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Hollywood Veteran David Lynch: Trump Could Be ‘One Of The Greatest Presidents In History’



Hollywood veteran David Lynch, the famous creator of “Twin Peaks” and director of “The Elephant Man,” made a shocking declaration about President Trump over the weekend — the kind of declaration that gets people blacklisted.

Speaking to The Guardian over the weekend, the director said that President Trump “could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted the thing so much.”

While David Lynch supported Bernie Sanders during the primary and voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the 2016 election, he admits that Trump may have been the right choice.

“I am not really a political person, but I really like the freedom to do what you want to do,” Lynch said. “[Trump] could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted the thing so much. No one is able to counter this guy in an intelligent way.”

David Lynch praised Trump’s ability to get things done.

“Our so-called leaders can’t take the country forward, can’t get anything done,” he added. “Like children, they are. Trump has shown all this.”

David Lynch has voiced a variety of political opinions throughout his career. Though he endorsed Barack Obama in 2012, he has praised Ronald Reagan’s libertarian philosophy. He now identifies as a Democrat.

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  • Nolan Raborn says:

    I wish Mr. Lynch would rethink that “Identifying as a Democrat” statement. The Democrats, while always being too close to the Communists, remember FDR and his Uncle Joe associations? But the Democratic party of today is dead set on destroying everything that has always been great about America. For whatever reason would they ever have elected someone like the muslim Barack Hussein Obama?

  • Susan Triplett says:

    He is right about no one else gets things done. They are like school children in a playground, they fight over silly things. One child is playing with one toy and another child picks up something else and that one child who was perfectly happy earlier, now wants the other toy and gets mad and tries to steal the new child’s toy. Jealousy, distrust, corruption, anger, all the things that politicians are known to have created in there own little bitter world. Trump is not a politician and I think he is trying to replace many of the people in his cabinet with unbiased and non-political members, clean the swamp. It might take him 4 years, but more power to him. I too was going to vote for Bernie, not the best choice, but Hillary was a snake through and through. Her snake venom came out at the Democratic Convention and right there I decided to give my time to Trump. No more cheating and Corruption. That party is doomed.

  • Gerald Cline says:

    Frankly, Donald Trump has done more positive things for the United States of America in a year and a half then his four predecessors did in their accumulated twenty-eight years in office. Ronald Reagan may have done more in his eight years, but not in his first year and a half.

  • Wonderful‼️And this is the whole truth‼️Nobody can deny this fact‼️
    I wish you all the very best for a bright future for you, and for America 👍🏽👍🏽

  • RWF