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James Rosen Responds To Attack From Pelosi Over Whistleblower Question: ‘It’s Called Journalism’



Reporter James Rosen responded to a “personal insult” from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday after the Democratic California congresswoman called the journalist “Mr. Republican talking points.”

Attending Pelosi’s news conference, Rosen asked the Speaker, “I wonder if you could explain to the American people why the legal rights of the whistle-blower should prevail in this political setting over those of President Trump who should ordinarily enjoy a right to confront his accuser?”

Pelosi answered, “Well let me just say this, I will say to you, Mr. Republican talking points, what I said to the president of the United States. When you talk about the whistleblower you are coming into my wheelhouse. I have more experience in intelligence than anybody in the Congress, anybody who has ever served. 25 years on the committee as top democrat ex officio, as leader and speaker.”

The speaker also stated the whistleblower’s role was “to speak truth to power.” Rosen tweeted that he thought his question “was fair and respectful. Her reply descended to personal insult without addressing the substance, and was accordingly beneath her office. I later asked @GOPLeader [Rep. Kevin McCarthy] tough questions. It’s called journalism.”

House Republicans are demanding that the whistleblower appear before the House Intelligence Committee to testify. Committee Chairman Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff has denied that request.

A version of this story appears on the Daily Caller website.

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  • Dolores Herrmann says:

    WHO elected her “Queen Pelosi”? She’s on the fence between sanity and intelligence and leaning over on the nutty side.

    • Eleanor Cummings says:

      Changing her name from ”Mafia Princess” to ”Queen Pelosi” or better yet, ”Mafia Queen Pelosi”. That’s just the filth of her corruption showing through.

  • kat says:

    Let’s face it, she been stealing elections since day one. They have to resort to name-calling because they don’t have any facts to back them up. How dare a member of the media question what they are doing.

  • wendy bass says:

    Is anyone having trouble sharing these articles on facebook? I haven’t been able to share for a week. It says they won’t share because some people on FB said it was abusive content.

    • Eleanor Cummings says:

      I have a 30 day block on Facebook for posting what they claim is something against their ”community standards”. Strange, I don’t cuss, use foul or racist language (which I see on Fakebook all the time) and yet I’m blocked for posting something about Obama. Why? Because I’m a Constitutional Trump conservative!!

  • SusieQue says:

    After 62 years of living in Welfare Illegal Criminal Mexi-Commifornia I can say with the utmost “truth”…Over the years I’ve watched this wrinkled up old monster who is a complete waste of a greedy/narcissistic/wasteful/corrupt/its all about me/demented/alcoholic piece of shit…and she has been the biggest part of the rapid decline of my once enviable and beautiful home state…and now her useless Joker of a nephew if finishing us off…

  • Robin says:


  • RWF