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John Mayer’s Comments on Feminism Will Leave Feminists Fuming

Oh, John Mayer. Your body is about to become a wonderland of triggered leftists. When this is all over, you’re going to wish you really were slow dancing in a burning room. You…okay, that’s all the Mayer puns I have for now.

The blues guitarist was asked on Instagram for his take on feminism. His answer was actually pretty nuanced. For a celebrity.

Full transcribed answer below the tweet.

Here’s the transcribed answer:

My take is less about feminism and more about the issue of nomenclature, specifically how the reductiveness of language can turn people off from noble and vital causes.

If you asked people if they support ensuring equal rights for women in all aspects of their lives, they would very likely answer yes.

Change that question to “are you a feminist” and the answers instantly become more complicated.

That’s because a single phrase is much more susceptible to being co-opted than the actual ideal it attempts to represent.

This is interchangeable with every hashtag in the past several years.

I support equal rights for women in all arenas. That’s only a few words more than “I’m a feminist” and possibly more salient and unarguable.

He’s not wrong. I recently had a similar argument. My two nieces are the light of my life. Someone asked how I can be “anti-feminism” (whatever that means) and not want equality for my nieces. This is an idiotic question. Of course I want equality for them. I want them to have every opportunity they want to take. To know their worth and not be afraid to stand up for themselves or what they believe.

But I do take issue with an ideology that manipulates two girls into thinking they can’t do anything without the government helping them. I can’t support an ideology that marginalizes my nieces into a specific “victim” group to play them against other victim groups. But that’s what feminism is today (see Father’s Day Op-Ed Declares Masculinity Toxic, Demands More Feminism and FEMINISM: Australian Columnist Wants to Legally FORCE ‘Stay-at-Home Moms’ to Work). Or really any -ism. Liberalism’s various victim groups are all under the -ism umbrella.

So no, John Mayer isn’t wrong.

But I give it until the end of business today before his publicist tells him to say he’s wrong. Thoughts and prayers for him to refuse to apologize.

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