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Karen Pence Has a New Job, and Liberals are Throwing a TANTRUM Over It



Second Lady Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, has a new job. Upon learning what it is, the mainstream media and other liberals promptly threw a tantrum.

According to NBC News, Karen is returning to her art teaching job at an elementary school in Virginia. But liberals, who often claim to stand up for teachers, are focusing entirely one aspect part of the story.

“Karen Pence to teach at school that bans LGBTQ employees, students,” wrote NBC News in a headline.

“Second lady Karen Pence takes job at school that bans gay students, employees,” wrote USA Today.

“Karen Pence to teach at school that bans gay students, parents, employees,” Politico warned.

“Karen Pence Is Working At A School That Bans LGBTQ Employees And Kids,” gasped the Huffington Post.

So what is this school’s stance? According to Immanuel Christian School’s employment application, employees must agree with the school’s theologically conservative, biblically-based statement of faith and be willing to teach in agreement with it in order to be hired. They must also agree to “strive to live a personal life of moral purity that is separated from the world according to Scriptures.”

The school is attached to Immanuel Bible Church and follows the biblical definition of marriage being between a man and woman. It affirms that “God intends sexual intimacy to occur only between a man and woman who are married to each other” and that employees must strive to abide by that.

Immanuel Christian School also says that homosexuality, extramarital sex, pedophilia, living a transgender lifestyle, and viewing pornography are “moral misconducts” that employees must be free of. Employees are also not allowed to promote those behaviors to students at the school.

The school’s parent agreement also lets parents know what the school teaches about faith and lets them know that if they believe differently, this school is not the right fit for their family. The school will not let in children that are engaging in homosexual or bisexual activity and will not allow parents to promote such lifestyles on campus to other kids.

“This is what every authentic and credible Christian school ought to do,” conservative writer Matt Walsh wrote for the Daily Wire. “The point is clear enough: if you are manifestly and in principle opposed to Christian morality, you obviously do not belong at a Christian school.”

A quick search for similar codes of conduct from Islamic schools in America reveal more restrictive — but more simply stated — rules for teachers and students.

The Annoor Islamic School in Wichita, Kansas, for example, says all employees must “abide by precept and example the highest Islamic virtue and personal decorum, both in and out of school to students, to parents, and fellow faculty members in judgment, respect, and Islamic living.”

The Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy in Philadelphia says it has a “zero tolerance policy for conduct that violates Islamic principles.” Rules include very strict dress codes and a prohibition against “casual touching between opposite sex.”

A generic code of conduct provided for adaptation by Islamic schools and posted on Scribd that school have employees agree “to recognize that the school was founded and has adopted the principles of Shariah and to practice the same.”

Yet liberals are choosing to go after Karen’s new school and not the many other faith-based schools around the country with strict codes of conduct based on religious beliefs.

The executive director of LGBTQ youth advocacy group, Eliza Byard, called the policies at Immanuel “deeply disturbing.”

“Why not teach at a school that welcomes everyone, instead of choosing one that won’t serve LGBTQ kids, kids of LGBTQ parents? The Pences never seem to miss an opportunity to show their public service only extends to some,” scoffed JoDee Winterhof of the Human Rights Campaign.

“There’s almost nothing the Pences can do to redeem themselves in our eyes at this point,” said Rick Sutton, and LGBT advocate and co-founder of Freedom Indiana.

Karen’s spokeswoman, Kara Brooks, responded to the criticism, saying in a statement that “Mrs. Pence has returned to the school where she previously taught for 12 years. It’s absurd that her decision to teach art to children at a Christian school, and the school’s religious beliefs, are under attack.”

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  • jim says:

    Who cares what the LEFT wing media thinks or cares!!

  • Larry Gaines says:

    Very glad to read that a school Bans LGBTQ and gays. Finally a administration that is doing the right thing. LGBTQ should be banned everywhere. They are MENTAL DEFICIENT people, same goes for the gays

    • Disgsted says:

      I am so tired of having their agenda shoved down my throat. I personally don’t care what they do or how they do it just keep this garbage in your own house. I would never know anything about any of it if it weren’t constantly in my face.

  • Jill casey says:

    How would grammar school students even know if they were gay, since they haven’t reached puberty! Let children be children!!!
    I have a lot of respect for Vice President and Mrs Pence! God Bless You!

  • RK says:

    its a christian school with christian values…homosexuality is still a sin no matter what gender they are or claim to be..if parents dont agree with the schools values then dont send your kids there..too simple

  • neo says:

    IF that is the policy of the school then WHY is she being criminalized?

  • Eugene A Pawlik Sr says:

    It’s time the LGBTQXYZ advocates realize they cannot push their life style down the throats of ‘normal’ Americans, be it in the schools, churches, businesses — whatever! We detest what they have done and what they are trying to do and will not put up with it. If it takes court battles, physical confrontation, whatever, we will do it to keep our children safe from their perverted life style. See MASSRESISTANCE for an organization that has truly picked up the gauntlet!

  • Evie Harris says:

    Every body has a right to have their own opinion about things.

  • raymond rash says:

    how many times do reporters repeat the same shit in one article get tired of reading the samething three or four time within one article . is it to make there stories longer or if they repeat a lie enough times the snowflakes might beleave it.there once was a time this shit never happened

  • Jim Anderson says:

    This is a free country. This congregation has the right to adhere to THEIR belief. Consider Muslims who teach murder of Jews and Christians. I would rather my kin attend HER school any any day of the week! GOD Bless America.

  • richard smith says:

    I think that our second First Lady is just wonderful for taking a teaching position at a school that keeps up with Christian values.

  • Who cares what the liberal left thinks. Our President and VP and their wives can’t do anything to please them no matter what they do. The liberals stand up for their beliefs of gays and abortion and The conservatives stand for what they believe. Karen Pence is a wonderful woman and the school where she is going to teach is very fortunate to have her. God Bless her.

  • kat says:

    We need more schools like Immanuel Christian School. Liberals need to shut their immoral mouths. They allow everyone else to live any way they want no matter how immoral and want to condemn true Christians.

  • v says:

    If the liberals don’t have a problem with ISLAM being taught to their children, THEN SHUT UP ABOUT CHRISTIANS. We teach about God and man an women, we don’t teach about “whatever” people are called these days. We don’t support gays and abortion. Gays who cannot reproduce (destroying the earth) and women who commit murder when they know darn well they can protection themselves and not have to commit murder of a unborn child. Separation of church and state. Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar and unto God the things that are God. Keep church and state out of government. We need more people who “BELIEVE IN GOD” for our children. I think it is called Private School and they don’t take money from the government.

  • Karen says:

    If you want to send your child to a christian school then be comfortable doing so. If you want to home school, then do so. My gosh, what has this country turned into? i thought we had freedom to do what lies in the bonds of our beliefs. No one has the right to be critical of the vice presidents wife because she chooses to go back to the position she had for years. Anyone should be able to choose a personal lifestyle without criticism or criticizing someone else for doing so. The news media has gone so weird that i dont even like to hear this junk.
    , or read it.

  • Sandy Miller says:

    So why aren’t these same mud rakers not blasting Islamic schools over their conduct rules?? No true Christian school would tolerate unbiblical actions from students, parents..etc.. Nor do these schools have to tolerate it. In spite of what the homosexual communities claim, the majority are NOT pro-homosexual.

  • Eddie says:

    So let the homos get their own school. I am sick and tired of watching normal people have to bend their beliefs to accommodate the genetic freaks. It seems to me that if God chose to destroy two cities over this life style that people would open their eyes and see what they’re participating in. Next they’ll be insisting that Ms. Pence bake a wedding cake for two of the homos ! It’s OK for the homos to stand for what they believe in but normal people aren’t allowed to do the same ! Depravity will purchase you a one way ticket to hell. And you may call me any kind of phobic you wish. I will stand my ground no matter what !

  • Helen says:


  • betty says:

    It’s no concern to the Liberals. They can’t control everything and everyone.

  • Cindy Kusnierz says:

    It is a private school and they should be able to do what they want. Our Country is in trouble….we are so far away from the Bible and our forefathers standards. I worry about the country my children and grandchildren will be subject to as a result of our disgraced leaders in Congress.

  • Sandy says:

    GO, Karen Pence!
    You are free to work WHEREVER you want to!
    LGBTQ be damned! You GO

  • fred says:

    looks like WE have no choice as to our own believe’s thr LIBS want to FORCE us to follow their terms and ideas with no respect for ours,,,,they want to live in sin so be it,,just don’t expect me to welcome it

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    The liberals will never be happy until everyone has bent over to take it in the backside for them!

  • Cindy says:

    So, it’s OK for Muslims to practice their faith and beliefs and abide by Sharia Law (not American Law) in their schools, but Christians can’t practice theirs. My goodness, isn’t that the Lunatic Liberal Logic for you. Sorry, folks, American People have a right to practice their religion just the same as those folks do. Go, Karen, Go! God Bless You!

  • MaryB says:

    What happened to freedom of religion? She has a right to her beliefs and to act upon them! I’m tired of the LGBTQRS….trying to force their agenda upon us! They want the rest of us to accept their alternative life styles and to prevent us from enjoying our own.

  • In response too Mrs. Betty Bowers: Read Laviticus and you will clearly see God’s Word is against homosexuality. There are many passages in the Holy Bible that talk of this. One passage,

    “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Chapter 18 verse 22. “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

  • RWF