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Hillary Clinton Swipes At Trump AGAIN, Compares President To Turkish Authoritarian Erdogan



Failed Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton tore into President Donald Trump again on Monday during a speech at Oxford University, warning students that “intellectual elites” had underestimated the power of populism, and comparing the American president to the increasingly despotic Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to the Daily Mail, Clinton told the audience that “populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. Now, there are many other lessons like this,” she said, including “my personal experience with winning three million more votes but still losing.”

Trump, of course, bested Clinton in the Electoral College — the only contest that matters when counting votes for the presidency — after Clinton’s team failed to believe polls showing Clinton’s lack of popularity in Rust Belt states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

She went on, however, to compare Trump to Erdogan, who won a hotly-contested election in Turkey over the weekend after spending his first term greatly expanding his executive powers and cracking down on individual freedoms, to the degree that he is now considered an “authoritarian” leader of the country.

Erdogen, the Daily Mail reports, has jailed more than 160,000 political opponents, including journalists. Although Trump is often criticized for his treatment of members of the mainstream media, he has yet to jail a single political opponent.

Regardless, Clinton drew a direct line between Erdogan and Trump. “Turkey also shows that political and intellectual elites, both inside the country and around the world, persistently underestimate the threat which these kinds of leaders pose to the survival of democratic institutions,” Clinton said. “We are in the midst of a global struggle between liberal democracy and a rising tide of illiberalism.”

Apparently, Clinton believes she is on the forefront of that fight for democracy.

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  • SoCal Lady says:


  • Ray says:

    Stick your head back up your A$$ Hill’s AND JUST GO AWAY! Truth is……NOBODY GIVES A RATS A$$ ABOUT YOUR PATHETIC, LOSER SELF!

  • Randy Sieg says:

    Crooked Hillary is a sociopath, a psychopath and probably the most disliked woman in America, she toured America on an incredible “Anybody But Me Blame Tour”… she has no conscience or moral compass, is a confirmed LIAR and shows herself to be mentally unhinged. In the Democratic Primaries, along with DNC collusion she used voter fraud, voter suppression, media bias & blackouts. Crooked Hillary fixed primaries as well as the convention and had a whole “Clinton Mafia” working every angle possible to deceive, twist and lie… the democratic process in America became a bad joke… Voters did not support Crooked Hillary… she got 4 people killed in Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation is just a wholly corrupt money laundering operation, she defamed the women who accused her husband Bill of sexual assault and she mishandled classified information… She sold out 20% America uranium for personal greed… Bill Clinton is responsible for so much, his perversions, graft and crime have made it seem that this way of life is acceptable… IT IS NOT … both Sleazy Bill and Crooked Hillary are deceitful, evil & shameless… the only way to shut them up is to bring them to justice for their many crimes against America and humanity… Comey was just another link in the Clinton Mafia… LOCK THEM UP… DRAIN THE SWAMP MR. PRESIDENT…

  • Tina Carlson says:

    I can’t believe she can show her face,in public, much less criticize, or give her opinion on anything!! She has been proven to be a lying,stealing,corrupt, worthless witch!! Should be in prison!! Now if we were Democrats we would be out making threats against her, and anyone that supports her! She wouldn’t be allowed to go about her life, without someone screaming threats at her!! She deserves that, but we don’t do that!

  • RWF