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Former CNN Anchor Smothers Network’s Attack on Trump Administration in One Sentence

CNN Politics on Twitter thought they had a solid jab at President Donald Trump and his administration.

With former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman’s spat with President Trump in the news, CNN thought it would point out that there are no black people on the senior White House staff.

“President Donald Trump has no black people in the senior White House staff,” posted CNN Politics.

CNN thought a good toot of the diversity horn would really put the White House in its place. Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien called out CNN for their hypocrisy, however.

“Very terrible! But, uh, walk me through the senior black staff at CNN Politics or CNN or, hey, I’ll take cable news…” wrote O’Brien.

As you can see, CNN’s leadership staff is whiter than a fresh dusting of snow on Christmas morning.

If there ever was a case of the pot calling the kettle black (or white, in this case), look no further than CNN’s hypocritical diversity tweet.

CNN still seems to be stuck on the racial status of the White House.

Former President George W. Bush staffer and current Trump supporter Paris Dennard called out CNNfor their accusations that the Trump administration does not have enough people of color on staff.

CNN’s Bakari Sellers said that no African-Americans or blacks are currently working in the White House on CNN’s “New Day” segment on Monday. Dennard immediately chimed in to dispute his claim.

“Bakari, this isn’t your party and this is not the president you support, so I know exactly who is in the White House. I’m there on a regular basis,” Dennard responded.

“Who is there then?” Sellers asked.

Watch it all unfold in the video below.

Dennard responded saying he could name several black members of the White House team as the debate started to fall apart, with interruptions from almost everyone in the panel.

“I will name several of them in the White House,” Dennard replied. “Do you want me to list them? Do you want me to go down the line? No, you don’t.”

“You’re going to wrap up the time because this is not important to you. Because you want to peddle the lies of Bakari Sellers and others.”

“No one is peddling lies here,” responded host John Berman. “We gave you your chance to list these people who work in the administration.”

“We thank you, as always for being with us,” Berman concluded before giving Dennard a chance to respond.

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  • wolfen244 says:

    How many white people did the Gay Ayatollah Obama have in his staff?

  • Bob says:

    I would not watch CNN on a dare! They don’t know how to report news but they know how to make news!

  • pete says:

    They had one and Look what she did.

  • kerenny1 says:

    The only channel with the black conservatives view point is CRTV, and I absolutely LOVE the way they smash CNN and their racist stereotyping of how Black America should feel and how they should vote. Deneen Borelli makes them all look sick…. The new wave of Black pundits is coming to town and it shatters all the stereotypes that the left prefers, to keep all minorities in a victim status, The JIG IS UP!!!

  • jc says:

    DEMOCRATS for TRUMP in 2016 and again in 2020

  • RWF