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Conway Smacks Acosta Upside the Head With Mueller Report After He Goes on Attack

The mainstream media was roiling Thursday after the full, redacted Mueller Report was released, showing no criminal conduct on the part of President Trump.

Liberal journalists were scrambling to find things in the report that make the president look bad and were still clinging to the hope that there were still some grounds for impeachment.

They went into attack mode when Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway spoke with them at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

“[This is] really the best day since he got elected,” she told reporters as she approached the microphones.

“So, Kellyanne, how is this a medical exam when the president still wasn’t cleared on obstruction?” a member of the press demanded, making reference to a previous comment.

“I call this a political proctology exam,” Conway corrected her. “Actually, the attorney general and the deputy attorney general in the original four-page memo said that they found no basis for obstruction. You know he’s been cleared.”

And then Conway went for the jugular.

“Look, this is the Mueller Report, the Mueller investigation. Mueller’s team helped with the redactions, so all of you who have been talking about how wonderful the Mueller team was and how important it was to protect Mueller, how important it was to protect the investigation, how important it was to protect the deputy attorney general — that report makes very clear that this White House and this president and none of us got in their way,” she slashed at them.

“Never interfered, never refused to reply with the requests,” she continued, speaking against the media’s continued claims of obstruction after their Russia collusion narrative fell flat. “Lots of people went over there and testified. Many documents produced.”

“The Department of Justice made very clear that every request that they issued was actually responded to and fulfilled,” Conway added. “That should make people feel very good about democracy and should make them feel great that a campaign that I managed to a successful end did not collude with any Russians.”

And then she launched a true zinger.

“We’re accepting apologies today, too, for anyone who feels the grace in offering them.”

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. And the barbs kept flying.

“There was no collusion and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any Russians,” she said. “When I needed to find negative information about Hillary Clinton and how to beat her, I looked no further than Hillary Clinton.”

And then CNN’s Jim Acosta opened his mouth.

“There were moments mentioned in the Mueller report where there were contacts between the Trump campaign, Trump associates, and Russian operatives,” he began. “What happened after that is we got some false information about those contacts from the campaign, from people at the White House, from the press secretary, and so on.”

“Is there a question in there?” Conway shot back.

“The question is, is there any regret for passing on false information to explain some of these contacts…?” Acosta asked.

“About whom are you speaking?” Conway replied. “Because I’ve yet to meet some of these people, and I was a campaign manager. I’ve never met Carter Page. I don’t think I’ve met George Papadopoulos — maybe I have.”

“Total exoneration from that, Jim,” she added after Acosta started mentioning a Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort.

She then called out the mainstream media for spreading rumors and falsehoods, saying, “You conjectured about it for two years, and it’s not true.”

“You’re just going to have to move on,” Conway told CNN. “We’ve got to be honest with the American people.”

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  • coachpan says:

    Hope she shuts her husband up just as good!

    • Arbie Viau says:

      She probably has shut her husband up, she’s too nice. I’d have an urge to slap him & some of those fake news reporters, too nice!!! I wonder how DemoncRATS sleep at night!

    • A says:

      I’ll bet Georgie Porgie gets shutdown more than people ever know.

  • ron mahaffey says:

    Jim Acosta mist have pictures of people at CNN in order for them to keep this moron on their staff. He is one of the worst news media persons I have ever seen. I took journalism in high school and no more about how you present facts and ask pertinent questions than ACOSTA…..HE IS A REAL JOKE. THESE SO CALLED JOURNALISTS TODAY ARE POLITICAL HACKS NOT JOURNALISTS…THEY COULDN’T EVEN GET THE SCORE OF A BALLGAME STRAIGHT IF YOU TOLD THEM WHAT HAPPENED FOR 9 INNINGS.

  • Tracey Schaefer says:

    The double standards and fake news, I am glad that finally Trump was cleared, which incidentally we all knew along! Also if this crap doesn’t stop I think that we need to start an investigation on the Democrats, now that is where the fun and sh would be exposed !

  • A says:

    Acosta is a typical demonRAT. He never shuts up with his incoherent rattling.

  • Greg Mikulka says:

    Kellyanne is awesome…kicked Jim Acosta in his vagina & finishing him off with a b!t¢hslap to the face…I have nothing against fair, tough & honest reporting, but when you’re a partisan hack that looks to destroy a person out of pure hate & contempt, you have no integrity nor credibility to serve the people who rely on the truth to make informed & proper decisions without prejudice…any member of the media or press corps who willfully participated in unlawful slander, defamation, collusion with any politician to push a bogus narrative, needs to be removed from their position & charges filed against them for the heinous acts of destroying people’s reputation in reckless disregard for their safety & the safety of their families (like antifa who go around beating people up with chains & clubs because of the lies the media is pushing)…not only against President Trump, but also anybody they falsely & knowingly put in danger, slandered, defamed & wrongfully targeted as an enemy of the people…like the Covington High School kids, MAGA supporters (that’s right, media…you pushed that narrative that MAGA supporters are some kind of bigoted hate group stirring up the animosity to create violence against them while turning a blind eye to your ANTFA pals) & many many others…if you media pukes had a conscience, you’d be ashamed of yourselves, but you’re evil like your father, the Devil, & his evil deeds you will do, also…
    God hates a lying tongue that seeks to destroy the righteous…you all are in deep 💩….If you think God was rough on Pharaoh, you just wait…Tic tock ⏰

  • Robin F Phillips says:

    As someone who has follows this from the beginning,why are the Clintons not in jail?

  • Marie says:

    The Republicans are working on putting some of them in jail, in Tandem with our great Attorney General! Some of the news media have been referred to the AG for investigation, as well as the bad cops in the FBI. Don’t know if they will get Hillary and Obama. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    At least they are all dead meat as far as the 2020 election goes! HOORAY!

  • RWF