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‘Kimmel’ Writer Unleashes Vulgar, Sexist Rant Against Karen Pence

It’s apparently essential to degrade, mock, and demean conservative women if you want to join the feminism club in 2018.

On Tuesday, Bess Kalb, a writer for late night host Jimmy Kimmel, made her claim to join the exclusive group with a sexist and vulgar rant aimed at Second Lady Karen Pence. Ironically, and unsurprisingly, Kalb is also quick to cry sexism when she receives push-back against her often asinine and hyperbolic political posts.

Seemingly triggered by Mrs. Pence’s dress, Kalb unleashed, in call caps, of course: “OMG MOTHER KAREN TURNING IT OUT FOR QUEEN RAINA OF JORDAN HONEY YOU SEXY HATE-MONGERING BIGOT HOT NEW JERSEY AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!”

The entire thread fell in line with this tone, making demeaning comments and often invoking religious language to mock the Pence family’s well-known and loudly professed faith.

“I am on vacation and I’ve had a whole mess of wine,” the writer adds, before continuing her rant:

Then Kalb spoke of all the men surrounding Mrs. Pence “dreaming about ripping off that belt with his teeth.”

Can’t you just feel the female empowerment? Powerful.

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  • Vic says:

    Kalb must really be an unhappy person to have to tear a decent lady down to make herself fell big. So sad.

  • Ron Brooks says:

    She should be fired. But first she should have to explain why she hates decent dress, rather than women who dress like nasty sluts and whores.

  • RWF