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BREAKING: Swing-Vote Flake Stuns Political World, Just Declared His Vote On Kavanaugh



Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct two weeks ago, right before his confirmation vote to the Supreme Court. Fast forward, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, his accuser was given the opportunity to testify, as well as Kavanaugh, and they both took it. They both presented a powerful case on Thursday, with Ford’s emotional hearing and Kavanaugh’s powerful defense in which he denied all allegations. The next question was : Will Kavanaugh take a seat at the Supreme Court as Trump vouched for him and many senators showed their unwavering support?

On Friday, Sen. Jeff Flake voted to move Kavanaugh out of Committee but under few conditions. He asked the Senate floor to be postponed for a week so the FBI can conduct an investigation and look into Ford’s claims.

“I’m simply stating the discussion that we had between us all is that I would hope and I think we had some agreement before that the Democrats who have been — I think — justifiably uncomfortable moving ahead, could publicly, in an effort to bring this country together, say that we would feel better…. I’m not expecting them to vote yes… but not to complain that an FBI investigation has not occurred. This is what I’m trying to do. This country is being ripped apart here. We’ve got to make sure that we do due diligence,” said Flake.

This morning, Flake indicated that he would vote “yes” due to the fact that Kavanaugh deserves the presumption of innocence. Despite his believe that the accuser needed to be heard, Flake decided to focus on facts and corroborative evidence. Unfortunately, Ford didn’t prove any. What’s more, the witnesses that Ford listed, didn’t confirm his story – not even one of them. Thus, Flake thought it best to vote for Kavanaugh if he is to make it to the Senate floor.

However, Democrats cornered Flake immediately after his statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a last-minute attempt to persuade him. Sen. Chris Coon, his long-time friend, was on the verge of tears when he said he would vote “yes”. It appears that they succeeded in their attempts.

In the end, an 11-10 vote pushed Brett Kavanaugh out of the Committee. Flake’s colleagues indicated that he isn’t the one who can make a decision to delay the vote. In fact, it is entirely up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could decide whether that is the best option in the case. Furthermore, Republicans wouldn’t like to postpone anything, since the last time something was delayed, it led to additional allegations made against Kavanaugh, and wouldn’t want history to repeat itself when it comes to this particular case.

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  • Andrea Harsh says:

    You would have had plenty of time had the information not been sat on for months trying to use it as a silver bullet. Quit playing games with the American People. We are not buying anything that has been said by Ford as she has proven nothing..not even a date..which I can tell you if that happened to me a date would be the one thing I would remember. She has no one to claim that they drove her to that party or took her home..she has made an allegation that has tainted this mans reputation and not one shred of evidence. Guess her memory will get better the more they drag it out Disgusting.

  • jw says:

    The jerk Flake is named right, only it should have snow in the front !!!!!

    • Russell Hohl says:

      He’s WORSE than a FLAKE of something, more like a PIECE of something, a very stinky piece of something.
      There is NO EVIDENCE against Judge Kavanaugh, just some unsubstantiated accusations.
      The longer his confirmation is delayed, the more accusations will be MANUFACTURED by the demonrats.
      Dianne Feinstein will create more delays, and the demonrats and rhinos will follow her.

    • NELL says:


    • Joe Price says:

      Flake is named right. He is a flake and like McCain was, a hater of Donald Trump. I look for him to cast a No vote after the week is up.

  • Tinker says:

    For shame.. there is nothing to investigate. Flake was paid off. They thought he was a no for sure, when he said he was going to go yes, they were in shock. However, here is the truth,he knew that if he did that they would them pull out the ace in the hole.. a lot of money and he bit. He was never going to vote yes. He hates this President, he is done next year, and where can he ever make the money they are going to give him to be the McCain vote? This is a no brainer to bad we do not have a DOJ or IRS that will follow the money.. but hey Hillary’s taxes have been fake for years and you will never prove Flake got millions and he did.

  • Debbie says:

    So Flake what did the dems promise you? Kavanaugh has already been investigated by the FBI and not one thing was found about him. Ford’s story has so many loop holes you could drive a car through. She lied more than once. She has the wrong man. Stick to the facts.

  • Bret says:

    Really….an FBI investigation , America is tired of FBI investigations ,. If there was ever anything that needed to be investigated …it’s the FBI itself.

    • Russell Hohl says:

      Agree. The FBI can’t investigate anything. We saw that with the Clinton email investigation, and their white-washing of her criminal acts.

  • This whole thing is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. Anyone with an owner of one can see this setup from the beginning

  • Rob says:

    of course the democrats are unsure then it will come out that the accusers were paid to lie AGAIN

  • Gary Young says:

    It time to pass a Law that Protects Taxpayers From Funding Criminals. Show Government Employees and Politicians of all Political Parties that America’s Taxpayers are not going to support criminals by funding their taxpayer funded retirement and health care plans.

  • coachpan says:

    The GOP better get a backbone, fast!
    They can’t get the job done while in the majority? What happens if they lose the Senate or House?

  • Viv says:

    Flake is a flake! I’m so sick of all this crap it isn’t funny! Flake doesn’t care because he’s not running again. Shame on him!

  • BELL STUMBO says:


  • DLD says:

    If Judge Kavanaugh has already been investigated SIX TIMES by the FBI as was reported and none of this sexual abuse came out, what do they hope to learn about an alleged incident from 36 years ago where no one remembers exact facts (unless there is a payout). Anyway, the FBI investigation is good for maybe three more votes plus Flake’s. I hope after a week they will just get this over with and vote.

  • Fran Van Loan says:

    It’s made me want to stop donating to the RNC because it’s like just giving to the democrats. Republicans only has a handful you can trust and depend on. The rest are spineless and don’t care about our country.

  • SAm Ramos says:

    He is in his last track of the Washington Swamp.He needs some retiring funds. Looks for another envelope gift. If you put just a little milk on this Corn FLake he get softer than the cereal.

  • Clarence says:

    Caved to the very demon rats who are causing division.. Who started moving the goal post as soon he exposed his cowardice.

  • Larry Gaines says:

    Jeff Flake is a backstabbing Traitor and a LIAR, just like his HERO TRAITOR McCAIN

  • Karen says:

    WE ALL already KNOW the Democrats are going to vote no, at least they have said so. So why bother with anything one of them says.

  • RWF