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Fox News Hosts Criticized, Mocked Trump During Advertiser Meeting



A new report about the relationship between President Donald Trump and Fox News alleges that hosts Chris Wallace and Martha MacCallum criticized and mocked Trump during a closed-door meeting last month.

Fox News hosts Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and Martha MacCallum attended an event in Manhattan to assure advertisers that “Trump doesn’t own” them, according to a piece published Sunday in the New York Times.

The Times report continues:

“‘Contrary to the opinion of some people, he’s not our boss,’ Ms. MacCallum said, marveling at Mr. Trump’s criticism of Fox News for airing interviews with Democratic presidential candidates. ‘It is kind of shocking to hear that he really — that’s the way he thinks about how we should cover the election.’

Mr. Wallace joked about the president’s tendency to compare him unfavorably to his father, the ’60 Minutes’ legend Mike Wallace, who died in 2012. ‘He often likes to say about me, ‘You know, I was covered by Mike Wallace, I liked him much more,’” Mr. Wallace told the advertisers. ‘To which my reaction is always: One of us has a daddy problem, and it’s not me.’”

This report comes as another rift has apparently taken place between Trump and the network.

The president reportedly has a good relationship with the weeknight opinion hosts such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, but he has repeatedly taken issue with some of the daytime news hosts for what he sees as unfair coverage or criticism.

Earlier in October, clashes between Trump and Fox ensued after the network released a poll that showed 51 percent of Americans want Trump impeached and removed from office.

Trump responded by saying that Fox News pollsters “suck” and that Fox is “much different than it used to be in the good old days.”

The Trump 2020 campaign also said that the poll belonged in the “garbage” due to its alleged oversampling of Democrats.

A version of this story appears on the Daily Caller website.

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  • Adna says:

    They are who they are, Liberal and every chance to get in a dig at Trump, they will. Many I know and myself including are tuning them out.

  • Mark says:

    Polls are crooked and only shows what they want not the truth

  • Ronnie says:

    I don’t watch Chris Wallace and change the channel if he’s on. It’s like watching CNN. If Fox News is trying to go more left to gain left viewership, they’re going to loose more than that from the right.

    • CharlieSeattle says:


      Losing market share by slanting coverage left is not the issue.

      Removing the last vestige of patriotic coverage from FOX is the goal.

  • Tbear says:

    Just want them to stop their anti-Trump bias! Their bias does show in their so called “REPORTING” the “NEWS”!

  • Evangeline says:

    Fox used to be my news channel. I don’t like it any more.

  • Joe says:

    Fox should also get rid of Juan Williams and Donna Brazil.

    • Arbie Viau says:

      Absolutely right, also Paul Ryan was just hired on the Fox Board of Directors, and is a RINO traitor and is being paid by Soros (validated).

    • Daniel Brofford says:

      I cannot stand Juan but I can tolerate him more than Brazil. I can’t stand the way that moron talks.

  • J rivero says:

    OAN for your news now!! Fox has went rogue with a few hosts, shame on Martha McCollum.

  • Arbie Viau says:

    MacCallum, Bret Baer, and Chris Wallace peas in a pod! I totally agree with President Trump, I don’t and won’t watch all 3, they are liberal jerks that have no respect for the office of the president of the United States. Whether they like it or not, a “good” journalist would not mock that “Office” because it’s totally unprofessional. I love the way Trump handles himself, he won’t let YOU or anyone stomp on him or the “Office”, no respectful person except ignorant liberals will do that. We the people have had enough attacks on the only man in that office since President Reagan, that has earned respect, whether you like him or not, he is the only president that has the best interest in America and her people. Fox, you are losing your “customers” because you all are not “fair and balanced” anymore.

  • Curt says:

    When will Trump Patriots learn that Fox is not the old Fox. Fox is owned and operated by Anti-Trumpers. Today Fox is just like CNN and PMSNBC as well as the other liberal medias. President Trump would do well not to turn his back on them.

  • Richard M Sanderson says:

    Good to know that Fox has lately been showing some testicular fortitude in coming to the realization that Trump is not as wonderful as they – and he, himself – thought. It is past time that Trumpers wake up to the truth of just who Donald really is – unfit for office. As a registered Independent, his latest despicable move of abandoning our allies was the final insult. He is finished.

    • Terry Bowman says:

      Except for the Democrats in Congress with their severe TDS and not accepting the results of the 2016 Election (which threatens our democracy/republic), our Country is doing REAL GOOD!

      So in other words, you are full of it!

    • Aline says:

      richard whatever…you’re an idiot!

    • Joseph says:

      You would rather have “Our” soldiers over there getting killed? Since when does anyone care about our “allies” at the expense of our soldiers? Time to get out of these forever wars, and let them fight their own battles. We can assist as needed..When was the last time you watched these dead soldiers come home in caskets, and their families distraught? Go away and realize he is not finished. If anything, he has gained new supporters…It’s amazing how all these anti war liberals are suddenly pro war and concerned about our allies. F them. Bring the boys home..

    • Steve says:

      LOL… Hey Richard – We Appreciate ALL YOU LIBTARD SOCIALISTS Efforts In Guaranteeing The Greatest Landslide Victory Coming In History >> To Re-elect Our Great President Trump…!! You Guys Are Great…!! #KAGA2020…!!

    • Timothy McMahon says:

      Trump is fighting the war without risking our Soldier’s lives instead he is using Economic policy. Unfortunately, the deep state wants war and doesn’t care about lives. See this article for more info.

  • Jim T says:

    A poll consisting of 1003 people is hardly a real-time “how the American feel” poll. Polls seem to be a major waste of time and money. They can be manipulated as well.

  • William Conley says:

    Because a poll of around a thousand people 48% was Democrats if I recall correctly. There was like 4% independent maybe higher more around 11%. So you created a poll with a majority of Trump haters and barely and Independents, and tried to pass it off as legitimate. Why not do this poll 100% Independent voters then place those poll statistics up. That would be a more realistic view on the country as a whole of course I they don’t want accuracy they have an agenda to further.

  • ALSCV says:

    Trump is right the Fox poll is incorrect, biased and slanted. I am surprised at Martha. I will consider not watching her anymore. All the attendants at Trump rallies speaks for them selves and disproves Fox poll.

  • says:

    POTUS is correct, since the “boys” took over the shift left is sickening. We don’t need another Communist News Network. Wallace used to toTRY to seem middle of the road, but, like his old man he is so in the tank for the Demorats it is nauseating. I refuse to watch that cretin. Hope he goes the way of Shepard Smith. One American News is our future.

  • John Hull says:

    Ever since Rupert Murdoch stepped down and turned over day to day operations to his left wing offspring, things have been going down hill at Fox. Fox has been on top for a long time, which translates to huge profits. If they want to risk all that, they’ll continue the lurch to the left, continuing to piss off the people on the right who put them on top.

  • Sarah says:

    Fox News: “Don’t forget who brung ya!” We the people put you where you are and we can tune you out just as easily! So glad Shep left! Best thing about FNN is Tucker Carlston imo!

  • Dan says:

    Trump is right about the poll and where it belongs. Gutfeld shredded its results on live air.

  • Larry says:

    Fox knew who they were sending to the advertisers. With Smith gone, things are a little better. With the others, you have to be careful what you believe.

  • Caroline Sharpe says:

    I’m a little surprised about Martha MacCallum! She has seemed like she really liked President Trump and to hear that about what she said, is disheartening. On the other hand, Chris Wallace Is filled with Democratic vomit!

  • SusieQue says:


  • Bill says:

    Fox is owned by ABC, that’s why it has gone left. ABC is part of the swamp and the swamp wants TOTAL control of the media. Eventually, I don’t see us having any conservative news network as they will all be bought out…….that’s the left’s goal.

  • Daniel Brofford says:

    That’s what people on the left do when they cannot keep up with the facts. Trump is smarter then all of them combined. Trump plays chess when they play checkers.

  • Joanna says:

    The democrat hacks that the Fox News has on are making me watch Fox less and less.

  • Roma says:

    Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith and a few other hosts are as biased and opinionated on air as CNN AND MSNBC when it comes to the President. That isn’t reporting or journalism, it is editorializing where an opinion is given. True reporting is objective and doesn’t take sides. Since Rupert Murdock died and his children took over the reins at FOX a more Leftist slant has taken over. The children, raised in Europe, are more Left in vision. It was predicted that they would take the station to the Left.
    Advertisers are most interested in the opinions of the viewers, not the program hosts. It’s the viewers who make up the ratings numbers.

  • Goodforall says:

    Cant stand to even watch that nerd Chris Wallace. He is an avowed Trump hater. I am afraid FOX is going the way of CNN. Thats why I no longer watch them.

  • RWF