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CNN, MSNBC Quickly Cut Away from Trump’s ‘Angel Family’ Event To Push Immigration Agenda



There wasn’t a whole lot new happening at our southern border on Friday, unless you count telling a slightly different version of the same old story we’ve been hearing for weeks now “new.” Meanwhile, at the White House, President Donald Trump was hosting an event for “Angel Families” — families that have lost a loved one to individuals who were in this country illegally.

Guess which one the media chose to focus on.

According to The Washington Times, both CNN and MSNBC cut away from the event to refocus their breathless attention on the “immigration crisis,” which was much the same as it was 24, 48 or 72 hours prior.

The event was designed to focus on “American victims of illegal immigration” and featured “families of people killed by illegal immigrants to tell their stories and hitting back at critics of his rescinded policy that separated illegal child migrants from their parents,” the Times reported.

“These are the American citizens permanently separated from their loved ones,” the president said during the White House event. “These are the families the media ignores. These are the stories that Democrats and people that are weak on immigration don’t want to discuss.”

“They’re not separated for a day, or two days,” he added. “They’re permanently separated, because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens.”

This, however, wasn’t what the media wanted to be talking about.

Instead of covering the full event, MSNBC cut away to a group discussion under the banner “families torn apart.” CNN, meanwhile, returned to a live shot outside a Texas facility where illegal immigrant minors were being held.

“Thousands of kids in limbo as Trump’s order sparks confusion,” their chyron read.

The breakaways provided one moment of truly macabre irony, however, involving CNN’s shocking lack of empathy and self-awareness involving one of the mothers at the event.

Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son — Mesa, Arizona, Police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza — in 2014 after an accident with an illegal alien whose blood alcohol was allegedly three times the legal limit.

“The mainstream media does not let you know what is really happening,” Mendoza said.

However, as they cut away from the event, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin actually had the gall to ask “why the parents were complaining about the news media’s lack of interest in their stories,” according to the Times.

In a perfect universe, that tone-deafness would get at least a tenth of the outrage that “womp womp” has generated. Instead, most of the people who work in newsrooms probably think the exact same way that Baldwin does.

Is it any wonder that the media is so out of touch with how America feels on everything, especially immigration?

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