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LA Police Chief Says He’s Working On Wiping Away Thousands Of Arrest Warrants For The Homeless



Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore wants to erase homeless people’s warrants for minor offenses in an attempt to get people off the streets.

“This is a humanitarian crisis of our generation,” Moore told the Associated Press on Wednesday. “This matches any other calamity that this city or this region or this country has seen. It is, I believe, a social emergency.”

The proposal would scrub all so-called “bench warrants” homeless people incurred for quality of life infractions committed at least five years ago. The warrants were given for minor offenses such as drinking in public or blocking a sidewalk.

The homeless are frequently unable to show up to court or pay the fees, sometimes totaling hundreds of dollars, which the warrants rack up.

“We have hundreds of thousands of bench warrants that haven’t been served in years,” Moore said. “We need to clear the docket.”

Homelessness rose 16% in the city of Los Angeles this year, bringing the total homeless population to 36,300 people. All of Los Angeles county has almost 60,000 people on the streets, and about 900 homeless people died in 2018.

The population is rising in spite of the $619 million L.A. spent in 2018 to combat the issue.

Los Angeles and other major Californian cities have drawn criticism for the growing homelessness crisis they have faced.

“You can’t have what’s happening,” President Donald Trump said in June, “where people are getting sick just by walking the beat, they’re getting actually very sick.” Trump was referring to multiple incidents of Los Angeles city employees developing symptoms consistent with typhoid after working at the Central Station near Skid Row, a major site for homeless people.

Moore’s proposal to clear homeless people’s warrants is consistent with his broader approach to the homelessness crisis, which he sees not as a law enforcement issue but a matter of public health and safety. The best response would entail more city investment in housing resources, sanitation and mental health, according to Moore.

Los Angeles police and firefighters frequently interact with the homeless, but the chief wants to see people in uniform offering other services.

“Where’s our outreach workers, where’s our mental health workers?” he said. “I would love to see outreach workers wearing a vest.”

A version of this story appears on the Daily Caller website.

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  • Stephen Russell says:

    Hire more staff for OT on this alone.
    Esp up to 2028 Games

  • California is already lost. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Darrel says:

    Dirty corrupt crooked cop

  • Gayle says:

    You need to buy land, put up tents, put out garbage cans and dumpsters around the area, build bath houses with showers and toilets, arrest any people injecting drugs and get them in a rehabilitation clinic. Also pick up people that are mentally ill and get them help! Also kill rats, spray for ticks, roaches and ants. Anyone not keeping their area clean goes to jail or treatment! Anyone defacating in public will go to jail or hospitalized. Just ignoring them and let the filth and drugs flow is crazy and will only get worse. The politicians are worried about illegals not Americans dying on the streets! You can allow these people to live like they are because they are endangering other people with these deseases they are causing with trash and filth!

  • Dolores Herrmann says:

    They need to be housed with Waters and Pelosi on their estates and given free reign to use their amenities. They should also pay for their food, clothing and medical care. Come to think of it, this should also be done for the illegals don’t you think?

  • RWF