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HOW DARE HE: Media Outlet Knocks Trump For Offering Fast Food Instead Of Local Catering To Clemson



President Donald Trump’s simple gesture of buying fast food for national college football champions the Clemson Tigers has really highlighted the left-wing media’s hate and fascination with him.

We all know that if President Barack Obama had done this, he would have been praised for being so down to earth and spending his own money on the team. But because Trump is a Republican, the media must find fault in everything it can.

First came the “fact checks,” where Trump was checked on how much he paid for the food, how many burgers he actually bought, and whether the food was really stacked “a mile high.”

Now, the Daily Beast has taken things a step further, by knocking Trump for ordering fast food – which Clemson’s quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, praised – instead of paying a local Washington, D.C. restaurant to cater.

“But for local D.C. restaurants or caterers, it was a lost opportunity, made all the more bitter by the fact that their bottom lines have suffered since the government shutdown weeks ago. Instead of giving some local establishments some presidential-level exposure, Trump lavished praise and attention on the biggest fast food corporations in the world,” the Beast wrote.

The outlet then quoted the president and CEO of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, Kathy E. Hollinger, lamenting Trump’s snub of local eateries.

“This is a precarious time for local restaurants because they have been negatively impacted by the shutdown with restaurants reporting a decrease in sales up to 60 percent,” Hollinger told the Beast. “Local restaurants are feeling frustrated and scared for the viability of their business as this shutdown continues and would likely appreciate support and a boost as some have had to reduce hours and are struggling to meet payroll.”

Trump really doesn’t eat out that often, and when he does, he eats at his own hotels. As the Beast notes, restaurants visited by past presidents have had “major boosts” from the visits. It’s unlikely that would be the case with anyone who agreed to cater a Trump event.

Just remember that CNN looked into the background of a random internet user who made a gif that Trump retweeted. He had his life turned upside down and was threatened with exposure if he talked. Remember Memories Pizza? A random Indiana restaurant owned by a Christian who was asked by an agenda-driven journalist if he espoused Christian beliefs, which he did, and then received death threats for his religious beliefs that in no way affected his business.

Can you imagine what the media would do to a business that agreed to accept Trump’s personal money to cater an event he hosted? The business would likely suffer thanks to deranged anti-Trump activists screeching and protesting outside, sending death threats, and demanding a boycott lest any patron be called a bigot. The left-wing media would happily write up their side of the story (and right-leaning media would give them attention by making fun of them) and probably look into anything they could find – such as a past health-code violation or arrest – to use against the establishment.

As with all things Trump, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

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  • Eddie Reynolds says:

    Can you imagine what the liberal whackos would say if President Trump ordered food from that Christian restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A ? Lord have mercy we’d never hear the end of it ! I’d like to offer a prayer at this point…Jesus, if it’s all the same with you could you please stop allowing liberals to reproduce. We’re having a really tough time with the ones that are already here. Amen

  • fred says:

    his choicde,, person allyh paid for it,,no govt. funds used,, his perogoitive

  • fred says:

    and the “local Caterers ” would have charged about 10 times more than the fast food restraint that supplied the meal

  • RWF