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Delivery Man Hears Faint Voice Behind Door, Knows 88-Year-Old Woman Inside Needs Help

A quick-thinking Palomar Mountain Water delivery man came to the rescue on Monday when he noticed that something wasn’t right at one of his usual stops.

Marco Perea, 25, was making a delivery to one of his favorite customers, 88-year old Barbara White-Minischi, when he discovered that she was in distress inside her apartment in Escondido, California.

Such an amazing reunion!! Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water man Marco Perea saved 88-year-old Barbara’s life. She…

Posted by Abbie Alford on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Inside Edition reported that Marco often announces his delivery by shouting, “This is Marco!” waiting for Barbara to reply, “Polo!” However, on Monday, Marco heard nothing, followed by a weak and muffled response from inside the apartment.

“I realized there was something wrong,” Perea told KNSD.

“When I heard his voice I was laying on the floor,” Barbara said. “I said, ‘Marco, get in here!’”

Perea tried to get into the apartment, but the door was locked and Barbara was immobile and in pain. He hurried to get help and called the police.

The elderly woman had fallen at some point during the day on Sunday. Disoriented and hurting, she waited alone for hours, and had likely been in the same spot on the floor until Perea’s arrival the following afternoon.

After calling 911, Perea waited with Barbara from outside the apartment to help her stay calm until the fire department arrived to rescue her.

Barbara was taken to the hospital where she was treated for bumps and bruises. Thankfully, nothing was broken.

Her granddaughter, Carrie White, told KFMB how grateful they were that Perea had been there.

“It is rare to find someone that genuine,” she said.

Barbara and Perea were reunited Wednesday after she returned home.

“He was a lifesaver,” Barbara said, calling him her “hero.”

“No, I don’t think I’m a hero,” Perea said, humbly. “I just happened to be there at the right time, you know, and I like helping.”

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