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Doorbell Cam Catches Heartwarming Exchange Between Homeowner & Firefighter Battling Wildfires

In the midst of one of the most tragic fire seasons in California, a small heartwarming moment caught on a doorbell camera reminds us all of how much firefighters care for those they serve.

The Holy Fire is one of 18 fires burning the western state, according to NBC 4.

Among those 18 fires is the Mendocino Complex which was recently deemed the largest fire in California’s history.

Since the fire started, the Holy Fire has burned close to 23K acres of land and consumed 18 single family residences according to Cal Fire. Luckily authorities were able to issue evacuations in enough time to save the people living inside of those homes.

Holy fire over Lake Elsinore.

Posted by Bill Patton on Thursday, August 9, 2018

As those in the western United States know so well, fire is no joke especially when the land is so desperate for rain.

Wildland firefighters have the courageous job of trying to contain these out-of-control situations and help make sure as little damage is made as possible. They spend weeks away from their families, spending many nights on the forest floor to serve others. They need our prayers more than many realize.

One moment caught on a doorbell camera shows just how much those firefighters care about the people they are serving.

For families who are displaced during a fire, it can be an extremely anxious waiting game. They have no idea if their home will be touched by the fire or if they will return as if nothing had happened.

The same was true for Frank Grosso and his family as they waited out the fire in a relative’s home a little farther west, but when his doorbell rang his worries were eased.

A firefighter, later identified as Captain Greg Adams, was standing on his front porch to make sure everyone was safe. Grosso was not there to answer in person, but thanks to his high tech doorbell he was able to answer through the speaker.

“We’re going to hang out here a little while longer before we move on, but your house is safe,” Capt. Adams said. He later went to detail sharing that Grosso’s backyard and fence had been scorched, but the house itself was in perfect condition.

Grosso was thankful for the assurance, but then Capt. Adams showed just how much he cares for those he serves. The fire captain asked, “Are you guys doing okay wherever you’re at?”

The Corona homeowner confirmed that they, along with their furry friends, were in fact safe. He then went on to continue to express his heartfelt gratitude to those who were actively working to save his home and the others surrounding it.

Grosso uploaded the sweet exchange on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

Capt. Adams even shared the story on his Facebook profile, confirming how humble this real-life hero is. “Glad this family is safe and their home is standing, I am proud to protect and serve all of you whenever you need,” he wrote.

With fires like the Mendocino Complex and the Carr Fire still blazing, this small, sweet moment is such a great reminder that heroes do exist, firefighters like Captain Adam and his colleagues serve as proof.

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