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Kids Cartoon Show Introduces Lesbian Pony Couple



The hit kids cartoon show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” will introduce a lesbian pony couple in the upcoming episode for its final season on Saturday.

The character Scootaloo will appear alongside the show’s two new characters, “Aunt Holiday” and “Aunt Lofty.” The episode is set to air during the height of gay pride month as millions across the country participate in rallies to celebrate LGBT Pride. Back in 2017, it was confirmed by show writer Micheal Vogel that the two characters are a lesbian couple:

Vogel reaffirmed them as a couple a few days ago on twitter saying, “Hey hey!!! @NicoleDubuc , @joshhaber and I doin[g] what we can to bring more EQuality to EQuestria!! #PrideMonth”

“I think it’s fantastic that we can show that what truly defines a family is love — that, to me, is the core of ‘My Little Pony,’” said show producer Nicole Dubac to Buzzfeed News. Vogel agreed with his colleague, saying, “Nicole and I thought this was a great opportunity to organically introduce an LGBTQ couple in the series, and we asked Hasbro and they approved it.”

This wouldn’t be the first children’s cartoon to explicitly mention two characters’ sexuality. Just a few weeks ago, the cartoon “Arthur” announced that longtime character “Mr. Ratburn” was a homosexual man and featured his wedding in their season opener.

Some expressed suspicions over the shows decision to introduce lesbian characters into child-friendly programming.

Christian advocate Ken Ham notes, “It seems more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon of the war against children to destroy them by drawing them into depravity. This is a reminder to parents as you consider TV programs, purchasing books, toys, etc., for children, to keep this in mind at all times.”

On Thursday, a petition was made by the organization “One Million Moms” demanding networks not air LGBTQ related programming stating, “Please sign our petition urging Cartoon Network to put a stop to pushing the LGBTQ agenda by deleting the “Happy Pride” ad immediately and no longer airing programs with same-sex couples.”

At the time of publishing the petition has 9,867 signers and the episode is still scheduled to air on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. EDT.

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  • Rae says:

    Let children be kid for heavens sake. Quit pushing them and just love them. They are children for only a moment let them be.

  • Nell says:

    Kids are being robbed of their innocence. Their childhood is fleeting and they should not be exposed to this degenerate lifestyle. This kind of thing would never have entered a person’s mind when I was growing up. When God says something is wrong, I can’t say that it’s fine. Now people are so proud of their sins they celebrate them and expect you to celebrate them, too. I don’t care if my refusing to is criticized or not, nor do I care if they call me a homophobe. I do not hate gay people. I pray that they are released from Satan’s grip and their sinful ways.

  • BRANDY says:


  • pat says:

    Won’t be watching or buying any My Little Pony stuff again. While I don’t care what sex an adult wants to be with. Anyone under 18 needs to be children. and any one who pushes this on kids not there own are sick, sick sick.

  • Gayle says:

    Christians do not hate gay people! We do not wish them harm! We do not approve their life style, but we pray they accept God and save their souls! This should not be pushed and taught to small children! If they choose this life style when they are older it is up to them, but they should not be indoctrinated when they are small children and should be allowed to do children things.

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    It’s vital to the left to make deviance the norm.

  • RWF