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CNN Just Made a Disgusting Suggestion to Christians



When it comes to hurricanes and mass shootings, this is what CNN calls news.

The network home of liberals like Don Lemon is pushing a study of survivors of natural disasters that supposedly found self-identified atheists and agnostics would pay money to avoid someone, somewhere praying for them.

It’s a whole new front in Christian-bashing — with a little gun control sleight-of-hand thrown in.

CNN’s report, headlined “Not everybody wants thoughts and prayers after a disaster, according to a study of hurricane survivors,” focused on a study of about 400 North Carolina residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in 2018.

And if that title was too subtle, the article’s first two paragraphs push the suggestion that Christians should keep their prayers to themselves.

“Thinking of sending your ‘thoughts and prayers’ to those affected by tragedy or a natural disaster?” the story asks. “Well, not everyone wants them.”

Published Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study was co-authored by Linda Thunström, an economist at the University of Wyoming.

“The idea came from the mere observation of how frequently these gestures are used … and yet how controversial they seem to be, as shown by the heated debate in the US about the value of thoughts and prayers in the wake of disasters,” Thunström told CNN.

“As a result, we wanted to find out how people actually value these frequently used gestures,” she said.

The study’s methodology was ludicrously complicated and obviously manufactured — thoughts and prayers are inherently immune to measurement, or even to objective confirmation that they’ve taken place.

But in a nutshell it found that Christians valued thoughts and prayers from strangers. Not a huge surprise there.

It also found that nonbelievers — atheists and agnostics — were “prayer averse,” to the point where they would pay token money to avoid prayers from strangers, even priests.

It sounds like a variation on the old “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” question, and like that medieval debate, it has a hidden meaning.

Thunström’s quote gave the game away when it came to CNN’s real agenda. There’s really nothing controversial about “thoughts and prayers” in the wake of a natural disaster such as Florence.

But the gun-control crowd has made a very big deal in recent years about “thoughts and prayers” after mass shootings — and mocking Christians and other believers who offer them.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews — who appears to know as much about the law as he does about theology — even suggested outlawing “thoughts and prayers” after the 2018 bar shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. (He was probably being sarcastic.)

So, any academic study that mocks the power of prayer is one more weapon liberals can use in their public arguments to take away Americans’ God-given rights.

For CNN, the story must have looked perfect, but it might not have gotten the kind of response the “this is an apple” network was looking for.

That last one about “fake news” hits the mark.

When CNN chose to highlight this particular study, there was a reason for it — and for CNN it was a twofer.

Not only did the network get to bash Christians with a supposedly scientific study, but it also got in a jab at the Second Amendment — all under the guise of asking survivors of a natural disaster their feelings about the good wishes of their fellow Americans.

As is almost always the case with CNN, the “news” is just a vehicle to push a political argument.

And when it comes to hurricanes and mass shootings, this is what CNN considers “news.”

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  • Marty Zima says:

    I’ll keep praying until those people who do not want them, pay me to stop.

    • Dolores Herrmann says:

      Ok, Marty, let’s get together and stand on a corner. You pray and wait for donations for your prayers and I’ll ask for donations to NOT pray for them. Let’s see who gets the most.

  • Ted Skibinski says:

    Evil hates good…always tries to get rid of it .We will still pray for those in need.

    • Dragonfly43 says:

      I’d be thrilled to have anyone pray for me regardless of religious beliefs. CNN people should hope people would pray for them.

  • Andy says:

    Lol,,,I’ll pray for CNN,,it’s kind of funny the stuff they come up with, to try and take a stab at trump supporters or Christians!

  • stephen russell says:

    Chap 13 CNN, shut it down, fire all staffers, etc

  • Earl says:

    If atheist do not want prayers and good thoughts after a natural disaster, then they should just ignore them. With a number of victims let them figure out why they were spared.

  • Brian says:

    To atheists, to whom there is no God, what does it matter? They are just a persons’ thoughts and go nowhere. So is CNN saying the only thing atheists want after a disaster is money or free supplies? Everyone wants or needs both of those. It is all CNN hype, sold to anyone that still listens to and buys into what they are selling.

  • Marilyn says:

    CNN, you are totally disgusting. You may wish you had prayed or had someone praying for you. You will have Judgment Day and you may be condemned to hell.

  • Gerald O’Dell says:

    CNN is the epitome of self righteousness but they too will have their day of reckoning when the angels come blowing their horns. As I’ve tried to teach my children if the Bible is true, which side do you want to be on heaven or hell? I ain’t taking any chances, how about you?

  • Toni says:

    When every member of CNN is in the unemployment line and is so unpopular they cannot find a job no matter how hard they try … they might just wish they had someone who sent them Thoughts and Prayers!!!!!

  • Grumpy says:

    My question for that faggot Don Lemon, and everyone else at CNN, if you don’t believe in God… that’s fine. But why is it that when me, and a lot of other people in this country do believe in God, does it scare the hell out of you so bad?

  • Bonnie says:

    Have you ever noticed, or read about what those who are about to be killed do? They pray “God help me!” And when you read, or hear the survivor stories it’s very uplifting…many that even inspired movies. Anyone with any sense knows how little we know about our world and universe…so why would you say there’s no God who will answer your prayers. I know from experience that all is seen and known. Sincerely ask, and receive. Don’t let ignorant political darkness destroy the light!

    • RWM says:

      who said there’s no God? The Athiest aspect to this are non believers but CNN hasn’t proclaimed there is no God! Misuse of commentary again by the right. Don Lemon hasn’t attacked God? wow where you people get your stories from? Do you watch Lemon? If so, makes you a hypocrit. If not it makes you gullible.

  • PaulainSC says:

    Praying for those watching Calamity News Network

  • Stephen says:

    If they don’t want prayer when asked, all they have to do is say no. There are many more people who would relish prayer than those who don’t want it.

  • Flaglergal says:

    Okay, my prayers are for those who believe. If there’s an excess of prayers, please disregard them.

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    My question is why it’s an attack on just Christians? I’m Jewish and I pray for people every day.

  • RWM says:

    aas usual the right uses misleading words. What CNN and many others are saying is, after disasters like these, the government especially president needs to go beyond the old faithful Our prayers and sympathys go out to all who suffered as result of incident. What actually is meant is simply, how about some action? How about committing to changes in laws and extending powers of law to prevent as much or many of these incidents as possible,. NOT they don’t want the prayers. The right always does this. Misuse of words and changing the meanings. Why not the entire comment that led to the words they prefer to show only…It’s time to be aggressive and get to the root of horrific incidents.

  • Demetri says:

    There are MANY more Christians than heathens so pray all you wish, the heathens can enjoy the joys of hell.

  • RWM says:

    It’s about more than just thoughts and prayers is what that’s about. Thoughts and prayers are great but then how about action to assist those thoughts and prayers. Its time to put into play new ways of dealing with horrific incidents. All we hear is that phrase, our thoughts and prayers go out to??? OK then show those thoughts by implementing things, ideas to curb such disasters. But instead you all repeat the words over and over as though those are thoughts and prayers. Fix it and pray for it. We need action new ideas to curb gun violence. We need more input in how to deal with natural disasters. We need prayers to ask God for guidance and help dealing with any of these things. But we need to go beyond words asking for or giving thoughts and prayers. Wheres the new ideas and actual implementation of any kind of helpful ideas? We can’t pray then sit back to see what God will do. God wants us to pray but also to act on prayer and do something beyond thoughts and prayers!!!!

  • Red Devil 5th inf. says:

    So, liberal atheist refuse to acknowledge that people care about them in their time of distress? That’s really too bad, I’ll remember that next time I see them crying after they have lost everything.

  • Robert Wynn says:

    Christians are decent people this is something that liberals know nothing about (Decency).

  • Jamie says:

    Gee, I’ve been praying real hard for God to keep Don Lemon alive and safe. I guess I’ll stop.

  • Pj says:

    Don lemon, don’t worry no prayers coming your way. A pitiful little man with a little brain. Soulless.

  • McDonald says:

    Well to those who are offended by my thoughts and prayer they were not meant for you anyway.

  • Ronald Gunn says:

    Does this really surprise any one??

  • Teresa Baker-Carl says:

    When someone tells me not to pray for them because they don’t want or need them, I consider them as people who are blind and/or ignorant and take the resistance as a challenge to pray even more. Sorry Chris Matthew’s, but sarcasm or not, you’re on the prayer list.

  • Richard says:

    I pray for CNN’s moral rehabilitation and an end to its theophobic and anti-Christian bias.

  • Dutchuncle says:

    “some atheists and agnostics want to avoid them” Those are the ones we need to PRAY harder for, They are Lost Souls,,and LOST SOULS are usually the ones that SHOOT UP SCHOOLS>

  • Manny says:

    So that tells me that they believe that prayer does have power otherwise why would they want it to stop.🙏🏻

  • Mary says:

    Well, let’s see….we already know CNN and their avid fans hate babies. I bet they hate puppy dogs and kittens too. What a load of crap they like to toss around and call “news!!” That’s all.

  • Tom Cook says:

    Hmm if they are really willing to pay us to not pray for them, it might be a way for us to raise money.

  • AL says:

    If they don’t want/appreciate our thought or prayers during a time of disaster and “just” are not “strong” enough to ignore them then is it OK if we tell then to have a no good rotten terrible day. Maybe that would be more to their liking.

  • george peters says:

    i have to agree in a way here. thoughts and prayers do not help a person who has just lost everything they had.they do not build a new home, don’t bring back the dead, and they certainly don’t bring in people to help rebuild after such a terrific experience such as this or other disasters. keep them to yourselves, please.

  • O Kouba says:

    Who cares, Don Lemon is a moron and I think we the people know it and CNN is our enemy

  • Michael says:

    I can and I do Pray for everyone. Simple.
    As a Christian that is exactly what JESUS actually Commands me to do.
    There is (no yet) no Law that can stop me from Praying, sorry to say Democrats. OK.
    I Pray, right here and right now as follows :
    Please GOD, our Heavenly Father and Creator, in the Mighty Name of the GOOD Lord JESUS, please convict all at cnn and all Democrats to Repent of their Sins and to accept JESUS as their Lord and Saviour and King; amen. (lol).

  • Joe says:

    If you don’t want sympathy and best wishes after you’ve been through a disaster, go f yourself.

  • Alyn says:

    As CNN’s ratings continue their steep decline they may need some prayers in the end to stop them from totally collapsing.

  • RWF