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Liberal California Passes Law to HELP Criminals Get Out of Jail



With the stroke of California Gov. Jerry Brown’s pen on Tuesday, California became the first state ever to eliminate cash bail for criminal suspects awaiting trial.

You read that right.

California is now going out of its way to help criminals stay out of jail. The state is also a “sanctuary state,” which shields criminal illegal immigrants from federal immigration authorities.

The controversial bill will replace the bail system with a “risk-assessment” system, leaving much of the decision-making up to the judge.

“The legislation gives officials 24 hours to determine whether other suspects should be released before trial. That time can be extended by 12 hours if necessary,” the Associated Press reported. “Opponents of the legislation say it gives judges too much power. Some worry dangerous people will go free and won’t return for trial.”

“Most” suspects arrested for nonviolent misdemeanors will likely be released with no questions asked within 12 hours, according to the AP.

Fortunately, suspected criminals charged with violent felonies, however, won’t be eligible for pre-trial release.

“Brown’s signature gives the state’s Judicial Council broad authority to reshape pretrial detention policies,” the report added. “Each county will use the council’s framework as a basis to set its own procedures for deciding whom to release before trial, potentially creating a patchwork system based on where a suspect lives.”

Maybe one day California can focus on passing laws that benefit law-abiding American citizens.

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1 Comment
  • RK says:

    WTF is going on in California and in Brown’s pot destroyed brain?
    what are the voters in Cali thinking electing this POS?
    banning plastic straws yet their streets are full of used hypo needles and now this…the insane are running the asylum
    the day Cali falls off into the ocean cant come quick enough and i hope the libtard office holders
    all have ocean front property

  • RWF