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Clinton’s Alarmist ‘Voter Suppression’ Speech Lays Groundwork for Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ to 2020 Election



They’re already laying the groundwork.

While the 2020 presidential campaign is still more than a year away, the outlines of at least one Democratic strategy for dealing with another crushing disappointment at the polls are already becoming clear.

If they lose, they’ll try to challenge the election itself.

That’s what Democrats, with overwhelming assistance from the establishment media, tried to do after President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, of course.

But in the case of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, they hid behind the boogeyman of Russian “collusion,” as though social media ad buys in the Kremlin really made 63 million Americans reject the statist failure of the Obama administration.

They couldn’t accept defeat as 2016 turned to 2017, and they’re showing no signs of having changed any as 2019 turns to 2020.

In a speech Tuesday where she talked about a “crisis in democracy,” Clinton implicitly tried to subvert Trump’s win by explicitly blaming “voter suppression” for her own loss in the critical state of Wisconsin.

(“Voter suppression” is what Democrats call laws that protect the integrity of the voting process — laws requiring things like voter ID.)

“Officials [in Wisconsin] made every excuse in the books to prevent people from voting,” Clinton said in a speech at George Washington University, according to The Hill.

“You can run the best campaign and have the best plans and get the nomination and win the popular vote and you can lose the Electoral College and therefore the election.”

A more honest candidate might have avoided the topic of Wisconsin, since Clinton’s failure to even visit the Badger State during the 2016 campaign has become one of the conventionally accepted reasons for her upset loss there.

But since honesty has never been Mrs. Clinton’s forte, that didn’t stop her. She also didn’t let the fact that not even liberal-leaning websites like Vox and PolitiFact have been able to bring themselves to back up her claim that Wisconsin was somehow “stolen” from her on Nov. 8, 2016.

In the speech, Clinton also assailed the 2018 election for Georgia governor and had no problem declaring that Brian Kemp, the Republican chief executive of the nation’s eighth-largest state, had no business being in office.

Again, according to Clinton, the outcome was not the result of a legitimate American election, but of a rigged system based on “voter suppression.”

“We saw what happened in Georgia where Stacey Abrams should be governor of that state,” she said, according to Breitbart.

From complaining about the 2016 election, to outright declaring the results of Georgia’s 2018 election to have been fraudulent, to preparing to denounce the results of the 2020 vote well in advance might seem like a giant leap.

But Clinton made it herself.

In a slam at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Clinton called the current state of voting systems in the country too flawed for a safe vote.

“There is no way we can have the kind of secure election that we need without changing our laws and following it up with real investments,” she said, The Washington Post reported.

“We have a fundamental set of threats to the bedrock of our democracy, and anyone who stands in the way of confronting those threats — from Mitch McConnell and his allies to the president himself — is abdicating their responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution.”

It’s dangerous material for the former presidential nominee of a major party to be undercutting a presidential election in advance, but unfortunately not surprising.

When Democrats declared themselves part of the “resistance” to the Trump administration, they also declared themselves opposed to the democratic process that brought it into being.

Unless it produces a victory for the Democratic candidate — whoever that might be — the “resistance” isn’t going to end.

On Tuesday, the generally liberal website Quartz published an essay by an American history fellow at the University of Toronto with the headline, “Will Trump concede if he loses in 2020?”

The article included a reference to a May report in The New York Times that claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is worried about the possibility Trump could contest any election he doesn’t win — and actually refuse to leave the White House.

But the reality is, it’s Democrats who have not respected the democratic process. It was Democrats who rioted in the streets of Washington for Trump’s inauguration, and it’s Democrats who haven’t accepted the results of the Georgia governor’s race.

And in all likelihood, it’s going to be Democrats who lose in 2020 but do indelible damage to the nation’s democracy by refusing — again — to accept the result.

Hillary’s speech on Tuesday was just another indication — they’re already laying the groundwork.

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  • Alexandrea says:

    Why can’t the Clinton’s just gracefully fall away and become grandparents? America does not need the Clinton’s opinions. They’ve done enough destruction.

    • Lisa S says:

      I was going to say the same but you said it perfectly.

    • Red Devil 5th inf. says:

      Why??? Because the evil bitch will never accept defeat, she believes that she should be the one sitting in the WH., I still expect her to enter the race next year as the Democrats really don’t have anyone that can beat her, but we do.

  • Bill says:

    Help, she failed and she can’t shut up!

  • Warren says:

    How about we just put an apple in this pig’s mouth and bake it….I’m ready to see charges against her!

  • Marilyn says:

    She’s an evil devil. Every name you could think of fits her: hypocrite, liar, cheater, schemer, narcissistic, deceitful, arrogant, hater, racist, leftist, liberal, anti-American, enabler, and on and on! Go away!!

  • Terry says:

    Just another sore loser and whiner….that’s the Hillary we’ve known tor the last couple of years. She does nothing without a self-serving motive.

    • McDonald says:

      That is the Clinton many of we older votes knew from years past. She caried to much baggage for any of us to vote for to be president. She is a piece of work believe me….

  • george peters says:

    when is the grim reaper gonna take that old hag, and rid the world of her nefarious dealing in just about everything from theft to planned murder of those that oppose them.damn, if he is too afraid, give me the damned job, i will take that hag in a country second. old slick willie must be shaking in his boots, wondering when his time will come. maybe he thinks he is safe now, that epstein is gone, or OR IS HE REALLY?

  • Steve says:

    This is exactly why this woman didn’t win. If anybody listens to her nonsense and believes it, than they deserve what they get. The hole she’s digging is just coming back on top of her. The only reason she’s come this far is because of her husband and no other. She was a terrible secretary of state, an even worse first lady, and to top it all off a horrible lawyer. The only thing that has kept her in politics is the fact that she’s so corrupt. The reason that she’s not in prison is because anybody who could expose her for who she really is are dead.

  • James says:

    It never ends with the Dem’s. Every election where their candidate lost they claim their lost candidate should have won and that somehow, someway the winning candidate did something wrong or illegal…….Republicans want paper ballot backup in case of dispute. Democrats oppose in favor of electronic only vote because of greater opportunity to use technology to favor results!

    • Helen Richeal says:

      Everything that would try to assure an accurate vote the Dems slam. It shows that they really dont want a fair vote. Maybe they do realize they’re not fit to be in office but there aren’t enough fools to vote them in so they have to cheat.

  • Radone says:

    The only thing that Dems do is try to cheat and steal the elections as they did in Ga and for the presidential election, by getting illegals voting and the dead also voted. They used illegal votes, and you had google manipulating millions of votes toward you, and that is the only reason you won the popular vote and that has been proven this year within the last few months. Why don’t you go away? You are like a bad penny always turning up. You should be humiliated by the servere loss of the election to a non political person, and everything they are finding out about you and your lies, and your emails and the money you laundered, and worse of all Benghazi. Take responsibility for your actions like a decent person would do. Oh that’s right there is nothing decent about you. Talk about immoral , lady you wrote the book on being immoral, just look in the mirror!

  • Bill says:

    Shut up, SKANK.

  • DADDY K says:

    Can you open just a little bit wider Hilldo? That’s it. Now get ready for the choke wad. Here it comes!!!!!!!

  • Reggie says:

    The Dem’s think they have a monopoly on the presidency. That’s not Democracy.

  • John Bowan says:

    Yo Killary, You lost. Now shut the hell up and GO AWAY. NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CRYING AND WHINING BULLSHIT

  • William Conley says:

    Silver lining here folks is she is getting old and her health is apparently in decline. We won’t have to worry about her trying to topple our constitution anymore, but others like her will likely always remain.

  • Helen Richeal says:

    Hillary talks about voter suppression towards her but my husband and other Republican men were turned away from voting. Even though my husband did jury duty twice that year. He fought with them and they allowed him to vote. A month later, he received a letter saying his vote didn’t count. We registered to vote at the same time. Other men, we’re arguing but the only people there were all Democrats. This time Im going to ask for a Republican representative to be present.

  • Dolores Herrmann says:

    Bring on the voter ID. We should have had it in 2008 and maybe the country would be better than it was left in 2016. We all know who got to vote many times over and how crooked the election was. If you are denied voting and your vote is suppressed let the media all over the place be aware so they can shout election fraud (true media, not the Demo endorsers who wouldn’t let it be known).

  • Sarah E Meyers says:

    We need to stand up and fight – not just for fair elections and against voter fraud, but for equal justice in “our”government – we have allowed too many cover-ups, deep state, unelected “plants” within offices of Washington D.C., all benefiting themselves and the Democrat party, and Republican party, too. We get the government we deserve when we don’t take part to ensure these weasels understand they work for “us”
    ! We are always just one generation from losing our freedoms, like the great, President Ronald Reagan said.

  • Ronald says:

    Of course she didn’t mention the unbelievably lax laws Democrats in Calif passed legalizing ballot harvesting.

  • Rudolph koch says:

    so let me get this straight…according to Clinton, the democrats have already LOST the 2020 elections and now coming up with an excuse to why they lost?

  • RWF