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Church that Opposes Drag Queen Story Time Vandalized with Satanic Symbols, Vulgar Phrases Just Days Before Event



A Southern California church was vandalized early Sunday morning with spray-painted satanic symbols and vulgar phrases on its outer walls, KNSD-TV reported, adding that police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime because it took place at a religious institution.

And the executive pastor of South Bay Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista — about 15 minutes south of San Diego — told the station he believes his church was targeted because of its opposition to an upcoming Drag Queen Story Time.

“We’ve stood up the last several weeks to share our concern regarding the upcoming Drag Queen Story Hour,” Amado Huizar told KNSD. “We feel that maybe, perhaps, those two are connected.”

But police said at this time there’s no connection between the vandalism and the Drag Queen Story Time, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday at the Chula Vista Public Library, the station reported.

The Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon — during which drag queens read to children and toddlers, typically at public libraries — has been gaining popularity as well as opposition across the country over the last few years.

The South Bay Alliance, which is helping to host the Drag Queen Story Time, denounced the vandalism, KNSD said.

“It has no place in any political dialogue,” a statement from the group said, according to the station. “I sincerely hope it was not in response to their position on the story time, but if it was, it is extremely inappropriate.”

Huizar told KNSD he was “heartbroken” after getting a phone call about the vandalism, which took place about 3 a.m.

“We did not paint over [the graffiti]. We’re waiting for the investigation to be complete,” he told the station, which showed images of cardboard covering the tagging.

No arrests have been made, but police told KNSD two people were spotted on surveillance video outside the church and taking off in a four-door sedan.

Huizar added to the station that the video showed two men exiting a dark-colored sedan with backpacks and spray cans.

A version of this story appears on The Blaze website.

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  • Sandy Miller says:

    The horrid vulgar crap done to that church would be done by satanic demons in human form.

  • Diana says:

    This garbage needs eradicated from America drag queen queers transgender, all are not normal and all these disgusting politicians know it they followed that perverted traitor obama instead of trying to keep America cleaner than Europe they want to join one world order people better wise up and fast watch the old movie V that is exactly what these sick demented politicians and freaking billionaires, millionaires, just like the one they killed in prison waiting for court, they could not let him name all these sick asses, just like the big LIE climate change yes there is but it is normal the Earth does this all the time just look at the history of the world how it has changed it is normal, otherwise we all would have been wiped out when the unfiltered coal of 1800s when England could hardly see in daylight so don’t fall for this garbage, these asses keep trying to shove down your throats COMMON SENSE and nature tells the truth all the Earth changes, just have to adapt like people have for Centuries

    • Vincent says:

      Did anyone ever teach you about run-on sentences, punctuation, concentrated thinking, and ideas in general? How can anyone understand you? I do not like “drag queens” either but can’t you write it like a girl who learned grammar in the third grade?

      • Terry says:

        Don’t be so critical. She is probably the product of our liberal public education system.

      • Cheryl says:

        Do you feel superior, now? I am a retired “special needs” teacher. I had no problem understanding Diana. Perhaps, she has a learning disability, like the children, I worked with. Perhaps, she did not have the advantage of a superior education, like yourself. Perhaps, she is a “legal immigrant, who does the best she can. Please think, before you judge.

  • Jamie says:

    …video showed two “men”?

  • Terry says:

    Perverts in the children’s library? This seems stupid & offensive & risky to me, but our society appears to be approving of everything and anything.

  • Madeleine says:

    Satan is at it again, Satan hates goodness and loves depravity! Unfortunately California is full of Satans influence. I would never allow my children to listen to this rubbish. Children need wholesome God based stories

    • kat says:

      It’s not just California. New York is just as bad and many other states. Parents have not done their job in teaching children God’s way.

  • Gary Haber says:

    This is sick and perverted filth!!!

    I could care less if a person is LGBTWXYZ…just dont force it upon those who dont follow it.

    I have relatives and friends who are LGBT, but they don’t go all psycho forcing it upon others!!

    They hate and disapprove with how the media and protesters are handling this, as well as the ‘gender neutral’ entire bathroom situation.

    People wonder why attendance at libraries has been dropping for the last few decades?

    Maybe this just might be one of the reasons?

    I would not subject my kids to this perversion, in school, or otherwise.

  • kat says:

    The church is right to be opposed to perverted story hour. These people are possessed with evil spirits as verified by their symbols and words.

  • RWF