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It Now Appears Fox News’ Trump Poll Was Set Up in Such a Way That Trump Could Never Win



Was a much-ballyhooed Fox News poll that showed a majority of voters in favor of impeaching the president a rigged survey? That’s what some are claiming after looking at the sample size.

If you’re the type who pays attention to politics or decided to tune in thanks to the impeachment ruckus, you’ve probably seen the poll. It was the clearest sign yet that the president is in political trouble with the American people: 51 percent of respondents said they were in favor of impeaching and removing President Donald Trump over the Ukraine scandal.

Another 4 percent wanted him impeached but not removed, because apparently there’s nothing like a national soap opera without consequence. (Of course, this is how any form of impeachment will likely end — given the facts we know, the politicized nature of the charges and the composition of the Senate.)

Forty percent, meanwhile, didn’t want him impeached at all.

President Trump, who has stepped up his criticism of Fox News in recent months, was none too happy about the poll — although one wonders if part of the issue had to do with the glee with which the media reported it.

“On Thursday morning, Mr. Trump lashed out at Fox News over a poll it commissioned on attitudes toward the impeachment inquiry,” The New York Times reported, noting a tweet from the president that read, “I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews Poll. Whoever their Pollster is, they suck.”

The Daily Beast also took great joy in pointing out some Fox News personalities had similar issues with their network’s own poll.

The article’s headline, “Fox News Host Slams Fox Poll Showing Most Americans Approve Impeachment,” appeared below the words “Doesn’t Count.”

“Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on Thursday blasted his network’s most recent poll finding a majority of registered voters want President Donald Trump impeached and removed from office over the Ukraine scandal, claiming it was unfairly biased towards Democrats and that ‘these polls have been known to be wrong,’” the article began.

Oh, the old “fake news” gambit! Those Fox News agitprop flunkies. They can’t even accept reality even if it comes from their own network!

Except Gutfeld’s criticism of the poll was totally legitimate.

“I’ve been seeing this poll everywhere and I know it’s a Fox News poll but we got to point out that it’s weighted toward Democrats,” Gutfeld said.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s 48 percent Democrats, 40 percent Republicans, 12 percent other. So it’s weighted for that.”

And that’s the issue here: Fox News’ poll doesn’t necessarily represent reality, at least in terms of the sample that it chose.

The latest survey on the topic from Gallup, taken last month, shows that 31 percent of Americans consider themselves Democrats, 29 percent consider themselves Republicans and 38 percent consider themselves independents.

However, in Fox News’ poll, which sampled 1,003 voters, the percentages were exactly as Gutfeld said they were. This is a problem for two major reasons.

The first, obviously, is that the margin between self-identified Democrats and Republicans is not nearly how they’re represented in Fox News’ poll. That’s minor, however, when you consider how massively independents are underrepresented in the poll — particularly when you realize their opinions on impeachment.

Independent voters, who would normally be the largest voting bloc, are instead a distant third among voters sampled for the poll — and they opposed impeachment by a margin of 47 percent to 39 percent.

Did Fox set out to rig the poll? Did they take a truly random sample and end up with a skewed result?

Either way, this poll isn’t exactly news when it’s weighted the way it is. It produced predictable results — 85 percent of Democrats wanted impeachment and removal compared to 13 percent of Republicans. And then there are those independent numbers.

Gutfeld also made another point we should all keep in mind: This was taken during the “fever pitch of media coverage about a single topic.”

Let’s see if there’s anything resembling the kind of fervor for impeaching Trump as any memory of the Ukrainian call fades and the Democrat rhetoric about how this was The Worst Thing Ever™ abates.

It doesn’t matter that Fox News’ name is on this poll. Let’s see where it is in two months with a different sample. Then we’ll talk.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Faux Poll…………………..Hillary in a landslide!

  • Evangeline says:

    Fox is just mad at Trump because he’s been calling them out on the fact that they aren’t reporting accurate news any more.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Rigged BS & FNC expects to be credible any more polls like this ahead I say No.
    No respect for FNC Mgmt , lots of respect for Hannity, The 5, Dobbs, Varney & Co., Judge Jeanine, Hilton, Gutfield show

  • Charles O. McVey Sr. SFC E7 Retired says:

    This squeing of the Polls is nothing new, it was done in 2016 and in 2018 to create voter opinion. This has been the normal since the MSM began conducting so-called impartial polling (1956) and posting them on TV and now into the internet all to create voter opinion in favor of the chosen Democrat/Communist/Socialistic candidate that the power structure wants elected be it local/state/national.

  • Al Hahn says:

    YES, keep fighting for the truth. Can no longer trust the main stream media. How very sad for the whole country but we have to march on and elect Trump 4 more yes and fight the discus ting left…

  • Randy Psencik says:

    Polls are useless when you only poll a specific area infested with libtard demorhoids!! An actual poll is to poll only LEGAL CITIZENS nationwide!!

  • Arbie Viau says:

    Fox, you are on a thin line here, if you want to go to Liberal, just come out and say it! That will give Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham a chance to start their own News network! I believe you are letting Paul Ryan dictate your news to “unfair and unbalanced” because that’s what he’s all about and will destroy your network. There are many on your shows I like, but before I will give you my rating, I will quit watching if you don’t stop now! Thank God Shepard Smith is leaving!

  • Daniel Brofford says:

    I don’t ever trust the polls. I think most of us learned that in 2016. But for argument sake say 60% was against Trump and 40% was for him and it goes to a war. The 60% will last about as long as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest against the 40%. I am a really easy going guy who does not get mad easily but I am so sick of the democrats and want to get rid of them so I know if I feel that way there are a lot of people out here that are ready to go today. We will see what happens.

  • Freedom fighter says:

    …and the ones calling themselves republicans are never Trumpers, RINOS and relatives of Shepard Smith.

  • P connors says:

    Fox news will be loosing ratings if they keep up their partial bias against our president. Theyvhave been bought out by anti trumpers and it is showing badly b

  • Barbra says:

    I boycotted Fox News on everything except Sean Hannity and Tucker and of course the judge. I watched you every day for the last three years I am disgusted in your programming and how you have gone against the president of United States Fox is nothing but MSMBarb

  • Ed Hyatt says:

    Who does Fox polling? I believe it is Chris Stierwalt.

    I recall that Fox polls just before the election in 2016 had Trump down by 10 points. How did it turn out?

  • Barbra says:

    Was anyone aware that most of the state’s voting machines are owned by Soros. I find this alarming. Considering he is the most corrupt body that walks this Earth.

  • Doris_Speaks says:

    I won’t even talk…..the polls no longer matter, because the talking heads don’t understand Trump or his supporters. He and the rest of the Republicans are going to win by a landslide! How come the “investigative star ” of FOX, Sean Hannity didn’t figure this out. It took the one who pretends to be a clown. I have shut the news off and use the Internet for the true news.

  • Leslie Stevenson says:

    Well when these humps poll mostly Demorats you can bet POTUS won’t win that poll. FOX is becoming PMSNBC 2. At least Shepard Smith is finally gone, now if they get rid of Juan William, Donna Brassile, Athel Neville, Marie Harff, Squeaky voice Jessica Tarliff, Leland Vetter, Howard Kurtz, and about 5 more I might have some hope for FOX The one that I really want gone is that POS Chris Wallace, he is his putrid old man all over again!

  • Gary Patterson says:

    Everyone I talk to Even in Washington is voting Donald Trump yet I see poll’s like this and I alway’s wonder can that be Right most of the state is Republican on oneside and democrat on the other all small towns and even most of Spokane are Republican yet our state never turns Red and then you get the numbers of illegals in this state are like 70% in some district’s and I know their voting they have to be there is no other reason we shouldn’t turn red I want voter I.D. in this state because there are so many illegals I believe they are corrupting the vote here they have to be.

  • Goodforall says:

    First and foremost, this Ukraine so called scandal is total hog wash! President Trump released the transcript showing he did nothing wrong. Secondly, FOX has gone to the dark side. They now compete with CNN for title of fake news givers.

  • JLKS says:

    Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, Gutfield, and Levin need to pull away from FOX and start their own network.

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    Par for the course since Disney got involved with FOX!

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Survey Finds More People Would Support Impeachment If They Knew What Crime Trump Was Supposed To Have Committed – Babylon Bee

  • Karen K says:

    This is proof of what I’ve been saying all along; you can take polls and make them say whatever you want them to. Further proof that FOX doesn’t like Trump because he’s a Republican and is getting what he promised done!

  • JGB5364 says:

    What will Fox News have to say when Trump wins the next election by a landslide?

  • Gerald Cline says:

    The same as all the polls before the 2016 election said Hillary was going to win. They are all rigged…ya-think…?!?!?

  • Phenry says:

    Impeach him PLEASE… i want to see his Lawyers drill comey, clapper, mccabe, strzok, page, the ohr’s, the ceo of fusion gps, clinton, obama, kerry, holder, lynch, nadler, schiff, pelosi and all the other criminals about all their criminal actions, under oath with the threat of prosecution looming.

  • Richard says:

    CIA actively infiltrated U.S. media in the 1950’s as part of Operation Mockingbird. Only six companies now control over 90 percent of U.S. media. When CIA elements and their Mob partners assassinated Jack Kennedy, in what we’re only now learning was a palace coup at the behest of LBJ, the media helped the FBI cover up the conspiracy. The Deep State is a coup government, centered in the CIA and FBI, secretly established behind the scenes in 1963. The media in this country are part of the treason against us.

  • RWF