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Judge Blocks Trump Rule That Could Deny Visas and Green Cards to Immigrants on Welfare



A federal judge in New York issued a temporary injunction Friday against a Trump administration immigration rule that will prevent the rule from taking effect Tuesday as originally planned.

Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District of New York issued the ruling, according to The New York Times.

The rule, announced by the Trump administration in August, would allow the government to turn away green card and visa applicants based on their use of benefits such as Medicaid and food stamps, CNN reported at the time.

Other “negative factors” the government could consider under the rule include being unemployed and lacking proficiency in English, according to The Times.

According to a White House news release, the rule was designed to “help ensure that if aliens want to enter or remain in the United States they must support themselves, and not rely on public benefit.”

In his ruling, Daniels argued that were the rule to go into effect, those potentially affected could suffer “irreparable harm,” The Times reported.

The inclusion of English proficiency as a standard for accepting applicants was among Daniels’ reasons for issuing the injunction.

“It is simply offensive to contend that English proficiency is a valid predictor of self-sufficiency,” he wrote.

“The rule is simply a new agency policy of exclusion in search of a justification,” Daniels said. “It is repugnant to the American Dream of the opportunity for prosperity and success through hard work and upward mobility.”

Ken Cuccinelli, President Donald Trump’s acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, addressed similar claims of “repugnance” in an August interview with NPR.

Just days after the announcement of the new rule, Cuccinelli defended the administration.

He argued that it “doesn’t seem like too much to ask, as we open our doors currently to more than a million new people a year, that they not become a burden on an already, frankly, overburdened and bankrupt welfare system.”

NPR’s Rachel Martin suggested to Cuccinelli that the Trump administration’s rule “appears to change the definition of the American dream.”

The immigration official responded by saying, “It certainly does not change what makes America exceptional, and it doesn’t change the definition of the American dream.”

“We invite people to come here and join us as a privilege,” Cuccinelli continued. “No one has a right to become an American who isn’t born here as an American.

“America has generously opened its doors for many years, and we continue to do so.”

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  • Stephen Russell says:

    Time to fire some judges & redefine ruling etc for lower courts.
    IE WH is supreme & overrides lower court rulings.

    • CharlieSeattle says:

      Congress and the District courts have NO STANDING over a valid Executive Branch National Security Declaration.

      Idiot Trump fails to use his Constitutional Commander In Chief powers and plays the fool to a leftist Congress and leftist District Courts when he does not have to.

      The SCOTUS would back Trump up, but the fool will not go there.

  • concerned says:

    Black, ,liberal, racist, liberal moron.

  • Marilyn says:

    So it could harm illegals? How about us taxpayers who are footing the bill? There are no decent judges anymore. Clinton and Obama appointed a bunch of liberal judges and we’re paying for it!

    • Robert says:

      You are right, they did appoint some pretty ignorant Judges, I am sorry but let us taxpayers live the American Dream judges and all! Why are you people working against the American People? You do not even think about the Trillions of dollars the tax payers are paying each year, and you certainly do not think anything of our rights, you People only think about one thing, and that is the Illegals rights, and nothing else! Federal Judge or not, we appointed or voted a President in Office, Donald Trump, and A Vice President Mr. Pence, and we the People Exspect you Judges Federal or whatever to Respect the Highest officers in the land and abide by what they say, that goes for you B Daniels, or would you rather give up your position! We are the tax payers you work for us also, we pay your wages!

    • J says:

      So we kill them and solve the problem for them being stupid.

  • Dan says:

    There is no single judge, federal or not, that should have this kind of power. By law judges do not legislate. Decisions like this are the reason why.

  • Michael says:

    Just because your a Judge doesn’t mean you can’t be a liberal scum dog POS . Now he can go back in his chamber and look at pictures and play the guitar . I’ve said it before , how can one so called judge make the law for the entire country . Oh well lol , President Trump will figure away around it again . Can’t wait for the Civil War to begin , and we get rid of these scum dog liberals . Yeeeeehaaaa lol

  • Becky Clark says:

    The “American Dream” for a lot of migrants is to sneak into the US and live on welfare and other freebies! Being able to be self sufficient is not to much to ask, nor is a proficiency in English! Why should Americans shoulder the responsibility of supporting people who can’t or won’t support themselves!

  • chrisVN says:

    No one ON a Green card or visa should be eligible for welfare, as it is in most other countries!

  • teflon says:

    get rid of this corrupt racist judge

  • Jackie Milam says:

    To be in this country you should be able to support your self and your family And you should be required to speak English.this so called judge need to step down and shut his mouth for he doesn’t speak for the majority of Americans

  • Albert Atkins says:

    Why do they deserve welfare and food stamps. I am a Viet Nam veteran. I am also disabled, not service connected. I was also a LEO for 15 years. I wish I were an illegal. Then may be I could live better. I get social security $760 a month. I get $274 form the VA. And I get (drum roll please) $20 in food stamps. That is all I get to live on for a month. My family will not help me. So I live on a friends couch.

  • neo says:

    The three judgements that ruled against Trump in the last few days are ALL “Slick Willy” appointments……more of the deep state?

  • J says:

    This what you demoturdz call a judge is a fuck,in idiot

  • FRED says:

    it is not law but English is the language of our nation, it is understandable that those immigrating here need to be proficient in English in order to communicate with others,,, many non. English speakers are working for tele-promoters , and when you get one thy are hard to understand and they have problems understanding us

  • Bill Peters says:

    If I was President Trump I’d tell the judge “Your Fired” and then “Kiss my ass” and go through with the process of getting rid of those that can not support themselves and do not want to assimilate.

  • Renee Kunkel says:

    This judge is a total moron and should be removed from office immediately. Hopefully he will do something to irritate Hillary and she will make sure he is gone.

  • Janznice says:

    This judge needs to be removed quicly and put in jail for 10 years for anti-American activities.

  • JC says:

    These Liberal Judges bleed just like common folks

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    I get so sick and tired of these liberal judges it isn’t funny. I have a list of illegals using my Social Security number in 1988 to illegally collect unemployment, disability, Social Security, Welfare, medical, education, etc. Now they just come here and get it for free at taxpayer’s expense! People on the left need to wake up and realize what it’s costing them as well as the rest of us.

  • usac95 says:

    clean the scum judges out of the government

  • Greyguy says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe that immigrants of any type are not eligible for any type welfare or transfer payments under Federal Law. So where is this Judge coming from?

  • vdonald says:

    Immigration seekers will be happy to hear this after the president declared the new regulation on US visa application it has disheartened a lot of immigrants. Now this sure gives them a ray of hope.

  • RWF