested by the Hays County Sheriff’s Office and faces potential criminal charges. Her actions will also be reported to the Texas Education Agency.

We take the safety and security of our students seriously. We took swift action when this incident occurred and will do everything necessary to protect our students.”


In a statement obtained by KXAN, Zuniga added, “Under no circumstance is that behavior tolerated at Lehman High School or in Hays CISD. We take the safety and security of our students seriously. We took swift action when this incident occurred and will do everything necessary to protect our students.”

HCSO has reportedly been arrested by police officers from Hays County Sheriff’s Office and charged with aggravated assault.

CBS Austin reported: “The victim was taken to a local hospital by her father for evaluation. Lankford was transported to the Hays County Jail. The sheriff’s office said the victim is 15 years old. But a statement by the district says she is a 16-year-old sophomore.”

Students posted other videos of the incident on Twitter that CBS Austin reports were viewed by law enforcement officials.

Tim Savoy, chief communication officer for Hays CISD, said, “We are appalled at the actions of this former employee. There is absolutely no excuse or circumstance that can justify what you see unfold on the video. It is unconscionable what this adult did to one of our students.”

KVUE ABC noted that “according to Hays CISD, Lankford attended her teacher orientation on Aug. 30, 2019. Her first job with the district was on Sept. 13. Friday was her 18th time working for the district. All substitutes in the district are required to undergo and pass fingerprint criminal background checks in order to work in the classroom.”

The San Marcos Daily Record reported that the student “was released to her father who took her to a local hospital for evaluation and Lankford was transported to the Hays County Jail where she awaits magistration tomorrow morning.”

The incident reportedly happened in a foreign language class.

A version of this story appears on the Daily Wire website.

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  • MR. Garcia says:

    Schools have become a battleground, Kids today don’t learn any discipline in the home, It’s learned way too late on the streets and in schools.. That’s why they do so much wrong today’s world..

    • CC says:

      You are a fucking idiot to defend this teacher who EASILY could have killed this student. Undisciplined kids have been in schools since schools have existed. That doesn’t give this black monster an excuse to SAVAGE this white girl!!! I hope she gets prison time!!

  • Randall says:

    The third video posted above shows the STUDENT hitting the teacher BEFORE the teacher hit the student. As usual, NOTHING is being said as to what led up to the altercation. Based on what I see in the third video, the teacher was justified.
    I don`t care if the person is 15 or 50, if you hit someone they are completely within their rights to defend themselves.

    • Reese says:

      Nope. The student was protecting herself from the teachers blows.

    • Kathryn Lycksell says:

      Pay attention Randall, the first 2 are same scene, right swings by teacher, student does side slap during mid close fist slugs using right fist at 3:58. Third video 46 mins. later teacher return at 4:44 to continue assault using left fist. Student swings high knowing what is coming. That’s a 16 year old against a hefty woman, kid is slapping, adult is slugging her. Had to watch several times to caught it all, it was odd they didn’t match until I saw the time stamps. And yes I’ll say it this ape (like behavior) is in the wrong wrong here. Legally that is an assault punishable by law.

    • CC says:

      Are you kidding me??? Even if the girl took a swing I doubt she could knock out a flea. That teacher PUMMELED the student and could have killed her. The teacher is supposed to PROTECT THE STUDENTS AND SET THE EXAMPLE. And if it had been WHITE substitute and and a BLACK student all hell would break loose. Where is the racist NAACP??

    • Snake says:

      Randall guess you don’t know law very well whether the student hit first( which it looked like to me a defensive move) the sub teacher is bigger than her and kept hitting her doesn’t matter the girl’s age the woman can be charged for hitting a minor!

      • Karen K says:

        But the substitute teacher could tell them it was self defense too. The girl swung at the teacher first after whatever it was that the teacher said to her. I’ve taught my daughter someone swings and hits you first, then open up a can of whup-ass on them. Kids now days think they can get by with any and everything. I don’t take up for either one of these two but it is what it is.

    • Dragonfly43 says:

      They stated the teacher punched the student in the face first. The student filming may not have caught the beginning of the incedent.

    • VietnamVeteran says:

      Teacher defending herself by beating the hell out of the student, throwing her on the floor and stomping on her head ? ? ?  Are you NUTS ? ? ?  That crazy teacher had NO place in the classroom.  She’s a violent, vicious street thug  –  just like the ones we’ve seen in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, and elsewhere.  She needs to be prosecuted for assault and battery and probably for acting like a crazy, homicidal maniac !

  • Randall says:


    • Yvette says:

      That’s what I see! She said something to him and then he slapped her and then the teacher hit back.

    • CC says:

      Randall the girl took a petty slap that wouldn’t have done anything even if it had landed. It’s fucking amazing you think it’s OK for a teacher to beat the living daylights out of a teacher. What kind of teacher hovers over a desk and intimidates a student like that?? I would love to know what she said. Do you think the race hustlers will condemn her. Of course not!

    • SusieQue says:

      Did you NOT notice the Violent He Bitch was right in her face when the slap occurred…if that Fat Ass He Bitch was up in my face screaming at me “that close” then HELL yes I would have protected myself ANY fucking way I could have…..stretch out your arm in front of you…that IS your space and it belongs to YOU. That POS needs to be fucked up and thrown in prison….watching this does NOT make me wonder why our students are shooting each other or their teachers!!!!

    • Dragonfly43 says:

      Read the article. “The video shows Tiffani Shadell Lankford, 32, approaching the 15-year-old sophomore girl and then punching the student in the face,” KXAN reported.

      You have no idea when the third video began. I’m sure the police will be, if they haven’t already, interviewing the kids in the class. The girl was defending herself after being punched in the face.

  • Sunflower Surfer says:

    Looks like the little bitch(student) got exactly what she deserved. If parents would teach their children some manners and respect scenes such as this would not be so common. Once again she got what she deserved. Simple case of self defense.

    • Cynthia says:

      ‘The little bitch!!!’ (student!) she got what she deserved! you must be blind to not see how that student was pummeled by that gargantuan looking woman…she punched her in the face, stomped on her, and threw her around like a rag-doll! this young girl’s manners, and respect have not a thing to do with this brutal attack! you! are clearly, standing up for this brute…can it be her color that you are defending?

    • SusieQue says:

      Oh Sunflower Surfer…Bless your lil ole heart!!!

  • janica says:

    You people defending the teacher disgust me and make me sick to my stomach..that was a violent attack by a ‘teacher’ then she stamped on her head…She was aggressively in the students face..I’m not sure if the student slapped the teacher but how in Gods name can any one of you defend that disgusting behaviour from that woman built like a man…A teacher must have self control and if the student was behaving badly, she should have been sent out of the class and taken to the Head teacher..This criminal thug must have the might of the law thrown at her and Never be near young people again!

    • William Conley says:

      I guess she learned a lesson we should all know by instinct. Don’t fuck with someone clearly superior to you physically. If the teacher was pissing her off she shouldn’t have ran her mouth about it, and expected her to be civil in response. People are on here whining like shit way worse than this don’t happen daily. What about the kid who came back and shot or stabbed a kid for looking at him wrong or stepping on his new shoes. The kid should have kept her mouth shut and went to another teacher instead she mouthed off and got her ass destroyed. Tell me was it worth her getting her opinions voiced in exchange for a savage beat down? Should she be able to have an emotional outburst without having her shit rocked sure but again folks live in reality. Every single action you take has a consequence something this generation of disrespectful shits have no concept of.

      • CC says:

        You are a fucking idiot. No teacher has the right to SAVAGELY attack a student in this way. A teacher SETS THE EXAMPLE. You have no idea what was said between the two. Do you think this girl is the first student to ever irk a teacher? I’m guessing all of you here defending the teacher dont have kids of your own. If this were my daughter that teacher be in the hospital!!

      • Jeff Merrell says:

        The teacher’s response was clearly unreasonable consider the slap that was done by the kid. The teacher is supposed to be the adult in the room. But, she chose to make it look like an inner-city street fight. Continually punching then when the girl went down, she stomped on her head. Teacher looks like a veteran of too many street fights to ever be hired to work with kids again. The kid should be charged with assault for the slap, but the teacher for aggravated assault.

      • Jeff Merrell says:

        William, are you really going to defend this teacher that looks like a Mike Tyson clone for going full-on attack mode against a 15-year-old that is sitting down and in no position to defend herself or evade the assault?

      • MAGA says:

        That skank teacher got what that piece of garbage deserved. You DO NOT get in a students face like that. She was acting like a thug and wanting that student to do something. I hope that filthy biatch never gets back into teaching. Plus I hope the students parents sue her azz and press charges of assault and abuse. Some people grow up like animals. You must be just like her to defend her like this.

      • kat says:

        In the one video you can see where the student slugged the teacher first.

    • MAGA says:

      You are absolutely right. That skank is nothing more than a thug. That student hit her because she deserved it. They need to interview the student to know what that scum teacher did to deserve being struck.

  • Yvette says:

    The kid should of been taken to the principals office. I think the teacher went a little overboard on hitting the student and then stomping on her head. When I was in 6th grade my male teacher use to beat me like once a week in front of other students as they all would sit and laugh about it afterwards all because I wasn’t popular. It still hurts to this day that I wasn’t able to do nothing about it.

    • VietnamVeteran says:

      It happened to me too, in the 9th grade. The class bully started physically bullying me in wood shop class without ANY provocation whatsoever. He was really mean and nasty and I didn’t even know the guy. I told him to “take your hands off me you bastard.” Then the POS teacher called me before the entire class, insulted and humiliated me, laughed at me and got the whole class to laugh. That was 60 years ago and I remember it like a re-run movie. Looking back at that incident, it’s a wonder I didn’t smash the teachers face in with a 2 by 4, as well as the bully’s, but that incident happened back in 1959 when students didn’t do such things. I now understand why kids grab guns and go shoot teachers and school bullys. It’s not hard to understand.

    • Norskyraider says:

      A little overboard??? WTF Is it because it was a White student? That bitch teacher needs to be crippled for life!!

    • SusieQue says:

      A “little” overboard you say???? If that had been one of my sons being beaten by that oversized Gorilla…yeah..that Fat Ass He Bitch would be at the bottom of a deep well sporting a couple of Hollow Points to boot…Yes..she really had to protect herself as she was stomping on her head???

  • CC says:

    OMG. If this had been the other way around—white substitute and black student—all hell would break loose. Where is the racist NAACP???

    • MAGA says:

      Yeah, if the student had been black and a white teacher beat her, they would be marching in the streets and burning their own neighborhood down.

  • Snake says:

    I’m a father and a grandfather if that had been my daughter or one of my grandchildren that teacher would be facing an angry father/grandfather and I would be suing the School District for having a teacher ( sub or otherwise) on staff!

  • Glacier says:

    If the races were reversed the media would be calling it a hate crime! Why the silence and coverup. A Black teacher Beat up a white girl in class!!!! Stop the hypocrisy!
    In responding to Randall- are you crazy? This a an adult teacher brutally attacking a student – in the face and body slamming them. Nothing to do with self defense. Only rage there.

  • RandyF says:

    Hasn’t anybody else noticed that the “teacher”, after throwing the student to the floor, actually stomps on the student’s head?

  • Rose says:

    Remember disabled white guy kidnapped and racially tortured by blacks video tapeing it…no hate crime and they got community service…this poor kid probably said she would vote for trump and thug teacher exercised her opinion as all racist black thugs do. ..look up Wanda knuckles…we are being destroyed…

  • VietnamVeteran says:

    Affirmative Action results, or, as we say in our community, the government sanctioned “Affirmative Racism program.” Give a racist black thug a teaching credential and a classroom full of teenage kids and the white kids get beaten half to death . . . . . for whatever reason.

    Black Lives Matter, right ? ? ?

    Throw the book at her and send her to prison ! ! ! 😜

  • Stephen Russell says:

    o Student did something to set teacher off
    o bad home life for teacher.
    o student didnt gave a ****.
    o student abusive??
    Or why would teacher react
    I say its Both:
    Student causing trouble OR Teacher has some Issues.
    & school didnt Help.
    Didnt attack other students.
    Or said student had prior altercations with?

    Damn school system, teacher & student.
    Unless teacher bangs up on students??

  • kat says:

    Not saying what this sub did was right but the kid swung the first blow.

    • norskyraider says:

      Not according to a lot of those who were able to see a larger portion of video. Even at that,this is a brutal attack by a huge goliath of a woman,on a 15 year old girl. An adult beating a minor,and a teacher,at that.

  • norskyraider says:

    I’m calling a definite assault of a minor,by an adult,and a huge adult at that. I’m also calling it a racial assault. That was a hate filled assault. Look at her face,at her violence in her attack. That stomp on the girls head at the end,could have killed her. That’s hate! Just plain Hate!!!

  • Antiglblst says:

    I see an angry black teacher beating on a white school girl. Why no mention of that? Would be on every front page of the newspapers and television if it was the other way around.

  • Richard says:

    Don’t jump to conclusions on the basis of these films. It isn’t clear who really struck the first blow, much less why. It is clear, however, that the black bull dyke teacher used greater than necessary force.

  • Bob Plumlee says:

    Yawn !

  • MAGA says:

    Typical thug behavior. Some day they are going to have to be removed from society. Biatch looks more like a male than a woman. She should be removed from teaching all together. Hateful azz skank. Looks like a hate crime to me.

  • RWF