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Collins Warns Nadler About Rules Of Conduct In Upcoming ‘Mock-Impeachment Inquiry’

WASHINGTON—House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins on Friday accused Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler of scheduling a “mock impeachment inquiry” of the president for Monday as opposed to a legitimate congressional oversight hearing.

The upcoming hearing titled “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes” is expected to include testimony from Watergate key witness John Dean along with other legal experts to drive the obstruction narrative for Democrats. However, former special counsel Robert Mueller will not be a witness. 

According to Collins, House Judiciary Democrats scheduled what appears to be an impeachment inquiry without officially launching an impeachment inquiry but have no plans to abide by long-standing House Rules. Collins reminded Nadler in a letter that outside an official impeachment inquiry, members are restricted from accusing the president of a crime.

Collins wrote in a letter to the chairman:

The fact you are attempting to make the case for starting an impeachment inquiry has no bearing on the applicability of the Rules. Outside of such an inquiry, Members are prohibited from accusing the President of a crime or alluding to potential impeachable offenses. Jefferson’s Manual further states:

Although wide latitude is permitted in debate on a proposition to impeach the President, Members must abstain from language personally offensive; and Members must abstain from comparisons to the personal conduct of sitting Members of the House or Senate. Furthermore, when impeachment is not the pending business on the floor, Members may not refer to evidence of alleged impeachable offenses by the President contained in a communication from an independent counsel pending before a House committee, although they may refer to the communication, itself, within the confines of proper decorum in debate, and may not otherwise suggest that the President has done something worthy of censure or impeachment.

“The Rules of the House dictate minimum standards of decency and decorum, setting forth how Members must conduct themselves during debate. However, Majority Members of the Committee have demonstrated they either do not understand the Rules or simply are under the mistaken belief the Rules do not apply to them,” he said.

Collins continued, “The core component of the Rules governing decorum is Members may not ‘engage in personalities’ with Members of Congress, Senators, or the President. Considering the topic of Monday’s hearing, I encourage all Members of the Judiciary Committee to read Jefferson’s Manual.”

Several Democratic members have already broken these rules of conduct. On May 8 at a committee hearing, Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell referred to President Trump as a “pathetic person.”

At the same committee hearing, Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin said the president “turned the government of the United States into a moneymaking operation” for himself and his family and further addressed remarks to the president stating, “you violate and undermine the laws of the United States.” Jefferson’s Manual, Collins wrote, indicates this statement was out of order.

Democratic Florida Rep. Val Demings was out of order at the same committee hearing, according to Collins, when she stated, “the President of the United States encouraged his associates to hide the truth, illegally suggested that he would pardon witnesses, and threatened them with retribution if they didn’t protect him.” She added, “In short the special counsel’s report shows a shocking story of corruption and obstruction.”

Collins said of Demings’ accusation, “Jefferson’s Manual states any suggestion of mendacity is out of order. This includes suggestions the President misrepresented the truth, attempted to obstruct justice, or encouraged others to perjure themselves.”

Nadler himself made disparaging remarks about the president during committee hearings, which Collins said were out of order.

At a May 21 committee hearing Nadler said in his opening statement the president is “putting himself and his allies above the law” and that the president “took it upon himself to intimidate a witness who has a legal obligation to be here today.”

Nadler made these comments in addition to saying that former federal prosecutors “have agreed that the -president committed crimes.”

“Outside of impeachment proceedings — which is clearly the case here — it is out of order for a Member of Congress, in debate, to engage in personalities with the President or express an opinion, even a third-party opinion, accusing the President of a crime. The Rules are clear on this point,” Collins wrote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Nadler have differed over when Democrats should begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. While Pelosi prefers a slower multi-committee investigative route, Nadler has continued to pressure the speaker to allow an impeachment inquiry.

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  • Al says:

    Nadler and the other long-time demonRATS need to be sent out of office. Term limits. These old roosters in congress do nothing, and it’s time to get them out of there.

  • diana says:

    if they already broke some laws then why haven’t they been charged ???

    • Mitchell Imberman says:

      Exactly! Where is justice for the victim and punishment for the crime?!

    • Paula Wiser says:

      Agree thy are just hunting rt now and twisting crap

    • Paula Wiser says:

      And Rep Eric swaltleck dude yesi mis spelled your name on purpose you are the worst pathetic looser there is .so dont sit there and call a President of usa tht . You and your lil bully dems are totally gonna not be voted in again so get your little audits ready judgement day will be coming soon to your treasonous lies on him and drama playing to keep slander going on him.

  • Gene says:

    Got to be amused at how the Democrats continue to cut their throats, that’s pure desperation in action. I can see where a lot of them will not be returning in 2020 once people see what is really going on when Barr get done with them.

    • Paula Wiser says:

      Yes and even the so called head of Democrat david c. Sd oh he has no problem with what nancy sd to put trump in prison..lord he is the head ..the hatred comes from him stirring them all up.

  • rob says:

    well, thank the Lord that someone has told them where to find the rules they should be following, since not one of them seems to know what their job is, how to do their job they were sent to do, when to concentrate on doing the things the constituents sent them there to do, etc. Not one dem seems to know the term decorum and what it means to have some respect for others. They are all spoiled mind-controlled a%^hats and I hope that they are all either not elected next term or better yet, they are all indicted for being blatant criminal idiots and thieves.

    • Paula Wiser says:

      100 percent agreed and schumer is up for re election and waters so we must get those 2 put then sed who is next ..i agree thy dont stop to hear the ppl say enough of all this drama .thy dont know how to act period .

  • Diana says:

    Telling you we the people must demand all these vile democratics that are causing all this dangerous behavior and trying to tear apart this Nation send in the Federal Marshals with warrants and arrest all involved prosecute most of them other fire and all benefits revoked including security clearance this way we get some of these criminals out of our government then start firing all those in White House in doj, fbi, nsa, epa, irs, and the other criminals in all departments that is what needs to be done and do it know Trump should have done it when he took office so do it NOW Immediately Prosecute most other Fired all banned for life of ever working in any part of government courts states then when that’s done get these corrupt politicians in states governor,mayor, judges, lawyers that are breaking the law of America the CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN any and all that try to twist, destroy, change, Infringe or distort our Constitution as Written in anyway is a Traitor Treasonist

    • Paula Wiser says:


    • casale says:

      I totally agree with you . We have put up with the Democrats Shit for too long . They do not follow the Constitution and laws of our country . They have messed up everything we stand for and our beliefs in our Legally elected President. They have elected illegal foreign representatives to serve as senators who are here to destroy our legal system and country .We need to be clear and stand behnd our elected officials who are trying there best to create peace in Our Country . Democrats have caused great division including George Soros !

  • SoCal Lady says:

    ALL I Can say is DECLASS Every documents and Let the heads roll!

    • Paula Wiser says:

      Yes and look at hillary, obama, waters, cummings and rest of Democrat congress how have thy gained over millions of dollars, mansions ,homes ,organizations that prob illegal while sitting in congress working for us .

  • SusanP says:

    It is time to start impeachment hearings against NADLER, not the President of the United States. Nadler’s behavior in Congress is totally unacceptable!

    • Paula Wiser says:

      Oh dont forgt the chicken eating freak .and cummings,waters accusations to president and thy both hv illegal issues .none of them should have any dealings in any type of fraud, theft, crimes nothg . But if investigated thy sure will

    • sandyj says:

      And I’m thinking Nadler’s behavior outside the office is reprehensible, also…i.e., cavorting on the beach! Dems need to get to work on something that will benefit We, the People!

  • WhisperingPine says:

    Declass of EVERYTHING is coming, however remember they will stir more lies and stories before it’s all over, and create more FF and use Veterans, Military etc to make the Keep America Great Movement look bad, but there time is coming to an end and what a sweet victory it will be for them to ALL finally be charged for their crimes !!!

  • RebNcity says:

    Nothing will happen because the Repubs have NO balls !#

    • fred H SMITH says:

      ha ha ha you are about to see how big their balls are ,,,,,,,the democrat party is going o implode into a million particles,,,,,,there wont even be any dust when this is over,,TRUMP 2020

    • Paula Wiser says:

      i really think trump does ! he and barr are going to surprise alot in a month i bet thy are tht type u sit and wait to see when dems lest expect boom

  • Duane Pettengill says:

    Somebody needs to ask the Dems themselves about making money out of working for the government over the years they have been in office. You don’t become a millionaire on a $194,000 a year salary. They are the ones that need to be prosecuted. How much more evidence do you need on Hillary and Obama being corrupt from lining there pockets from deals involving other governments. Where is the so called proof that Trump has?

  • SJ says:

    And what makes you think he will follow the rules???? Rules don’t apply to the dems.

  • Cindy says:

    The Dems have broken every law on the books, Constitutional and Christian, from getting elected to performing their jobs. Not a one of them is up there to help any American but themselves, and they have all made that abundantly clear. Anybody that falls for their extremely obvious lies and flip-flopping back-pedaling, their calls for hate and violence, their condoning of murder of innocents, their blatant defiance of and efforts to demolish the Constitution of the US, is clearly not intelligent enough or mentally stable enough to vote, and that is evidenced by the behavior of their voters, and most of them, out in the public eye. It’s time REAL Americans took a stand and vote every single Democrat out of office until that party can get itself put back together and weed out it’s non-patriots and it’s mentally ill members.

  • RWF