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Media Runs Interference For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez After Massive ‘Green New Deal’ Disaster

The mainstream media is now running damage control for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the rest of the “Green New Deal” authors, after they suffered a major embarrassment involving an “FAQ” on the GND that appears to show the real intent behind the “landmark” piece of environmental legislation: turning the United States into a socialist paradise.

Saturday, Ocasio-Cortez and her advisers began running a full-scale operation to distract and deflect from criticism of the Green New Deal, suggesting first that conservatives had circulated a handful of “doctored” versions of her FAQ, and then, when that line of attack failed, that the posted FAQ, which suggested, among other things, a universal income even for those “unwilling” to work, was an irrelevant “early draft.”

But instead of laying the blame where it belonged — squarely at the feet of Ocasio-Cortez and her advisers, who clearly botched their own Green New Deal rollout — the media immediately blamed conservatives for “pouncing” on Ocasio-Cortez’s plan.

Business Insider provided the most egregious example, accusing conservatives of unfairly “attacking” Ocasio-Cortez for “accidentally” leaking a document posted to her website and delivered directly to several members of the news media.

Business Insider was ultimately forced to rewrite the headline and issue a new tweet after right-leaning reporters pointed out that the leak appeared to be far from “accidental.” Ocasio-Cortez’s team posted the FAQ to the congresswoman’s official website, and members of her press team sent a pitch containing the FAQ to a number of high-profile media outlets, including National Public Radio, which posted the document in full on its website as soon as the congresswoman’s embargo on the material lifted.

The Hill also denied Ocasio-Cortez’s failure, claiming the congresswoman was “forced to clarify” the precepts of her Green New Deal after concerns over everything from the document’s prohibition of domestic air travel, to its proposed extensive overhaul of the American financial system, ending with a universal guaranteed income, universal health care, and a multi-trillion-dollar entitlement program.

Even The Washington Post, which could not deny that the FAQ appeared in multiple outlets on Thursday and Friday, tried to sow skepticism about the document’s validity, calling the sheet a “mystery.”

At no point was the sheet a “mystery.” It came directly from Ocasio-Cortez’s office. But the mainstream media appears not simply unwilling to admit the congresswoman’s mistake — or, even, perhaps, the full intent of the Green New Deal itself — but that Americans might have been shocked at the official piece of legislation, and not merely a conservative rewrite.

Ultimately, Ocasio-Cortez and her advisers took partial blame for the document, claiming it was merely a “draft” FAQ that was posted and sent to reporters by mistake. They have promised a more accurate rundown of the Green New Deal legislation.

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  • John D Cole says:

    Mindless liberal gibberish of the day and nothing more.

  • James Chapman says:

    Do people and other animals not fart? Dumbest thing I ever heard, but who would expect more.

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    I’m sick to death of seeing this woman’s face in every news article and wish all media would stop giving her print and air time!

    • This dimwit cupcake is the stupidest & most hypocritical airhead I have ever seen in Congress. Why did she FLY out to Sundance & back instead of setting up her office & staff like the other Congressional newbies–DESPITE the shutdown? Somebody should. call Animal Farm and alert them that their prized female jackass (jillass?) is loose & on a foot-in-mouth rampage.

  • Maurice says:

    The only ” accident ” here was AOC’s birth.

  • Sandra MCDONALD says:

    Would someone please tell me why this junior Senator is getting so much media coverage. Usually you need to be in Congress a couple of years before the press even knows your name!!!!!!

  • Hillbilly says:

    Where are the environmental activists to object to her plan for trains all across the country? Wouldn’t that damage the country MORE than farming cows? These idiots don’t realise cows are more than just steaks. For some reason people have been confusing hamberger and bacon lately. STOP IT

  • Joe says:

    Mr. Ed, the talking horse, called. He wants his teeth back. The woman and her advisors belong either in an insane asylum or Russia.

  • RWF