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Judges Quietly Dismiss More Than EIGHTY Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh



A panel of federal judges has dismissed dozens of ethics complaints filed against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, many of which were brought against the former federal judge during his confirmation hearings.

NPR reports that a special panel of judges was brought together to assess the claims, which “ranged from allegations that he had misled the Senate about some of his activities in the George W. Bush White House to his angry, partisan statements in denying charges of sexual assault in high school.”

The panel reportedly concluded that while the complaints, many of which were leveled by leftist activists, are “serious,” “there is no existing authority that allows lower court judges to investigate or discipline Supreme Court justices.”

The panel considered 83 complaints in all.

The head of the panel, the Chief Circuit Court Judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, wrote in his order that “the complaints must be dismissed because an intervening event — Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court — has made the complaints no longer appropriate for consideration under the [Judicial Conduct and Disability Act],” according to CNBC.

“In the order, [the Chief Judge] said that most of the complaints include allegations of false statements under oath during Kavanaugh’s D.C. Circuit confirmation hearings in 2004 and 2006 as well as during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings earlier this year. Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s second nominee to the top court, was accused of sexual misconduct before he was confirmed. He emphatically denied the allegations,” CNBC reported.

Kavanaugh, of course, fell under scrutiny during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings after a woman named Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleged that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party when the pair were teenagers in suburban Washington, D.C.. The accusations led to a weeks-long investigation involving the FBI and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

During that time, at least two other women came forward with allegations against Kavanaugh, but evidence to support their claims never materialized.

Leftist groups, including the “Democratic Coalition Against Trump,” run by longtime partisan operative Scott Dworkin, filed dozens of complaints against Kavanaugh during the two months he was under investigation, alleging that the judge did everything from sexually assault women to lie under oath about his role in the George W. Bush White House. At the time, media outlets called the complaints “specious,” but leftists persisted, bringing full, completed documents to Kavanaugh’s former bosses on the D. C. Circuit court and in various state courts.

After the complaints were received, they were consolidated and assigned to the specially selected panel, which released its final decision on Tuesday.

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  • james sherwood says:

    I have never heard such BS in my 73yrs. Its hard to believe that half of our nation supports such nonsense & lies. This man has done nothing to indicate any such BS..These people are crazy & I don’t know if they are Liberals, Democrats, or whatever.. It scary as hell, to think part of our Nation has come this low, to ruin someone they don’t like or agree with..What happen to everyone is entitled to opinion without the violent law suits & confronting people they don’t agree with U.. How in the world did these people get this way.

    • Marilynn Reeves says:

      The damn Democrats are determined to America into a Third World Country. Of the Turds themselves will still be floating at the top while the rest of us are in the chit.

  • Joe says:

    The democraps are American ISIS funded by wealthy globalists and indoctrinated by the academia brown shirts. Somehow they think that because they fought for the revolution to collapse America, they will be rewarded with special positions in their new communist party, but they won’t be. They’ll end up eating soylent green like the rest of us and in charge of no one. Gullible fools.

  • RWF